Breakfast Club of Menifee Now Serving Lunch

After years of inquiries the Breakfast Club of Menifee gave in to diner requests and now officially offers not only awesome breakfast options, but a satisfying lunch menu as well.

As an experienced restaurateur, owner and operator Stu Blaze, has always vowed to do one thing, and to do it well. Although it took a little convincing, he can now proudly claim to do not only one but two things exceptionally well.

Not a day goes by where there is not a consistent demand for Breakfast Club of Menifee’s homey favorites and comfort food classics.

From the moment they open in the morning, until they clear the last table at 2:00 PM, their establishment is constantly bustling with hungry diners excited to experience the tried and true taste of the Breakfast Club.

In creating the lunch menu, Stu went with proven favorites and build-your-own options so that everyone could find something to love and enjoy.

Having cooked for people for many years, Stu says, “I know what people like.” And that’s just what his menu reflects.

He wanted quality options with a broad appeal, without sacrificing the Breakfast Club standard of delicious food.

The options include innovative ideas such as a stuff your own baked potato, offering enough fulfilling toppings to qualify this spud as an entire entrée in itself.

His custom cut French fries are even specially cut in such a way so as to maximize flavor adhesion. Coming all the way from northern California, the Breakfast Club of Menifee’s potatoes are cut especially for their restaurant in a unique crinkle pattern.

These sure to be famous fries can be ordered in a variety of custom flavors, including: sea salt, barbecue, or chili and lime. True to their promise, these specialty fries burst with flavor, and require no ketchup at all to taste their best.

All menu options are made with the same fresh, wholesome ingredients they’ve been cooking with for years.

The build-your-own burger starts with certified Angus beef and can be built up as basic or as crazy as your taste buds can imagine. With topping ranging from cheese and tomato to chili and beyond, your burger is truly your own creation (and meal).

Their favorite menu options include the steak salad with blue cheese dressing that all but shocks your appetite into happy satisfaction. The fresh salmon salad is another favorite that delivers big on taste.

If a classic sandwich is more your lunchtime style, the Breakfast Club of Menifee Club promises you a mouthful of flavor. Piled high with thick cut ham, applewood smoked bacon, and delicious turkey, this true club sandwich does not disappoint.

If you love the Breakfast Club of Menifee’s morning menu, you should stop on by for their equally as delightful offering of midday entrees.

Breakfast Club of Menifee
30076 Haun Road, Suite 200
Menifee, CA
(951) 301-9800

Monday-Friday, 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Saturday-Sunday, 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Website: Breakfast Club of Menifee

Emergency Preparedness Workshop in Menifee

Keepsakes for Mom From Keller’s Jewelers

Keller’s Jewelers has been in the family business for years. That being said, they know a thing or two about honoring Mom for Mother’s Day.

Keller’s Jewelers carries an assortment of keepsake lockets in hearts and other classic shapes that would make the perfect sentimental gift for Mom.

Ranging in price from $70.00 on up to $200.00 there is a necklace to fit every mom’s taste and every family’s budget. Most lockets are sterling silver and come with a matching chain.

Each mini picture frame can accommodate two or four little pictures. Perfect for commemorating loved ones and precious children. So mom can literally keep you close to her heart, at all times.

Keller’s Jewelers
26010 McCall Blvd., Suite E
Sun City, CA 92586

Tuesday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Website: Keller’s Jewelers

Provecho Grill in Menifee Grand Opening Extravaganza

Monday, April 30, 2012, Provecho Grill will host an official grand opening celebration marked by the customary red ribbon cutting.

Only several months new to Menifee, Provecho Grill already feels right at home serving up amazingly fresh and authentic Mexican fare. Aside from feeding adoring fans, this family owned establishment is offering a grand opening fiesta open to the public.

While every day’s a party at Provecho, Monday night from 5:00 to 8:00 PM promises a special celebration. The Brothers of Latin Jazz live entertainment will kick off the festivities at 5:00 PM.

The party will include: lots of prizes and giveaways, $1.00 crispy tacos, $3.00 margaritas, funny little favors, and an all around fun family atmosphere. Come join in the celebration, and help officially welcome Provecho Grill to Menifee.

Provecho Grill Grand Opening
Monday, April 30, 2012
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

26862 Cherry Hills Boulevard
Menifee, CA 92586
(951) 246-3200
Website: Provecho Grill

Fly WWII Bombers & Fighters at French Valley Airport, May 2-4

Three of the most famous WWII bomber and fighter aircraft will be flying over Menifee, Wednesday through Friday, May 2-4, 2012, taking off from French Valley Airport.

And you're invited to fly aboard!

It's part of the Wings of Freedom Tour, produced by the Collings Foundation, a non-profit group that educates the public on transportation machinery that made lasting impacts on the world.  The visit to French Valley Airport is just one of 38 stops on a 8 state tour across the southern USA.

In addition to flying these planes, visitors can enjoy walk-through tours, and enjoy burgers and sandwiches at French Valley Cafe (15% off coupon), located on-site.

Call (978) 562-9182 for flight reservations.

