Menifee City Seal Chosen

The Menifee City Council this evening unveiled the city's official seal... This design is actually a combination of two design concept...

The Menifee City Council this evening unveiled the city's official seal...

menifee city seal
This design is actually a combination of two design concepts, merged together.

Originally, the city had fielded designs from 44 people. A city seal committee whittled it down to 10 finalists. The city council members then reviewed the 10, and offered their comments. From that, the committee ended up with the following two final designs...

These designs were submitted by Menifee residents, Michelle Fournier, and Gayle DuRivage. These two were awarded free champagne brunches at Menifee Lakes Country Club, along with certificates of proclamation. The other 8 finalists also received certificates.

The city then hired a local business services company, R & R Business Services to combine both designs into the single design.

When I saw the final city seal, the first thing I thought of was "Sierra Nevada Pale Ale"...

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
But that's just the beer guy in me.

I whispered over to Gary Thompson, the city's finance guy, that it looks like a Sierra Nevada beer label. He didn't quite hear me. The person sitting next to me heard me, and commented that it kinda looked like an orange crate label.

I could see that.

Either way, it's our city's new seal, whether it reminds you of beer or oranges.

So here's a question to everyone: what kind of bird is that? Hawk, Raven, or Turkey Vulture? You pretty much see all three around here.


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  1. Wonder why they lost the wind mill?

  2. Good question. I've been banking on the windmill motif for years!

  3. Bleh. It's sort of non-cohesive. Lots of scenery, but what does it say about the city? Crossroads of commerce? no. Agriculture? half-check. Livery? no. Technology? oh hell no! I propose the establishment of a blue-ribbon committee to determine whether the adopted city seal properly represents the city. I propose a redesign featuring golf carts, roadside signs, coned-off roads and gas stations.

  4. I miss the windmill. What is says to me is open country, and that is not true. But it is what it is. I think the bird is a attempt at a hawk, but could be???

  5. As a design professional for over 20 years and one of the top 10 design submitters in this contest, I prefer the design by Michelle Fournier. They claim to have merged the to 2 finalist's designs, but I don't see it. The only thing I see is they hacked up Michelle's design and destroyed her overall concept.

    This is the result of allowing the City Council to make changes. Obviously, if you allow this option, everyone will want to leave their mark and thus have something to say. Regardless if it looks good or makes sense it will satisfy their egos just to say they had a part in it.

    The windmill definitely should not have been taken out. I feel this is best symbol to represent our city.

    I am sorry to say, I am very dissatisfied in this final version.

  6. I miss the windmill too and although it's attractive..I think the one by Gayle is better..showing golfing and industry....

  7. oh...the flying bird is definitely a turkey vulture...

  8. I say vulture as well. It is symbolic of the Council Members.

  9. That "bird" is actually a spying device used by that guy in Menifee lakes.

    The same guy who is going love the new city logo that looks like a beer label.

  10. "The same guy who is going love the new city logo that looks like a beer label."Coming from a guy drinks a lot of beer, I'm kinda proud of that city seal!

  11. I love the seal! Although Ms. Fournier's design was great, I think the colors were too stark. I do wish they had a windmill in there too, but overall great job!

  12. I love Gayle's design. The only thing that was used from her design in the final seal was the color scheme. The final choice for our City Seal is forgettable and very amature looking.

  13. The first thought I had was that it was designed by George Washington. Aren't we in the 21st century? This only shows a lack of class. Sad!