Three Men Arrested in Recent Home Invasion Robberies

Riverside County Sheriff's deputies arrested three men in connection to a series of home invasion robberies that occurred in Menifee and...

Riverside County Sheriff's deputies arrested three men in connection to a series of home invasion robberies that occurred in Menifee and Perris over the past few months.

On December 12, detectives identified one of the suspects involved, Marcus Howard, 32 years of age of Perris. Howard was arrested for seven counts of home invasion. Further investigation identified a 17-year-old juvenile accomplice from Perris, who was arrested on December 22 and booked into Juvenile Hall for five counts of home invasion. Yesterday, December 29, a third suspect, Joseph Steidell, 19 years of Nuevo, was found, arrested, and booked for five counts of home invasion.

The crimes occurred from October 20th, 2011 to December 9th, 2011...

10/20/11 500 block of Cherry Vista Drive, Perris
10/28/11 27600 block of Camden Way, Menifee
10/30/11 30100 block of Calle Belcanto, Menifee
11/01/11 27000 block of Rancho Serena Street, Menifee
11/24/11 27000 block of Howard Street, Menifee
11/29/11 27400 block of Embassy Street, Menifee
12/09/11 26500 block of Chambers Avenue, Menifee

In six of the incidents, armed suspects wearing masks over their faces entered the residences, confronted the occupants, and demanded cash and jewelry. In five of the crimes, the suspects entered through an unlocked exterior door and, in one, the suspect broke a window to gain entry to the home. In one of the incidents, the suspects confronted the homeowner on the porch and attempted to enter the home, but the homeowner screamed and the suspects fled.

Detectives have worked on the case continuously over the last two months interviewing victims, canvassing neighborhoods, and following up on all tips and leads. All of the robberies were similar and appeared to be the work of the same suspects. The suspects were described as a male African-American, in his late 20's to early 30's, approximately 6' tall, armed with a handgun and a Hispanic or Asian male, in his early 20's, armed with a knife. The victims in each of theses crimes were senior citizens; none received any physical injury during the crimes.

Anyone with information regarding any of these incidents is encouraged to contact Detective John Powers at the Perris Sheriff Station, (951) 210-1000 or Citizens may also make anonymous reports to We-Tip by telephone at 800-78-CRIME or on the Internet at

The Perris and Menifee Police Departments recommend citizens keep their exterior doors locked even while they are at home. Citizens should also be aware of their surroundings, report any suspicious activity, including any vehicles or persons, promptly to law enforcement.


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  1. I dare them to come into our house, we are very armed and not afraid to use them!!

  2. Yes we also armed, and are also not afraid to use it. They might get in my home, but as god as my witness they leaving alive.

  3. Wow! Real smart comments! Like you keep your loaded weapons in your hands all the time! I guess the robbers are going to wait until you get out your guns!

  4. most in the retirement community think they're still living in 1950 and don't lock their doors, don't turn on outside lights, and by gosh you better not tell them to do this either! loaded guns in the hands of these folks is alarming, reflects have long gone, eye sight long gone, hearing ...what? I'm glad they finally caught them.

  5. I read this in the paper..was relieved to see the culprits were caught.....and we always lock our doors for the most part....have security lights outside as well as keep our porch light on...its just common sense.....and we have two dogs that bark at anyone who comes on our property....good warning system!

  6. My loaded 45 is on me at all times while in my home. My 12 gauge is always at the ready. If you feel that you are safe and that the police will protect you, you're dead wrong! The can't protect you until you call them and then it's too late. Better to be safe and protect yourself and your loved ones. If our gun laws were like Arizona we'd have a much lower crime rate and criminals would be afraid to break into anyone's home knowing they have the potential to face an armed home owner.

  7. That would be nice but the San Francisco welfare supporting, illegal alien loving, liberals. Don’t feel that you should own a gun and if you do then everyone should own one “that would make it fair” well it’s not fair when someone breaks into your home and takes what you have worked so hard for. However it seems like the democrats want criminals to have more rights then a law abiding AMERICAN citizen.

  8. Know your surroundings. A couple of 20 - 30 year olds hanging around, regardless of color is a clue of bad things to happen. Protect yourself, and be prepared to kill intruders like the fine young girl in Oklahoma did this week.



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