Menifee Pop Warner Signups

Mike Adams of Menifee Pop Warner football sent in this flyer for signups tomorrow, Saturday, June 27, at Heritage High School, 8:00 am - 12:...

Mike Adams of Menifee Pop Warner football sent in this flyer for signups tomorrow, Saturday, June 27, at Heritage High School, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm...

Menifee Pop Warner Signups
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  2. Their website is, you can find more info there. I know they are needing some more kids in some of the divisions still though, which can be a good thing since that means they're not part of a 30+ player roster, which isn't much fun for most kids. There are two local leagues in town, I believe Pop Warner is a bit more expensive (check the sites to be sure). To me there are differences that overcome that, but people will decide that for themselves. Some minor differences are:
    Pop Warner practices and plays at Heritage High School, JAAF plays at Paloma Valley. Pop Warner plays mainly south (Murrieta, Temecula, and some into north San Diego County), JAAF plays mainly north (Perris, Elsinore, Yucaipa, Corona and some out as far as the Indio area). Length of practices and regular seasons are pretty much the same. From my experiences Pop Warners regular season has 1-2 more games. Some might complain about things in one league or the other such as coaching, etc, but from my experiences from being in both leagues it's all hit-and-miss. There are good and not-so good (it's all a matter of personal opinion anyway) coaching staffs in either league. Both leagues have their own problems, as do all youth sports leagues. Both leagues have people running them who care about the league and the kids and spend tons of time volunteering. To me, one of the biggest factors is simply where I want to travel to take my kid to practices and games.

  3. They still have spots available but you will have to sign up on the website. I think they actually cap their teams at a reasonable amount of kids, which is much better for the kids. My kids age-group will be capped at 24 players. In past experiences (though this was in the other league) the teams he's been on have always been around 30 players, sometimes even more (35 once). Whichever league you might want to sign your kid up for, make sure you ask about how many players are already signed up for that group and if they are going to cap it or not.

  4. FYI- JAAF Division I teams are capped @ 26. Division II 28. This year teams in both divisions should cap out at 24 players per team. Like the previous post, there is good and bad in both organiztions, although Popwarner costs considrably more, but it's a matter of where you want to practice and play.



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