Menifee Transmission Suggests Extra Care During Summer Heat

As Menifee temperatures rise, Menifee Transmission encourages everyone to make sure their vehicles are up to date on maintenance check ups to prevent any temperature-related car troubles.

Taking care of your car during the hot summer months is just as important as taking care of yourself in the heat.

Just as you cool your body off with water and cool air, your vehicle also needs to be looked after to ensure you and other passengers are safe. 

With summer just around the corner, Menifee Transmission is offering its quality services to prevent your car from succumbing to the Menifee heat. 

Your car’s cooling system and belts should be paid particularly close attention to when the Menifee heat begins to kick up. 

Vehicle belts are sensitive to extreme weather conditions. Cold or hot weather can cause cracks, stretching or normal wear and tear, so it is of utmost importance to check your vehicle’s belts even during routine maintenance.

Menifee Transmission’s technicians are qualified to suggest whether your car’s belts need to be replaced.

Menifee Transmission is offering a three step cooling service to ensure your vehicle makes it through the summer months. For only $119.99 (plus tax), you will can ensure you and your passengers will be safe from your vehicle overheating. 

Get a full vehicle inspection for $40, after which Menifee Transmission technicians will suggest any work your vehicle could benefit from, such as replacing your belts. If you choose to get those suggested repairs done with Menifee Transmission, the $40 will be waived and an additional 10 percent will be taken off the cost of repairs. 

Of course, Menifee Transmission wants to ensure its customers do not feel pressured into making the repairs suggested; however, its qualified staff is trusted to make suggestions while offering the highest quality services at the lowest price. 

Keeping an eye on your vehicle’s gauges are also important in preventing your car from overheating under the Menifee sun. Gauges going over the mid point may indicate overheating. Menifee Transmission suggests that if you suspect your vehicle may be overheating, pull your vehicle to the side of the road to prevent a blown engine. 

Menifee Transmission is also offering 10 percent off of any 30, 60 or 90K mile services. 

Menifee Transmission is your one stop shop for all of your vehicle’s needs. Whether it is an oil change or an full transmission rebuild, Menifee Transmission’s trusted services are sure to meet your needs. 

Request a cost estimate for your vehicle’s repairs here and Menifee Transmission will come to you. 

Visit Menifee Transmission today for all of your automobile services. Menifee Transmission and Auto Repair is located at:

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Contact Menifee Transmission at (951)566-5088.


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