May 2, Wednesday - 2:00pm to 5:00pm
May 3, Thursday - 9:00am to 5:00pm
May 4, Friday - 9:00am to 12:00pm

French Valley Airport
Winchester Rd & Sparkman Way

View Murrieta, CA in a larger map

wings of freedom tour

Hundreds Receive Free Advice and Medical Screenings at Menifee/Sun City Health Expo

Employees of Menifee Valley Medical Center check the blood pressure and lipid panel of residents
at Thursday's Menifee/Sun City Health Expo. Hundreds of local residents attended the annual event.
Below, Deane Manning of Superior Hearing Aid Service uses a scope to check the hearing of
Sandra Schilling.

Sandra Schilling of Sun City learned the importance of regular medical screenings a few years ago. Early detection of diabetes enabled her to seek treatment that has made for a more comfortable life.

That's one reason she showed up at the Sun City/Menifee Senior Health Expo, hosted on Thursday by the Sun City Civic Association.

"I was curious that maybe I had a blockage in my carotid artery, but I got tested and it was fine," Schilling said. "They think it might just be allergies. Now that I know it's clear, it's a relief.

"I definitely recommend this kind of screening for everyone. A lot of seniors have nothing but Medicare coverage. Here, you can come and find out what's offered."

For the second straight year, hundreds of local residents took advantage of the event, held in the North Town Hall at the SCCA facility on Sun City Boulevard. Dozens of booths manned by health care centers, doctors, testing services and support groups offered free health screening, pamphlets and friendly advice.

Menifee Valley Medical Center had several tables set up all along one wall. In addition to Carotid Doppler screening, the center had on site two cardiologists, a general surgeon, nutritionists, respiratory therapists and technicians taking lipid panels and blood pressure.

"This goes with our mission: Commitment for Healthier Communities," said Gregory Padilla, administrator of the center. "We're here to do preventive medicine. We hope to catch things now before they become problems later in life."

Across the aisle, a representative from a local support group for visually impaired people passed out literature and offered advice. A few tables down, employees of Superior Hearing Aid Service providing hearing tests. In one of several booths manned by employees of Loma Linda University's Murrieta Medical Center, a live demonstration showed how doctors can insert a scope through the nose and down the throat to test a person's voice and swallowing.

"We have a mix of Loma Linda doctors and investment physicians who support the hospital," said Kathryn Stiles, marketing director for the medical center. "We've had seven or eight open heart surgeries performed at Murrieta."

Tom Bloom of Miller-Jones Mortuary serves on the committee that planned this event. His group was responsible for the free lunches that were served.

"We do health care seminars around the Valley, so we were happy to help with this event," Bloom said. "This is not about promoting us. The real heroes are the hospitals."

MSJC President Gives State of the College Address

Members from all over the community gathered together yesterday morning to listen in as MSJC President Roger Schultz gave his State of the College address. Beginning the meeting with introductions around the room, Schultz moved into presenting the demographics for the college. As MSJC has been ranked the #1 college in the Inland Empire for three years in a row, it is only expected that several success stories, about students and faculty alike, were shared.

To read about a few of these standout citizens, please visit the “Faces” page on the college website here. President Schultz highly encourages this section of the website because it proves that the “demographics and numbers are more than just statistics, these stories makes them real.”

With record enrollment numbers in the past few years, MSJC is flourishing more than ever. Several new building are planned to go up as the 15 year old Menifee campus gets a full blown makeover expected to be completed by 2050. The Humanities building, currently under construction, is the first step in this renovation plan and is expected to be revealed this coming fall.

Blueprint plans for what is expected for the Menifee MSJC campus come 2050.

Having faced over $9 million in budget cuts since 2008, MSJC is forced to raise tuition prices to $46 per unit beginning this summer. However, with the vast number of students enrolled, the majority of graduates will stay in the area after completing their programs, therefore serving as an economic benefit to the local community.

As the MSJC district prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary in the 2012-2013 school year, Schultz admits that he expects the campus to continue heading in a positive direction.“MSJC is flourishing now, and I have high hopes that it will continue to do so as we move into the future.”
Pictured left to right are Sonja Prince, Mrs. Menifee Valley Chamber; Dr. Roger Schultz, Superintendent/President Mt. San Jacinto College; Dorothy Wolons, Menifee Chamber’s CEO and JoAnna Quejada, MSJC’s Dean of Student Development.

Menifee: Sun City Library, May 2012 Adult Schedule of Events

sun city libraryMay 2, Wednesday: The Sun City Library will present "Jeni & Billy" an Appalachian Song, Story, and Dance program as a special Coffee Club event Wednesday, May 2 at 3:00 pm. "Jeni & Billy present original and traditional songs and stories that draw on Jeni's roots in the Appalachian coalfields of Southwest Virginia. Their presentation has delighted library audiences from California to Florida." The duo shares music rooted in Country, Mountain, Folk, Bluegrass, Blues and Old- time traditions. Event is free and open to all.

May 11, Friday: "Afternoon Tea @ the Library" (always the second Friday of each month in which the culture of tea is explored ), 2:00 pm

May 12, Saturday: The library will present the MSJC Guitar Ensemble at the regular Coffee Club second Saturday of the month - at 1:30 pm. The 8 - 10 member group will be performing jazz.

May 17, Thursday: The library holds a Mystery Book Club on the third Thursday each month - the upcoming MBC will be at 2:00 pm reviewing the book "Pirate King" by Laurie R. King and the book "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" by Alan Bradley (both books can be picked up at the library to be read before the meeting).

