Why... Hellooooooo Dolly!!!! Paloma students put on great show!

Today, Saturday, April 16th, is the last chance you will get to see Paloma Valley students shine in "HELLO DOLLY!", directed by Stephanie Fomby.

Tickets are $10 at the PVHS Box Office ($8 if you are a student)

Show starts at 7 pm


Daniel Torres
(Cornelius Hack)

Andrew Braham
(Horace Vandergelder)

Lauren Real y Vasquez
(Dolly Levi)

Moriah Brown
(Minnie Fay)

Ashley Warner
(Ermengarde Vandergelder)

Jessica Givson
(Ernestinea Money)

Fallon Twyman Schuman
(Irene Malloy)

Blake Ulrich
(Baneby Tucker)

Hunter Fallon

Darius Hughes
(Ambrose Kemper)

Cody Tolle

Jamillah Jones
(Mrs. Rose)

Kamryn Garant
(Head Policeman)

Shane Columbo
(Rudolph Reisenweber)

Isaiah Abella
Cody Tolle
Danielle Pham
Tia Halverson
Kate Cadwell
Ariana Ramirez
Travis Miller
Sarah West
Justin Williams
Melanie Queponds
Michaela Watts
Alex Loupe
Ellis Veder

PVHS Band Played LIVE

Band director
Mr. Arnold
(a VERY charismatic chap!)

Theater Goers
Millie Cabrera & Shawn McIntyre
came to see friend Sara West perform

This group of 11 Lovely Ladies from the SUN CITY BUTTERFLIES came to watch the play, and are avid supporters of community events:

Patty Wilson
Joy Peak
Virginia Martin
Betty Van Alyne
Joanne Brooks
Cal Crump
Jeanette Brinks
Virginia Barker
Pat Goldman
Jane Clark
Nadine Cullen

For more pictures go to this link: http://entertainment.webshots.com/album/580063057nTtBoE


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