Menifee History in New Canyon Lake Book

Canyon Lake resident Elinor Martin, whose family ranched in the area of Canyon Lake and Menifee Valley since the late 1800s, has a new book out called, "Images of America: Canyon Lake".

The book also includes some history about Menifee Valley.

Here's what The Friday Flyer has to say about the book...

Elinor writes about "The Early Years" after her grandfather, Henry Evans, moved to the Menifee Valley in 1890, eight years after California Southern Railroad built a line from Perris to Elsinore through what became known as Railroad Canyon. The railroad's first station was at Pinacate St., now the location of the Orange Empire Railway Museum and home to the Perris Valley Historical and Museum Association.

The railroad line was later sold to the Santa Fe Railroad and became part of its transcontinental line. Troubles with flooding beset the railroad almost from the beginning. On February 16, 1927, the railroad experienced its third washout since it was built. Pictures in Elinor’s book show how the bridge washed out from under the tracks at the southern end, where I-15 meets Railroad Canyon Rd.
The book is on sale for $19.99 at the Canyon Lake Market, Pepe's Restaurant and Pack, Wrap and Post.


  1. Does anyone know of any books or maps on the minning history of the Menifee area? I have hiked most of the hills in the area and I have come across several vacant mines/

  2. There are various new housing developments in Menifee, I live in the KB Homes off Scott Road and Menifee Rd. One of the issue I've noticed is that most don't have HOA's which I understand most residents don't want, but what are we to do when a neighbor starts to grow corn in their front yard, which is littered with bottles and Cans, most recently a Rooster. My Husband and I moved to Menifee from San Diego, we keep our property clean and take pride in our Home. Are there any agencies that we can call for help when a neighbors yard and property starts to bring down the beauty of our new neighborhood?