Menifee City Council Meeting Tomorrow, July 2, 2008

Just a reminder, the third meeting of the Menifee City Council is tomorrow, Wednesday, July 2, at the Kay Ceniceros Center.

The meeting starts at 5:00pm, with availability for public comments.

The council then meets in private to begin interviews for City Manager.

At 7:00pm, the public is invited back to submit more comments.

Here's a copy of the agenda...


  1. Steve,

    Are you able to post the Council's agenda here?


  2. Are you sure about the 5:00 PM public comment portion? My understanding was that the Council would meet privately at 5:00 and then publically at 7:00 (i.e., no public comments before they meet).

    Having two public sessions makes little sense. What are people to do in the time (maybe 1.5 hours or so) that the Council meets and what would be the purpose?

  3. I added the agenda. Refresh your browser, and note the link.

  4. Let's hope somebody mentions that ALL City Council members should show respect for our new city and MAKE SURE all their campaign posters, etc. are removed, as they should have been within 24 hours of the election according to County statute.

  5. Dear JS,

    We are required by law to allow public comment on closed session agenda items. In this case, the Interim City Manager. No public comment is allowed at this meeting for a non-agendized topic.

    For the second 'open session' meeting there is additional public comment opportunity on any agenda or non-agenda topic.

    Thanks for asking the question and allowing me to clarify.


    //s// Scott A. Mann
    Councilmember-Elect and
    Acting City Clerk

  6. Mr. Mann,

    Thanks for the clarification/explanation.