Baby Bound Ultrasound: Wonderful Experience For Mommy-To-Be

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Baby Bayden, 28 weeks.
Jolene Reynolds is 32 weeks pregnant and has been going to Baby Bound Ultrasound since the beginning of her pregnancy. “Rachel (Baby Bound owner and operator) is very knowledgeable and helpful,” says Reynolds, so going to Baby Bound is always exciting.

However, when she first found out she was pregnant, her first experience with an ultrasound at the doctor’s office was not a favorable one. She was very uncomfortable throughout the procedure and made to feel criticized by the ultrasound technician. Wanting a much more relaxed environment and overall experience, she went in search of a private ultrasound clinic and found Baby Bound Ultrasound. Rachel’s office was a 180-degree turn from Reynolds initial encounter.

Her first visit was at five weeks and she has been back consistently throughout her pregnancy to watch her little one grow. From the first visit, Rachel explained the procedure as she went along, pointing out baby’s features on the 42-inch flat screen TV and really taking her time.

“She is so thorough, I can now spot my baby on the screen before Rachel even points him out. I was amazed at how much we could see with the 3D ultrasound,” Reynolds explained.

At 14 weeks, to a room full of family any friends, the Reynolds went in for gender determination and confirmed that they were indeed expecting a baby boy.

“Rachel makes everyone feel at home and ensures everyone is having a comfortable experience,” Reynolds shares. The actual ultrasound studio is very zen, from the soothing d├ęcor to the cozy room; the experience is almost part spa.

Over the course of 27 weeks, the couple has been able to watch their baby grow from visit to visit, each time clearly seeing the changes in position, non diagnostic measurements, growth, and even his estimated weight.

“At 28 weeks, we could see all the facial features of our baby,” she said.

Rachel takes multiple pictures throughout the ultrasound, and after each session, the couple goes home with a printed picture as well as a CD of all the pictures taken.

“What it comes down to is that Rachel is really passionate about what she does. When we’re excited, she’s even more excited than we are,” Reynolds says. And it is this level of devotion to her work, that makes Baby Bound Ultrasound a wonderful experience for expecting mommas.

“I have three other friends who are pregnant, and we all go to Baby Bound and share stories,” she recommends, “We wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

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