May 21, Monday: The Sun City Library Author's Spotlight for the month of May will be Judy Howard at 3:30 pm.

May 25, Friday: "Readers Theater" (always the fourth Friday of each month in which old radio show scripts are read aloud), 1:30 pm.

May 27, Sunday: The library Artist Showcase for May will be Kathy Crabbe from noon to 3:30 pm.

Sun City Library has on-going poetry writing workshops under the group name "Wordplay" the first and third Tuesday every month at 9:30 am.

The library has a photography participation program called "Photo Fun" the second and fourth Tuesday each month at 9:30 am.

Scrabble is played every first and third Friday of each month at 1:00 pm.

For more information on these and other Events please contact the library at (951) 679-3534 or at the Friends of the Library website

The Sun City Library is located at 26982 Cherry Hills Blvd. (Cross Street is Bradley). For more information, call 951-679-3534 or visit us online at

Menifee 24/7 Adoptable Pet of the Week: Sergeant

Today’s pretty pup would make a good guard dog. He is strong, agile, and athletic. He is looking for a forever home filled with lots of affection and love. As you can see, by the blur of his tail, this big boy is very friendly and excited to meet new people.

Adoptable pet of the week, Sergeant.

Name: Sergeant

Age: 3 years

Breed: German shepherd mix

Gender: Male, neutered

Temperament: Sergeant is a beautiful German shepherd with a simply gorgeous coat. He is very energetic and would do well in an active home. He needs lots of exercise to keep him happy and calm.

He grew up as a yard dog with his brother, so he is used to primarily living and sleeping outside. He was not treated very well and has some food aggression issues that he is working through. He would do well with a patient owner, probably best as an only dog, and with no small children.

Sergeant’s story: Their owners relinquished Sergeant and his brother to Sun City K9. The family was moving to a new residence and could not take their dogs with them.

Sun City K9 Adoptions
26510 Murrieta Road
Sun City, CA 92586

Open Monday-Sunday
9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Closed from 12:00 to 1:00 for lunch
Website: Sun City K9 Adoptions

Volunteer In Menifee for Habitat For Humanity

Teenage Guitarist JR Reed Will Display His Skills in "Menifee's Got Talent" Show

JR Reed
JR Reed turned 14 on Wednesday, the day he dazzled other contestants with his electric guitar performance of Pachelbel's "Canon" in a rehearsal for this weekend's "Menifee's Got Talent" show.

Imagine what he will be doing when he's 18. Or 21. And beyond.

JR -- short for Mike Reed, Jr. -- has already started to make a name for himself as a solo performer on several instruments. Last weekend, in a local "open mic" night, he alternated between the electric guitar and saxophone -- in the same song.

He has played on stage with members of the heavy metal band Deliverance. Playing with his father, Mike Reed, Sr., an uncle and other musicians, JR has performed at The Vault in Temecula, during Blues Night at the Pit Stop Pub in Menifee, and at several other events. His father is coordinating efforts to assemble the JR Reed Band, which will perform locally.

In both the Friday night and Sunday afternoon sessions, JR will perform solo on his guitar as a featured act in "Menifee's Got Talent," sponsored by Arts Council Menifee at the Kay Ceniceros Center.

"I'm excited," JR said about the chance to perform locally once again. "I've rehearsed enough that I shouldn't be nervous, but I still am sometimes. I've been doing it so long, and guitar is my favorite. I feel like I can play it the best of all the instruments."

According to his father, JR showed interest in music as early as age 3, when he began pounding on Mike Reed Sr.'s drums. He was taking piano lessons by age 7. Later, he further developed his skills by taking guitar lessons from Charles Curinga at the "Sounds of Music" studio in Temecula.

"I've exposed him to all the people I've played with," said Reed, an experienced drummer who has toured with bands for much of his life.

JR's interest increased as he skillfully moved from one instrument to the other -- piano, drums, bass, lead guitar, saxophone, violin. He also is developing quite a singing voice.

"I'd like to make movie music, something with violins, get into 3D (computer) modeling..." JR said.

No doubt, the sky's the limit for this talented young man.

"Instead of playing video games, he saved his money and bought his first guitar," Reed said. "A few months ago, I asked him, 'What does JR have? What do you have within you?' At Christmas time, he came up with a song called 'Family.' He wrote the whole tune himself. We recorded it. It sounded great.

"I've been waiting for this for a while, for him to be ready. Now is the time. School's going to be out ... he's prepared himself."

This weekend, Menifee residents will find out just how ready JR Reed has become.

"Menifee's Got Talent"

Kay Ceniceros Center
Newport Road and Evans Road

Friday, 6:30 p.m.
Sunday, 2 p.m.

Tickets: $10

Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce Hold 1st Annual MEGA Mixer on Thursday, May 3rd

For more information contact:
Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce
(951) 672-1991

Menifee-Stake of Church of Jesus Christ Volunteers for Community Projects

mormon volunteers
LDS volunteers on a 2010 project.
Extensive service projects in Menifee and Lake Elsinore on April 28 will receive volunteer assistance from members of the Menifee Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In Menifee, the Inland Valley Habitat for Humanity is holding “A Brush with Kindness” that may include weed abatement and yard cleanup, landscape services, trash removal, painting and repair for a dozen homes chosen by the organization. The expected 150 volunteers will come primarily from LDS congregations in the Menifee/Sun City area.

