Menifee City Council Approves Code of Ethics

Menifee City Council members Tuesday night approved an official Code of Ethics designed to improve c...

Menifee City Council members Tuesday night approved an official Code of Ethics designed to improve council relations, fulfilling one of the city's strategic plan objectives.

The motion carried with a unanimous vote, ensuring a promise by council members that they will at least attempt to get along until November, when elections could change the makeup of the council.

In June during the City Council Strategic Planning Session, the council developed several three-year goals. In order to meet each goal, six-month objectives were put in place -- one of which was to outline a Code of Ethics for the Council to approve.

The subject was postponed at the Aug. 21 council meeting, but was revisited Tuesday night and agreed upon.

The Code of Ethics includes 19 points designed to ensure that:

-- The council complies with the letter and spirit of laws and policies.

-- Public officials be independent, impartial and fair.

-- Public office be used for public good, not personal gain.

-- Public deliberations and processes be conducted openly unless legally confidential.

Speaking during the public comments portion of the meeting, resident Grant Yoders asked council members, "Why do you folks have to vote to play nice? Seems to me you could act like adults.”

Council member Wallace Edgerton admitted there has been some strife among council members.

“We’ve had some difficulty on this council. But this is a new city," he said.

Yoders suggested the council wait until the November election or perhaps abandon the idea of an actual policy. Edgerton was in favor of approval immediately, however.

“I’d like to hope we’d change before November," Edgerton said about council conduct. "I move to accept the code of ethics in total.”

“Every government has a code of ethics," said council member Darcy Kuenzki. "As a four-year-old city, we have never had one. A code of ethics outlines a mindset.”


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  1. Just like all politicians, they need to grow up, period.

  2. Mr. Edgerton says he hopes to "change before November".
    He has had four years to work together in a professional way. He wants to change now, or by November (election time).

    Our concern is what has already happened to Menifee's reputation. How will we fix that?

    1. I think the answer to your question of how to fix the damage to the reputation of Menifee is clear: elect members to council who have a shown the ability to work together as a team and eliminate those who have proven otherwise

    2. Right on October 4!!!!
      The City Council Meetings are embarrassing and uncomfortable to those of us who want good things to happen for the City. I won't even attend anymore.

    3. “I’d like to hope we’d change before November," Edgerton said about council conduct. "I move to accept the code of ethics in total.” Wally didn't say 'HE' hoped to change before November, he said "WE"..,,,

  3. You need independent thinkers that know what they're talking about, have experience and the education to back what it is there talking about regarding the cities future. Yes, team work is nice, but we're not sheep, anyway lets hope were not. You have a couple running that's all they talk about team work, we must all act and think like a team. Why are they pushing this, because neither have any education at all other than a high school diploma, they know nothing about running a business let alone a city, yet because they keep saying we need team work doesn't necessarily mean its the best approach in electing someone for the city council.

    1. A college degree is worthless if you don't know how to apply it. Experience is valuable,but we don't need experienced trouble makers. Team work is key to any organization, educated or not

  4. A college degree is not a guarantee of good leadership. Without team work any group educated or not cannot function effectively. Team work is the MOST important criteria for electing a city council.Many use their academic credentials as evidence of leadership ability because they have nothing else to offer. Working as a team doesn't mean thinking the same way,it means working toward a common goal in an organized manner.

  5. The Californian article described Edgerton as one who is often an "ornery maverick". That kind of summed it up.

    Instead of looking for fancy college degrees, or who's experience serves us better, we need to ask who will work hardest? Who can get the most from our staff? Who will bring new ideas and see them through? Who will represent us as positive abassadors? Which candidates actively support our local businesses and jobs providers?
    Who has public safety as top priority?

    When I watched the video of the Candidate forum, that is what I was looking for. It is pretty clear to me, how about you?



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