Higher Learning Preschool Provides Educational Environment

Upon entering Higher Learning Preschool at the home of Felicea Ramirez, one can’t help but notice ho...

Upon entering Higher Learning Preschool at the home of Felicea Ramirez, one can’t help but notice how bright and colorful her front room turned classroom is decorated. In a word, it looks like fun.

You can tell a great deal of active learning takes place in this fun-filled room. Everywhere you look, there are vibrant posters and pictures depicting the months of the year, colors of the rainbow, ABCs, and everything in between.

Although we are well over the 3- to 5-year-old age range of her students, we really want to stay to play and learn. Once you are all grown up, you tend to forget the wonder of being small, but Higher Learning takes you right back to story time and learning to sound out words while seated on a primary color carpet.

Ramirez started Higher Learning as an affordable option for parents looking for an education-based preschool. As a mother of three, she observed her now 10-year-old daughter’s experience with preschool and how unprepared she ultimately was for kindergarten.

Naturally, she wanted to change that, and so Higher Learning was created to offer an educational environment that will adequately prepare children for state-mandated kindergarten standards.

Operating out of her home provides a welcoming and gentle transition into the school schedule for both parents and children without the overwhelming size of a full-scale campus.

Higher Learning holds class Tuesday through Thursday during the Menifee Union School District calendar year and can accommodate up to eight students. The small class size enables her to provide lots of one-on-one attention to each student as well as catering to the individual learning needs of different personalities.

Each day is highly structured to effectively balance learning and playing. Her well-planned curriculum consists of social studies, math, literacy, listening, reading both sounds and letters, cooking, science, art, computers, and even some lessons in manners.

Although Ramirez follows a tight schedule throughout the school year to ensure each child is more than equipped to be successful come kindergarten, she is afforded the freedom to set up her daily curriculum to meet the needs of her specific class.

Not only does Higher Learning emphasize a nurturing environment for education-based learning, as a mother and teacher, Ramirez works in lessons to facilitate social skills, manners, respect, and etiquette.

Any parent who chooses Higher Learning Preschool can rest assured their child is receiving a head start education from a teacher who truly cares.

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