At the same time, the City of Lake Elsinore will enlist five other wards (congregations) as far away as Perris, to help plant aquatic vegetation in a 65-acre wetlands basin (now de-watered) at the south end of the city. In conjunction with this activity, the Church is donating 500 pounds each of rice and beans, so a portion of the expected 200 volunteers will be bagging these goods on behalf of H.O.P.E., a local charity.

April 28 has been designated as the Mormon Helping Hands Day of Service statewide in both California and Hawaii.

Menifee's School Bus Debate

On Tuesday, April 24, 2012 the Menifee Unified School District held a controversial board meeting at Freedom Crest Elementary to discuss potential budget and program cuts. Concerned parents packed into the elementary school multi purpose room to voice their grievances and hopefully leave with answers.

The main issue at hand was how budget cuts were going to possibly minimize, or even do away with, the school bus transportation in the Menifee School District.

Several months earlier the Lake Elsinore School district decided to completely cut their bus system, leaving Menifee feeling frightful that the same thing might befall their district.

One angry parent, up in arms, approached the podium and began to tell her tale of single parenting and the inability to get her children to school without a bus service. She went on to explain that without a bus, her child would have to walk 6 miles to school which would take him hours.

Parents argued that while the board is scrambling to balance the budget and make numbers meet, without attendance the schools would lose vital funding. And without buses, the children cannot make it to school.

One parent went as far as to say she currently pays for her children to ride the bus and would gladly pay more for the service to continue.

Denise Bassett, a current teacher at Ridgemoor Elementary, recounted her days as a busy parent of multiple children at different schools saying, “Buses made life less stressful. There was no physical way I could get my kids to school.”

While her children were taking the bus, she knew they were getting to school and that they were getting there safely.

After initially voting unanimously to adopt the Transportation Plan 2A, the governing school board decided to tentatively approve Plan 2a with a graduated fee structure over a three year period.

Plan 2a sought to minimize the number of bus stops with the intention to centralize pick up locations while efficiently servicing the highest ride areas.

The approved plan 2a with graduated fee structure proposes to increase the fee parents pay so their child(ren) may ride the bus. As it stands, Menifee district students pay the lowest annual fee of $220, out of all the surrounding districts.

The graduated fee increase would slowly raise the cost to ride the bus from $220 to $350 next school year 2012/2013, up to $450 in 2013/2014, and finally to $550 in 2014/2015. The plan would also require that students currently receiving free or reduced price lunches would need to pay a minimal bus fee as well.

To date, five bus drivers have received pink slips in compliance with the required 45-day notice.

It is required by the state that the governing board turn in a budget plan in the coming month. For this reason, this decisions concerning cuts have tentatively been made but will be revisited once the district receives actual numbers concerning funding after the November ballot.

Board member, Scott Mann, said, “These decisions aren’t easy to make. I’ve been there and I empathize with you.”

While this solution seeks to serve parents and students as best as possible, the Board still needs to verify that this decision is in compliance with the education code.

After the final decision is made, actual pick-up points will be determined based on highest ridership and the worst safety concerns. In addition the transportation department will draft a visual map of the bus routes.

Parents pointed blame at decision-making board members, it still seems that the Menifee Unified School District is working there hardest to save the bus system.

After stating her own opinion the head of the teacher’s union, Jody Sanchez, offered up a positive take on the dismal situation saying, “We are all going through this and we need to be in it together.”

The next regular meeting of the Governing Board will be held at the district office on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at 4:30 PM.

Provecho Grill Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Click on picture for full size
For more information visit Provecho Grill.

White Feather to Perform Native American Flute Music at "Menifee's Got Talent" Show

white feather
His eyes close and his spiritual ears open. He breathes effortlessly and blows into the beautifully crafted wooden flute as his fingers move skillfully across its surface.

The music comes from White Feather's flute, but he says in reality he is "channeling" the music of his Native American ancestors. He has never taken flute lessons, nor does he perform the published work of others.

White Feather, a native of the Powhatan Renape Nation, is an accomplished musician who will perform Native American flute music Friday night and Sunday in the "Menifee's Got Talent" show, sponsored by Arts Council Menifee. Different groups of local residents will perform in the Friday and Sunday sessions at Kay Ceniceros Center, but White Feather will entertain the crowd in both programs.

The Sun City resident has performed at dozens of venues throughout Southern California since discovering his special gift nine years ago. It was then, at age 40, that White Feather began to learn more about his Native American heritage and the special message he was meant to deliver to others.

At a Pow Wow (a Native American gathering), White Feather picked up a flute and found he could perform beautiful music, without really knowing how he was doing it. That's when an old Medicine Man from the local tribe, listening to the peaceful melody, told White Feather he was channeling the music of ancient Native American flute players.

"He told me I played very similar to the music of my grandfather and uncles," White Feather said. "He said he hadn't heard that ancient sound in many years. I was being guided by ancient ancestors."

This realization helped White Feather develop his beliefs in the power of spiritual healing and love for all. Raised as a black American, he eventually learned from his mother that his heritage was really with the Powhatan Nation. He has since traced his lineage back to King Powhatan, father of Princess Pocahontas, in pre-colonial Virginia in the 1600s.

