Roadside Vendors to be Banned in Menifee

The Californian posted an article today about Riverside County supervisors wanting to prohibit vendors from setting up shop along Newport Rd in Menifee...

The supervisors claim that these vendors present road hazards.

Road hazards?

I think teenagers twirling real estate signs on street corners are a bigger road hazard than these vendors.

The real issue here is that these vendors are unregulated, and therefore, escaping other kinds of taxes, license fees, and regulations. And government doesn't want to come out and say that they have a thing against freedom. So they raise the "public safety" card.

Look, if there's people wanting to sell stuff, and people wanting to buy stuff, let the two get together. Make commerce easier for everyone. If code enforcement is the issue, then let code enforcement come out and make sure these vendors are legit.

Don't call them "road hazards".


  1. I've noticed the TIKI vendor along Newport for the past few weekends. There are also many laborers and dump trucks (with funny looking hand painted blurbs) waiting to be solicited for hire. Doesn't look like a problem as long as trash is picked-up.