Rain Strikes Twice on July 23

If you thought the rain shower we got early this morning was freaky for mid-July, there's more.

Exactly one year ago today, Menifee was hit by a freak rain storm.

Published in The Californian, on July 23, 2006, there was an article about how temperatures in Menifee reached 108 degrees the day before (July 22), and then got hit by freak rain storm that cooled things down. That rain continued on into the next day...

At 4 p.m., it was a sweltering 108 in Menifee ---- and then the storm hit.

The downpour was accompanied by high winds, with some gusts reaching 41 mph. Signs and debris were tossed about and in the Ralphs parking lot at Antelope and Newport roads, shopping carts were swept away in all directions.


Coincidence? Or an Al Gore conspiracy?


  1. Just when I was recovering from the Al Gore media blitz, you raise the dead again. Please pass the pepto.....