His family moved from New Jersey, home of most modern-day Powhatan tribe members, to Pomona in 1969, when he was a young boy. White Feather remembers those days fondly and began to develop his love and respect for the beauty of nature then.

"Pomona was a beautiful town in 1969," he recalled. "We were still drinking well water. The skies were blue. I would climb to the top of a mountain and fly homemade kites.

"I can remember sitting with my father on our back wall, watching the sunset without saying a word. Later, my father told me those were the most special of all moments."

In the early 1980s, while living in Orange County, White Feather met his bride to be, Dyandra Maddox. They were married in 1988 and later moved to the Menifee Valley. She is also his manager, coordinating his many personal appearances as a solo performer, a motivational speaker, and as part of the group The Spiritual Flute of White Feather, where he is accompanied by his brother, Otik.

White Feather's incredible music talent is not the result of hours of practice. It comes to him through spiritual channels at a moment's notice, he says.

"I don't hardly pick up a flute except when I'm performing," said White Feather. "It's kind of amazing. I close my eyes and I hear a voice telling me, 'Blow, White Feather.' "

Dyandra explains that the "Old Ones" do the rest.

"The Old Ones keep the tunes in their head, and they guide his fingers," she said.

Listening to this inspired music is a unique experience -- one those attending "Menifee's Got Talent" will get to do for themselves this weekend.

"Menifee's Got Talent"

Kay Ceniceros Center
Newport Road and Evans Road

Friday, 6:30 p.m.
Sunday, 2 p.m.

Tickets: $10 at the door

Sun City Lawn Bowls Club to Host Open House, Saturday, May 12

lawn bowling
Sun City Lawn Bowls Club will host its annual “Saturday On The Green” Open House on May 12th. Coordinated athletes of all ages are invited to come and try the ancient sport of “bowling on the green” at Sun City Blvd and Cherry Hills in Sun City.

“Saturday On The Green” features free pizza, free drinks, and free lessons by champion bowlers from 10 AM to 3 PM. Flat soled shoes without a heel will protect the green and all other equipment will be provided.

Men and women of any age are invited to try their skill at this sport, which, for many, has become a lifetime activity. Bowls looks as easy as pitching pennies, but its finesse-and-strategy has captured millions of devoted players in 58 countries around the world. It’s fabulous exercise for seniors – with its low impact form requirements and its unique social interaction. Neither gender has an advantage in playing, but be advised, it's not as easy as it looks!

Sun City is one of 59 Bowling Clubs in California and has hosted visitors from all over the world. Every year the Club hosts tournaments that attract competitors from the 28 Clubs in Southern California.

For more information, call Theota at 951-834-2893 or email More information about lawn bowling can be found at, enter the site and click on Learn to Bowl.

Rotary Club of Menifee Provides Worldwide Service Through Clean Water Project

Villagers in Agua Zarca, Guatemala lay PVC pipe to carry water from higher ground to a holding facility.

When Tom Yuzer is asked about the purpose and activities of the Rotary Club of Menifee, he always makes sure the question is answered completely.

"Yes, we're a community service organization," he admits, "but I always remind people that the second word in our name is 'international.'"

Rotary International has a mission of service to others, both locally and worldwide. In keeping with this theme, Menifee's Rotary Club is making as much an impact overseas as it is here in Riverside County.

In the last two and a half years, the Rotary Club of Menifee has contributed to the funding of four projects providing clean water to underprivileged communities in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and India. A fifth project, in the Dominican, has recently been submitted for approval to The Rotary Foundation, which supervises the spending of Rotary International funds and oversees the organization's scholarship and grants program.

Yuzer, Rotary Foundation Chairman for the Menifee Rotary Club, has been the local club's contact person for all four water projects, for which the club has donated more than $4,000. When combined with donations from partner Rotary Clubs on these projects and matching funds from local Rotary districts and Rotary International, Rotarians have contributed nearly $80,000 to these four clean water projects since 2009.
"Rotary has a list of projects it is involved in internationally," Yuzer said. "I went to our board and said, 'If you want to do an international project, Rotary is putting a lot of emphasis on clean water programs.' We decided to get involved, so I contacted Ft. Collins to let them know we'd be interested in joining them."

The Fort Collins, Colo., Rotary Club was the lead funding club for that 2009 project, which made significant improvements in the water and sanitation facilities in the Guatemalan village of Guasintepeque Arriba. Using the funding provided by various Rotary Clubs, local laborers built flood control around wells at the bottom of a ravine and enabled the water to be piped to a storage tank, among other improvements.

The Menifee Rotary Club took the role of lead international sponsor in a 2010 project in Agua Zarca, located in the province of San Jacinto, Chiquimula, Guatemala. Workers, comprised of members of the local Chiquimula Rotary Club and local residents, completed water distribution for two areas, serving hundreds of local residents.

"There is always a local Rotary Club on site, providing manpower and serving as the on-site fiscal agent," Yuzer said. "In these villages, the local residents have jumped in to provide labor as well."

One of Rotary International's biggest worldwide service projects has been its efforts to wipe out polio. In 1988, polio infected almost 1,000 children a day. By 2008, thanks in large part to contributions by Rotary International and a $350 million matching grant from the Gates Foundation, polio cases had declined 99 percent.

Today, polio has been eradicated in all but three nations: Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria.

