Vehicle Burglary Prevention Tips

Dep. Christopher Varela out of the Perris Station submits these vehicle burglary prevention tips. He says vehicle burglary is a crime stati...

Dep. Christopher Varela out of the Perris Station submits these vehicle burglary prevention tips.

He says vehicle burglary is a crime statistic that continues to be a problem for Menifee. Most of the time it's due to people leaving valuables in their car. I talked to him over the phone and he said that there are actually residents leaving their wallets in the car, in plain sight.

Interestingly, just this morning our neighbor found her car window smashed in with her GPS gone. Perhaps there's this idea that Menifee is a rural neighborhood far from the city, and that's creating a false sense of security.
In the City of Menifee one of the largest crime trends is theft from vehicles. This continues to be a constant problem for the residents of Menifee. Below is a list of simple prevention tips every resident should use to help prevent vehicle burglary.

  • Lock all the doors and secure all the windows to your vehicle.

  • If you have an alarm on your vehicle please activate it at all times.

  • Remove all valuable items (GPS systems, lap tops, wallets, money etc.) from the vehicle. Simply "hiding" them in the glove box does not work.

  • Do not leave keys, garage door openers or paperwork with identifying information in the vehicle.

  • Try to always park your vehicle in the garage. If this is not possible then purchase a light that will completely light up your drive way.

  • If the vehicle is parked in the garage, then please still complete the above listed bullet points.

Theft from vehicles continues to occur in Menifee because the above listed simple prevention techniques are not being followed. It would appear to be common sense to lock and secure all doors and windows to a vehicle, as well as remove all valuable items but I can tell you it is not being done.

The thieves walking around the neighborhoods are looking for vehicles with unlocked doors and unsecured windows. They are looking for the vehicles that have valuables in plain sight. It is fast and easy to smash open a window and take the valuable items lying in plain sight within a vehicle. It is even easier if that vehicle is not secured.

If the residents of Menifee begin to follow the above listed prevention tips I am confident theft from vehicles will decrease. Thank you for your time.

Submitted by:
Deputy Chris Varela of the Menifee Police Department


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  1. I have a couple of questions about this:

    1. If I don't put the valuables in the glove box or console how does that prevent my windows from being broken? It sounds like my windows may still be broken but the thief just won't get my GPS or iPod.

    2. How can I not leave "paperwork with identifying information in the vehicle"? Doesn't the law require me to have my vehicle registration in the vehicle while in operation? I know it's always asked for at sobriety checkpoints.

    3. My vehicle is parked in my garage. If someone breaks into my garage they are getting into my vehicle whether it is locked or not. And the thief also has the secrecy provided by my garage walls and doors. Heck, I've got enough tools in my garage for a thief to tear through my house walls and doors and get inside my house if they wanted. Locking my car doors is the least of my worries in my garage.

    I know that this is written from a best-case scenario, but why can't we be provided with real-world tips instead of these far-from-reality tips?

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. I agree with you Dave! Well put... how about better lighting on the streets, we have a cul-de-sac and ONE very dull street light! At night between the foreclosed houses and the houses that do not have exterior lighting make it a VERY dark street and not very safe. I've had my truck broken into twice and had nothing of value in the car WITH all these precautions in place. (Truck was not parked in garage obviously)

  3. You're not going to get anywhere talking crime prevention with Deputy Varela. He is not concerned with crime prevention, only police reaction.

  4. We haven't had any problems in our neighborhood...but I would recommend investing in some motion sensor lights for the garage area..all the homes in our tract have them and you know right away if anyone is out there..

  5. I've had my car stolen out of my drive way, my neighbors have too. My neighborhood in the last 2 years has experienced a variety of different vandalism. Peoples work trucks tools have been stolen, bikes, skateboards, tools out of garages, and side mirrors on cars, and valuables left in cars left open.

    When my car was found months later the police would not do finger prints off my car or the knife left in it. Nothing was done!!

  6. Prevention is great, but more than 2 police officers patrolling our very vast city will help also.

  7. Wow, all you guys have is complaints. Deputy Varela was just offering some small helpful tips.Of course its not going to prevent every single vehicle theft but it may detour a few. You would be surprised how many people dont follow th