Menifee Max is Fixin' to Give Out Some Dang Good Stuff

Meet Menifee Max, who just rode into town with a saddlebag full of supplies and other treasures. Legend has it, the old-timer is the great grandson of Luther Menifee Wilson, the miner whose discovery of a Quartz Lode in these parts resulted in the name of the town. Nobody really knows for sure, though, because Max won't tell anyone his last name. He's just Menifee Max.

What we do know is that Menifee Max wants to settle down here, and he wants to feel welcome. To do that, he has offered to hook up with Menifee 24/7 to hand out some goodies from local merchants. How he got this stuff, we aren't sure. But we do know that Max now has some fine items in his saddlebag, and he's giving away what he likes to call Menifee Max's Saddlebag Stuffers.

Max doesn't know squat about Facebook, but we do. So starting Monday, we will help the old man by finding folks to help lighten his load. Some time each day -- you won't know the time in advance -- a posting on our Facebook page will show Max's smiling face and announce that he's looking for takers for a specific item, which we will reveal at that time. All you have to do is leave a comment on that post. What you say is up to you. It doesn't really matter, except that Max won't put up with no cussin.' Those comments will be deleted.

Menifee Max will throw all your names into his saddlebag, and at the end of 30 minutes, the saddlebag will be closed. Any further comments on that thread will be ineligible.

Then a few minutes later, we'll make another post announcing the winner of that day's prize. Max will draw the winning name out of his saddlebag. (Well, actually we'll help him out with the use of a software program that uses random selection).

So get ready, guys and gals, and look for that daily notice on the Menifee 24/7 Facebook page so you too can play Menifee Max's Saddlebag Stuffers game. Beginning Monday, it could come at any time. And doggone it, have fun!


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