Most of the funds donated by the Menifee Rotary Club were raised through its annual Menifee Motor Madness event, a car show held here every spring.

Through programs such as the clean water project, Rotarians are able to live up to the motto of their club: "Service Above Self."

Senior Health Expo Set for April 26

Senior citizens will have the opportunity to receive free medical screening and meet local health care providers in the second annual Sun City/Menifee Senior Health Expo, scheduled for April 26 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The event will take place in the Sun City Civic Association's North Town Hall, located at 26850 Sun City Blvd. A complimentary lunch will be provided for participants, courtesy of the sponsoring SCCA.

Chuck Reutter, representing the SCCA, is excited about the number of vendors committing to the event and the service it will provide for area seniors.

"The purpose of the event is to provide for the people of Menifee -- particularly seniors -- information that will enable them to live a better life," Reutter said. "There will be doctors, medical supply companies, massage ... it will show people what's out there.

"When you go to a medical office, you get committed to what's there. This is a more comfortable way for people to see what's available."

For more information, call Chuck Reutter at (951) 679-3752.

health expo menifee

Heaven Scent Flowers Offer for Menifee 24/7 Readers

Mother’s Day will be here before we know it, and every mother deserves a big beautiful bouquet of gratitude. Heaven Scent Flowers and Gifts is already stocking up on the prettiest flowers for all of the wonderful mommas.

Get your order in early to ensure you mom is honored with your choice of fine floral arrangements, available for delivery or pick-up.

Heaven Scent Flowers offers gorgeous floral presentations as well as a variety of gifts, chocolates, cards, balloons, and more.

Because we love our readers, and Heaven Scent Flowers does too, Menifee 24/7 readers will receive a free Mother’s Day card with the purchase of a Mother’s Day arrangement, be sure to mention Menifee 24/7 when ordering.

30123 Antelope Road
Menifee, CA 92584
(951) 301-0112

Website: Heaven Scent Flowers

One Week Left "What I Like About Menifee" Writing Contest

What do you love about Menifee? No really, we want to know! Menifee 24/7 and the Arts Council of Menifee have teamed up to reward Menifee’s promising young writers.

There’s one week left to enter, so finish up those essays and get your entries in.

Remember the rules: One entry per person, maximum of 200 words, must be all original content in essay or poem format, and must respond to the prompt “What I like about Menifee.”

There are three ways to get us your submissions: email, snail mail, or drop off. But hurry, the final day is Monday, April 30, 2012.

Essay/Poetry Contest
31102 Desert View Court
Menifee, CA 92584


Drop-off locations: Menifee City Hall, Sun City Library or Breakfast Club of Menifee

Website: Menifee Writing Contest

Print your entry form here.

Increase Your Social Security Benefits, Menifee Workshop Scheduled April 25, 26, 2012

Social Security is a critical component of retirement planning – and one that can be overwhelming and potentially costly if you are uninformed. 74% of retired Americans are collecting reduced Social Security benefits—likely because they are unaware of options that may increase their benefit payments.

On April 25th and 26th, Brian E Walker Farmers Insurance and Financial Solutions Agent is hosting “Getting the most from Social Security” . Justin Bailey, AAMS will be speaking on key Social Security benefit decisions, simple steps that can help maximize your benefit and also how to get started.

This event is most beneficial to those over 55, working and wondering how retirement is going to look when they get to that point. But even if you are not working, and are on Social Security, this will help you design a plan for the future, and might even help you with a “do over”.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Brian Walkers office:

Dates: April 25th at 5:30pm and April 26th, at 8:30 am

Place: 27070 Sun City Blvd. Menifee Ca. 92586

RSVP: or 951-672-3476

increase social security benefits

Menifee 24/7 Favorite 5: Earth Day

Today we celebrate our wonderful world in all of its natural beauty. In honor of Earth Day we have put together a favorite five list of environmentally friendly things you can do today to help and love our earth.

Don’t drive: Ride your bike.

Just for today, try not to drive, at all. Not only is it way more fun to walk or bike around, but you’ll also be exercising while saving the planet.

Ride your bicycles to one of Menifee’s many parks and have a sunny day picnic.

Save a cup: Sip at Starbucks.

Starbucks is celebrating too today. Bring in your reusable cup and they’ll give you a free fill up of coffee, iced coffee, or tea. Free to you, good for the trees.

Think green: Plant something.

It’s officially spring planting season. Plant a pretty window box of fresh herbs to keep in you kitchen for fun and convenient cooking.

Recycle: Clean out your closets, and your cupboards.

Time for a wardrobe make over. Pile up all your clothes and shoes that no longer fit and take them to Urban Exchange for a little extra cash, or donate them to one of our local good cause thrift stores.

Reuse: Earth day toy exchange.

Round up unwanted toys and head out to New House Menifee Community Park today at 2:00 for an Earth Day toy exchange. Swap your outgrown toys for new (to you) exciting ones.

Menifee-Based Charity Sews Blankets for Hospitals

Laurel Taylor
January 13, 2012 is the day that changed Laurel Taylor's life forever.

Her daughter Brianna was born, and then just as quickly, passed away.  Laurel never saw her move nor mutter a single cry.

In the months that followed, she went to bed clutching the blanket and beanie that Brianna had been wrapped in, and decided to carry on the memory of her daughter by launching a charitable organization called, "Blankets for Brianna".

