Menifee Transmission Suggests Full Inspections for Summer

Advertorial Supplement: Now that summer is in full swing, Menifee Transmission wants to ensure yo...

Advertorial Supplement:
Now that summer is in full swing, Menifee Transmission wants to ensure your commute is not only cool and comfortable, but also safe.

Its air conditioning services and full inspections are just what your car needs to get you safely through the summer heat.

All cars have the potential to overheat, especially in the dry summer heat of Menifee. Menifee Transmission can aid in preventing this from happening with proper inspections and repairs.

Menifee Transmission suggests taking your car into the shop to have its cooling system and belts looked at and replaced if needed.

Extreme heat can cause cracks in your car’s belts, and other dangerous outcomes beyond normal wear and tear.

As with all of its other services, Menifee Transmission offers professionals to determine whether your car’s belts should be replaced.

It is strongly suggested that if Menifee Transmission’s professionals think your belts should be replaced, that you replace them for your own safety.

If your car’s belts give out, your car may stop functioning, leaving you in an even worse spot that sparing the cash to have them changed.

Menifee Transmission technicians are Automotive Service Excellence certified. The family owned and operated company gears its focus toward providing the highest quality at the lowest price.
Mention Menifee 24/7 and get Menifee Transmission’s air conditioning service for a discounted rate of only $29.95 (plus Freon).

(Mentioning Menifee 24/7 will also get you a brake special for only $49.95 [does not include machining rotors]).

To really ensure your car has not been affected by this summer’s heat, and will also make it through to fall, Menifee Transmission suggests having its technicians conduct a full inspection.

Fixing an issue during an inspection could be the very thing that prevents your car from overheating, breaking down or causing you any problems when you least expect it.

After you have made all necessary repairs and replacements at Menifee Transmission, your safety lies in your own hands.

It is up to you to keep an eye on your vehicle’s gauges. Gauges that go over the mid point, may indicate overheating, at which point, Menifee Transmission suggests you should pull over to the side of the road when safe.

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