Menifee Transmission's Quality Services Come at Low Prices

Advertorial Supplement: Menifee Transmission always has its customers' best interest in m...

Advertorial Supplement:
Menifee Transmission always has its customers' best interest in mind while offering some of the lowest prices and best quality around. 
Not only does Menifee Transmission want you to be safe this summer by preventing it from overheating, the auto repair shop also provides the best deals to ensure your vehicle is safe for you and your passengers. 
Menifee Transmission offers a three step cooling service for $119.99 (plus tax). The cooling service is the first step you can take to ensure you and your vehicle make it through Menifee's summer heat.

Menifee Transmission suggests to always pull over to the side of the road when safe if you suspect your vehicle is overheating. 
Gauges going over the mid point may be an indicator of your vehicle overheating.

Making sure your vehicle survives the summer heat is just one of Menifee Transmission's priorities. The overall safety of your vehicle is also important.

 A full vehicle inspection with Menifee Transmission will cost you only $40. 
Menifee Transmission's trusted technicians will suggest repairs or services your vehicle could benefit from if needed. If you follow through with those suggestions at Menifee Transmission, the $40 will be waived. 
In addition to the fee waive, Menifee Transmission will also give you a 10 percent discount off of the cost of repairs.

Menifee Transmission also offers 10 percent off of any 30, 60 or 90K mile services.

Get a tire rotation and oil change for the low price of $24.95, not including the tax or waste fee.

Menifee Transmission is also offering a brake special starting at $49.95. The price does not include machining rotors, but still comes with its quality service for a low price. 

Menifee Transmission can also be trusted to stay up to date with the latest techniques and technologies, making its services much more effective and reliable. 

The auto shop offers catalytic converter services. A catalytic converter is a device that controls vehicle emissions, converting toxic pollutants in exhaust to less harmful pollutants. 
With catalytic converter specialists on staff, Menifee Transmission can diagnose any issues with your catalytic converter and attend to them accordingly.
Visit Menifee Transmission today for all of your automobile services. Menifee Transmission and Auto Repair is located at:
29770 Bradley Road, Unit B
Menifee, CA 92586-6543
Get your auto repairs done at Menifee Transmission Monday through Friday from 8