Jesse Lee Peterson to Speak in Perris

Ted Wegener, who leads a group called "Conservative Activists" based here in Menifee, sends us the following announcement about an upcoming appearance by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson...

Jesse Lee Peterson
Click on the flyer to see the full size.

Peterson is a conservative speaker, radio personality, and author, and will be speaking on the subject of President Obama.

The meeting is open to the public and is free.

Saturday, July 25th, 2009
3:00pm to 5:00pm
Ce'sar Chavez Library
163 East San Jacinto Avenue
Perris, CA 92570


  1. I love Jesse!

  2. ironic its at Caesar Chavez library.

  3. Last thing I want to do is listen a member of the clergy bash the president of the United States.

  4. Why don't all you ignorant "repubicants" go back under the rock you crawled out of

  5. This is another looser trying to use his Black face to push the Republican conservative agenda..He would be a no name in the Democratic party..but the Republicans exploit anything or anyone that could help them..not them helping the people they exploit...Sarah Palin sound familiar. No Good Deed Goes unpushised. Conservative Agenda hands off government no regulation..results ripped off Americans, Bushwaked and Madoff victims

  6. @ Anonymous: "This is another looser trying to use his Black face to push the Republican conservative agenda"

    So, I guess Obama is just another "looser" (that's "loser") who is trying to push the Marxist agenda with his black face?

    Jesse is an intelligent guy who thinks for himself. THAT'S why he's a Conservative.

    Maybe you should unplug from MSNBC for one evening and come out and see what Mr. Peterson has to say? Be set free from the Obamatrix and get a taste of Common Sense. Reality is really quite different than you think. Free your mind, ignorance is NOT bliss.

  7. This must be a dynamic speaker judging from the comments. It looks like they either love him or hate him.