"Blankets for Brianna collects baby blankets to donate to hospitals for their stillborn and NICU babies", Taylor writes on her blog.  "Anyone who likes to knit, crochet, or sew, or who wants to learn can be of assistance".

While the organization is still in the process of getting its 501c3 status, Taylor doesn't accept money, only blankets and volunteers willing to sew.  The blankets are then delivered to local area hospitals.

And so far, Blankets for Brianna seems to be catching on, with letters and comments from other Menifee residents expressing their desire to participate.  The result was a delivery of 14 blankets and 20 beanies to Parkview Hospital in Riverside.

"I couldn't have expected the open arms I received", said Taylor who had returned to the hospital where she had given birth to Brianna. "These women are amazing. I am so touched by them, and also the people donating the blankets for me to take to these hospitals."

Taylor is now working on cards and brochures to deliver to area hospitals and businesses. She did a speech at Mothers of Pre-Schoolers (MOPS), and is preparing to deliver a set of blankets to Rancho Springs Medical Center on May 5.

blankets for brianna

"What I love most about Blankets for Brianna is the positive attitude that it brings", she says. "My daughter's life and death could have made me bitter, upset, mad and down right a horrible person, but I think that is such a waste. I know there are many other families that have had a miscarriage, stillborn or infant loss who may want to find the same type of comfort I have."

To donate blankets or volunteer, contact Laurel Taylor at, (951) 966-9772, or visit her website at:

Menifee Woman's Club to Host Free Community Health Care Summit, May 12

On May 12, 2012 the Menifee/Sun City Woman's Club will be hosting a free complimentary Women's Healthy Heart Community Educational Summit. The event will be held between 8:30 am to 2:00pm at the Congregational Church Conference Hall in Menifee off of the 215 freeway on McCall Blvd (26701 McCall Blvd.)

There will be a variety of physicians and patients speaking on various aspects of women and heart disease, (including congenital heart disease in children). There will be health care screenings, along with cooking demonstrations and a variety of vendors.

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women in this country, killing more than 500,000 women each year, about one every minute. Subsequently while one in 30 American women die of breast cancer, about 1 in 3 dies from cardiovascular disease. That means more women die of cardiovascular disease than the next five causes of death combined.

Come out and support the Summit if you can. Free breakfast and lunch also to be served.

For more information contact Chair Reetha Reedus at 951-506-1013, email or President Robbie Motter, GFWC Menifee/Sun City Woman’s Club Phone: 951-679-8048 or cell 951-255-9200 or Email:

The Communities of Menifee and surrounding areas are invited to attend this FREE Go Red Educational Health Summit Event.

The Wedding Ladies Make Menifee Their New Home

the wedding ladies
The Wedding Ladies, a wedding and event planning business that has served much of Southern California for the last 13 years, is bringing its quality service and products to Menifee.

Founded by three friends with a desire to share wedding supplies and resources, The Wedding Ladies has grown into a successful business with hundreds of clients across Southern California. In addition to wedding planning and services, TWL provides planning and resources for private parties, corporate functions and virtually any kind of event.

In addition, The Wedding Ladies has a wide variety of wedding and party equipment for rent, including tables, chairs, linens, ceiling drapes and one of its most popular items -- the chocolate fountain. The company's list of preferred vendors includes a Cordon Bleu chef as well as experienced photographers, DJs and florists.

Now based in the Menifee Valley, The Wedding Ladies has redesigned its website (see accompanying image) and is available for consultation and rental services. Contacts may be made online or by phone.

Phone: (626) 388-7562

Amoena Spring Promotion Scheduled for Friday, April 27.

hopes chest bra
Next Friday, April 27, 2012, Hope's Chest Co. will be hosting an "Amoena Spring Promotion" from 10:00am to 5:00pm at their location inside Canyon Lake Town Center, 31630 Railroad Canyon Road #15, Canyon Lake, CA 92587.

The event is free to the public.

Amoena specializes in clothing, bras, and accessories specifically for women with mastectomies, helping them to restore their femininity and self confidence after breast surgery.

Michelle’s Place Breast Cancer Resource Center will also be there to offer information on the subject of breast cancer. Michelle’s Place was founded in 2001 to provide support and resources to women battling breast cancer as well as to educate the community about breast cancer prevention and detection.

Nicole Parra, Account Manager for Amoena, will be available for fittings. Among the products on showcase are the Valetta camisole, Dana cami-bra, and the Contact Breast Form.

Hope’s Chest Company is a store specializing in custom bra fittings. For more information on the Amoena Spring Promotion, contact Hope's Chest at (951) 246-0894.

Golf Classic To Benefit Paloma Valley High School

Menifee 24/7 Adoptable Pet of the Week: Chance

This week’s handsome little pup is appropriately named Chance. Found wandering around Menifee, he didn’t have much of a chance for survival until lucky for him; a kind-hearted soul brought him to Sun City K9 Adoptions.

So now, this sweet puppy has a fighting chance.

Adoptable pet of the week, Chance.

Name: Chance

Age: 4 months old

Breed: Bulldog, American/Retriever, Labrador mix

Gender: Male, neutered

Temperament: He is very sweet and shy. As a puppy, he has a lot of energy and would love a playful, energetic, and patient home. He is working on potty training and will need guidance and patience from his new family.

