Menifee's Budweiser Clydesdales in Arizona

Those of you who have recently relocated to Menifee may not know that you're living in the one of the homes of the world famous Budweise...

Budweiser ClydesdalesThose of you who have recently relocated to Menifee may not know that you're living in the one of the homes of the world famous Budweiser Clydesdales.

I've yet to actually see them here, though I'm not particularly sure where they are. I imagine someone here can post a comment to that effect.

The East Valley Tribune, a newspaper serving the Phoenix, AZ area, reports that the team is now resting at the King River Stables in Queen Creek...
The Clydesdales at King River Stables make up the West Coast travel team, one of six teams of 12 Clydesdales the company has.

Based in Menifee, Calif., the West Coast team travels from Alaska to Mexico, everywhere west of the Mississippi River, said Erik Anderson, a Clydesdale handler.
You can also visit some of the Budweiser Clydesdales at Sea World, now that Anheuser-Busch owns it.


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  1. The Clydesdales are located on Briggs road, off of Scott Rd.

  2. The working farm is off Scott rd just on the east side of the 215 down a dirt road. if you dont know its there you will never find it and they like it that way. i have taken my kids over there 2-3 times and asked to go in and pet the horses with my kids. they are very nice people , and the farm is very quiet. it is not open to the public but if you ask then nicely and done have a bus load of people they will let you in to see all the horses. last time we went we saw a mommy that just had a baby, it was amazing the baby looked like a full grown normal pony at birth, it is one of 2 stables they have , the other one is in st louis. they also train the horses at this location for the superbowl commercials. when you pull your vehicle up to the iron gate it will open right up, if you are a curious resident and just wanna admire there beauty they will more than likely let you walk around a while, like i said if you go over there with a car load of people and act like idiots they will tell you to leave. this facility is not a showroom, or open to the general public, you can also see dozens of horses from the fence at the front of the farm..

  3. What a BIG HUGE mouth, now everyone will want to go... DA!

  4. Doesn't matter now, Anony, the Clydes moved to rural Missouri about the same time as that last comment...Oct 2008. The facility has been vacant for some time. :( A huge loss to Menifee, among all the others.



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