Car Crashes into Vacant Menifee Storefront; No One Injured

This Cadillac ended up in the front of a vacant business on Newport Road Friday night. There were ...

This Cadillac ended up in the front of a vacant business on Newport Road Friday night. There were no injuries.
(Photo by Cecil Luthultz)
A Cadillac driven by an 85-year-old woman crashed through the front of a vacant storefront in the 26900 block of Newport Road Friday night. The structure sustained significant damage and the walls of an adjacent business were damaged, but no one was injured, witnesses said.

The storefront was boarded up Saturday, when owners of nearby businesses said it appeared the woman hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. According to Riverside Fire, two engine crews responded. There were no injuries.

The incident occurred about 7 p.m. in the shopping center on the northwest corner of Newport Road and Bradley Road. The vacant business is located between a payday loan store and Venus Burger. The payday store sustained minor damage.

(Photos by Kristen Spoon)


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  1. It is difficult to let the elderly know when it is time to give up the keys. It is like giving up the last of their independence. But if she had rammed into Venus Burger, a lot of people could have been hurt or killed.

    1. Giving up driving privileges can be a difficult subject to discuss with the elderly.Often times there are other activities that they also should relinquish as their ability to focus wanes.In business it often becomes necessary to relieve them of the responsibility for making critical decisions.This is especially true in politics,unfortunately there is no easy solution for relieving them from the burden they are no longer capable of handling.

  2. This is why once you are over a certain age, the DMV should require a drive test with an examiner. Sorry, driving is a not a right. Time to take her license!