Brush fire threatens Lexington Community

Earlier today a brushfire broke out on a vacant hillside east of Briggs Rd., between Holland and Garboni, requiring multiple fire units as well as two aerial firefighting helicopters.

I speculate that the helicopters, fitted with hanging snorkels, obtained the water to fight the fire from nearby Diamond Valley Lake.

The fire was contained by the time I took took the following video at approximately 2:15 pm today. If you look closely, you can see a line of firefighters in the upper left hand corner of the video, who looks like created a control line by backburning in order to keep the fire from spreading South.


Unfortunately, at the time of this posting I have no further information as to when the fire started and what caused it. video

(As to the quality of my videos..... yeah, I know. Sorry about that. I couldn't see what I was taping because of the sun, and I was hurrying because I saw a police cruiser was on his way to kick me and my Pop off the dirt road we snuck down on.)

Happy Independence Day

Independence Day holds a very special place in my heart. Growing up in the Vietnam Era, as a small child I would watch the Channel 7 Eyewitness News with my father every night, and hear the updates on the conflict. Only, it was called a war at that time, at least in my home. I remember when the prisoners came home, and I watched, and cried, like my mother. I remember that I worried that one day my brothers would have to go to war, and it kept me awake at night.
Today I started my Independence Day the same way I have started every one for the past 20 years. As soon as I crawl out of bed, I make my way to the stereo to play my favorite version of "The Star Spangled Banner". I close my eyes, and think about what being an American means to me. I know that many people will find this corny, but this is my tradition, and I am proud of who I am.
This morning, I had images of my life come into my view while I let the song wash over me. The day that the Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton scandle hit the papers, the day that the statue of Saddam was pulled down, the morning the Twin Towers fell, the moment I knew that my friend was on the plane that hit the Pentagon, the vision of those Vietnam soldiers coming home, the faces of the men in my family who have served their country and the pain in their eyes, the memory of voting for the first time.
Whatever the day holds in store for me, I have started in this way, remembering what being an American means to me. There is so much more, but these images impacted me today.
I wish you all a patriotic, safe, and happy Independence Day! God bless America, and God bless Menifee!