North Golf Course Reaches Out to the Youth Through their 2nd Annual Jr. Golf Tournament

As the youth in the City of Menifee continues to grow, it has been a top priority for North Golf Cou...

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As the youth in the City of Menifee continues to grow, it has been a top priority for North Golf Course instructor and professional golfer, Jaime Sanchez, to create events that involve golfers of the younger generation.

Saturday, March 10th marked the commencement of North Golf Course's 2nd Annual Jr. Golf Tournament where Jaime Sanchez coordinated groups of kids ranging from ages 6 to 16 to participate in this two day competition. Because of an increasing demand for youth-friendly activities, North Golf Course's 2nd Annual Jr. Golf Tournament successfully resulted in a significant increase of participants compared to last year.

On the first day of the tournament, participants ages 6-12 golfed a total of nine holes and the remaining participants ages 13-16 golfed the full eighteen holes. Each player's points were accounted for, but no placement will be made until the second day of the tournament. The second day of the tournament is scheduled for Saturday, March 31st. Due to Jaime Sanchez's professional golf reputation and North Golf Course's involvement with the youth, some tournament participants traveled from as far as Santa Barbara to attend such an event. Each participating golfer received a goody bag and pizza lunch for attending.

North Golf Course offers tournaments throughout the months of March, April, and May to prepare the youth for Golf Camp coming up in the summer. These tournaments are designed to teach children golf etiquette and other concepts they can utilize in the real world such as communication and teamwork skills. One participant, Kyle, age 13, indicated, "It requires so much patience and focus. That's what I love about it. It's not like any other sport."

Many of the kids conveyed much appreciation in engaging themselves in the 2nd Annual Jr. Golf Tournament. "Teamwork and having fun is what it's all about," Antonio, age 9, declared.

As many organizations are discovering new ways to reach out to the youth of the community, Jaime Sanchez expressed much pride in pioneering a junior golf program at North Golf Course. "It's about the community coming together to see kids develop," he stated. "I want the kids to get out and learn something. I want them to be something. Kids need to be assured that they are a part of something and they can learn that here. Golf is universal."

Jaime Sanchez poses with some of his youth program participants on the green

North Golf Course invites the community to support the youth of the 2nd Annual Jr. Golf Tournament on Saturday, March 31st at North Golf Course, 26660 McCall Blvd, Sun City, CA. Placements will be made and prizes will be handed out.

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