Menifee Transmission Encourages Inspections for Summer

Advertorial Supplement: The summer months can take a toll on vehicles, especially in the Me...

Advertorial Supplement:

The summer months can take a toll on vehicles, especially in the Menifee heat. 

Get an air conditioning service for your vehicle for $39.95 + freon. 

The air conditioning service is just one of Menifee Transmission's suggestions for the summer.

While the air conditioning inside the car will keep you cool, the heat could affect crucial working parts to your vehicle. 

Menifee Transmission suggests bringing your car into the shop for a full inspection and fluids check. Menifee Transmission's goal is to, not only keep you cool in your car during the hot summer months, but to also keep you safe by fixing any issues your car may have before they become bigger and more costly. 

Vehicle belts are specifically sensitive to extreme weather conditions. The hot weather can cause deformation of the belts, such as cracks and stretching. 

Even normal wear and tear can prove to be dangerous to your vehicle, so it is especially important to check on these belts when they are most sensitive. 

Menifee Transmission's technicians on staff are qualified and can be trusted to suggest whether your vehicle's belts need to be replaced for your safety. 

Prevent your vehicle from overheating by keeping an eye on your car's gauges. If your gauges are ever over the mid point, Menifee Transmission suggests pulling your vehicle over when safe to prevent an overheated vehicle or a blown engine. 

Menifee Transmission's goal is to "provide you with the highest quality at the lowest price." 

It is your one stop shop for all of your automobile needs, ranging anywhere from a simple oil change to a full transmission rebuild. 

An oil change can run as low as $12.95 and comes with a 10 point inspection.

If you mention Menifee 24/7, you can get additional savings on a tire rotation with an oil change as well as a brake special.