A Note of Thanks From a Reader to Other Menifee Residents

At Menifee 24/7 we get lots of comments, both on our website and our Facebook page. Some are overly negative, some offensive, some accusatory. But we also get some positive and sometimes touching correspondence, such as this Facebook message we pass along with the permission of the author, Juanita Gomez:

I just wanted to thank a group of people that helped me just outside Target. Around 8:30 last night, we were exiting Target with my two girls and my husband. My 3-year-old (as some 3-year-olds do) had a meltdown and ran toward oncoming traffic.

I ran after her, got her, but in the process (later learned), I fractured my knee. Menifee people, as I've experienced before, were so nice, helping me, making sure my girls were OK. Wasn't sure if I was crying from the pain or how their kindness made me feel. Thank you! P.S. Target staff helped, too.


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