Watching Menifee Burn

I thought this was an interesting photograph... Click on the photo to see a larger size. It was sent into us from Eric Madrid, who writes...

I thought this was an interesting photograph...

Lookie loos in Menifee
Click on the photo to see a larger size.

It was sent into us from Eric Madrid, who writes stuff for us once in awhile, and who also publishes his own Menifee website:

Nothing like a fire to get people out to socialize.


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  1. Oh no! Menifee caught fire.....Come on people talk about a small town who gets wrapped up in the hoopla!

    There have been worse fires out there. I would hate to see how you all react when something major happens, like a shooting, bank robbery or natural disaster!

    God forbid your trying to live the Orange County/San Diego County lifestyle in your 400K homes because you could not make it in any of those counties.

    Now you all think your something else in Menifee. Menifee is a pit! An armpit and will be just like Moreno Valley and Perris in five years. Too funny!

  2. Shut up ya douche bag

  3. If Menifee is such an armpit, then why oh why do you bother going to this website "Menifee 24/7" and bother to read or post anything??? Some of us appreciate this site and enjoy reading references about the community in which we live. You have to remember, most of us are transplants from Orange County or San Diego County. We live out here because is is affordable and not a bad place to raise a family. I should know, my family has lived here since 1990 and things keep getting better and better. I know one thing, if I hated Menifee as much as you, I would get the heck out of town. People like you don't do anything for a community but bring it down.
    Move on.........
    Longtime Menifee Resident

  4. Seriously, if you have nothing better to do than read and comment in posts in our community that you hate so much, just how sad is that? Even funnier!