Bronze Statues at Construction Area

My husband and I are very intrigued to find out if anyone knows about the two bronze statues of kids playing at the construction site at Clinton Keith and the 215. We noticed the first one awhile back and saw over the weekend that a second one has been added. The site has been graded for some time but seemingly no work is happening currently.


My Car Was Stolen in Menifee

Just a note to my Menifee neighbors! My Maroon 99 Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition was stolen from my driveway this AM. Our home is near Wheatfield park. Please make sure you lock your doors, turn on your alarm and take all your valuables out of your car. Stay safe! The Perris Police department quickly sent a officer here within 20 minutes, I was impressed with their quick response. The officer told me that stolen cars in Menifee are more common than we would assume and that they get several reports per day.

Best of Luck!