Because he is a puppy he can be trained to fit your lifestyle and routine. He is at the perfect age to absorb and learn a lot, so don’t wait to bring this little guy home.

Chance’s story: Chance was a stray, found as a little lost puppy and brought to Sun City K9. Since his arrival he has put on weight and been neutered, so he healthy and ready to go.

Come on over to Sun City K9’s location to interact and play with Chance. You will fall in love, guaranteed.

Sun City K9 Adoptions
26510 Murrieta Road
Sun City, CA 92586

Open Monday-Sunday
9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Closed from 12:00 to 1:00 for lunch
Website: Sun City K9 Adoptions

MSJC Multicultural Festival Scheduled for Saturday, April 21

menifee multicultural festival

Dr. Roger Schultz of MSJC to Give State of the College Address, Thursday April 26

roger schultz msjc

Live Entertainment Comes to Menifee Lakes Country Club

Richard Lee is a travelling musician of sorts. Having lived all over the United States he has performed in venues large and small, for dimly lit bars and to crowds of over a thousand.

To the auditory delight of local residents this acoustic guitar playing, harmonica humming, song singing extraordinaire has ended his world tour to hang his hat in Menifee where he will play at various venues throughout the week.

richard lee
Every other Thursday you can find Richard strumming away, comfortably perched atop a stool in the Mountain View Lounge at Menifee Lakes Country Club. It is safe to say, with decades of experience under his belt, he knows nearly every song and has written over two hundred tunes of his own.

Having grown up in Mississippi his all time favorite style is the distinctive sound of the blues. Teaching himself to play the guitar and performing for audiences since age 15, Richard is well versed in what people like to hear.

richard lee

Because he plays to please, his repertoire includes well-known classics ranging from the Plain White Tees and Tom Jones, to Johnny Cash, modern day Toby Keith, and the Beatles.

Richard says, “Most people want music they can sing to. You know you’re doing well when you see toes tapping.”

And there in lies his success. Not only is he experienced and extremely talented in the musical realm, but he reads the crowd to ensure everyone is having the best possible time, which not surprisingly, they always are.

There is a magnetism about him that elevates his live sets to a new level of entertainment. He reiterates, “I truly love what I do. I love playing, I love singing, I love the crowd. It’s what I live for.”

richard leeAt this point he admits, “I’m not looking to be a rock star (anymore), it’s about the music and making people happy.”

For an evening of quality entertainment come enjoy Richard Lee's acoustic performance, tonight at Menifee Lakes Country Club.

To contact Richard for bookings, you can find him at or by phone at (951) 591-1723.

Mountain View Lounge @ Menifee Lakes Country Club
29875 Menifee Lakes Drive
Menifee, CA 92584
(951) 672-4824

1st and 3rd Thursday, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Miss City of Menifee Queens Crowned for 2012

Pictured (L to R): Pre-Teen Miss Jayme Banda,
Little Miss Taliya Potvin, Jr. Teen Miss Tyler Roemer,
Miss Camille Prince, Junior Miss Jurnie Hughes,
and Teen Miss Isabel Donadio.
The third annual Miss City of Menifee Scholarship Pageant recently crowned nine new queens who will serve the City of Menifee for ensuing year. The pageant is conducted annually by Southwest California Pageants and is open to girls and unmarried women to the age of 21, who reside or attend school in Menifee.

Camille Prince was crowned as Miss City of Menifee for 2012. Joining her on the City of Menifee Court are: Teen Miss Isabel Donadio, Jr. Teen Miss Tyler Roemer, and Pre-Teen Miss Jayme Banda.

This year’s pageant, held at Canyon Lake Middle School on Saturday, April 14, was part of a three-city pageant which included contestants from Wildomar and Lake Elsinore as well. The evening pageant began with an opening dance number performed by the outgoing 2011 Queens and contestants from Menifee, Wildomar and Lake Elsinore. The contestants participated in sportswear and evening gown competition, followed by an on-stage question. That, in addition to the personal interviews conducted earlier in the day, determined who would be selected as City Queens for the ensuing year.

Pictured (L to R): Darci Castillejos,  Ms. Menifee
Valley Chamber; Tamaro Ralston, Senior 
Mrs. Menifee Valley Chamber; Sonja Prince, 
Mrs. Menifee Valley Chamber.
Earlier in the day, the children’s pageant crowned an additional 5 queens, including from Menifee: Junior Miss Jurnie Hughes, Little Miss Taliya Potvin, Pixie Miss Ariane Enguillado, Petite Miss Ashley Vinyard, Toddler Miss Rylie McVicker.

“The young women and girls selected today as 2012 City Queens, will serve as good will ambassadors for their cities and take on the responsibilities of being a role model to their peers,” said Southwest California Pageants Director Anne Bowman. “SWC Pageants emphasizes community service as a way of building leadership skills and self confidence. We want these young women to be proud of themselves because of what the have accomplished, not what they look like.”

During their reign the new queens will be attending numerous City and Chamber of Commerce events, ribbon cuttings, grand openings, parades and many philanthropic and charitable functions.

The evening pageant also included a special crowning ceremony for the Ms., Mrs., and Senior Menifee Valley Chamber Royalty. Dorothy Wolons, CEO of the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce was on hand to congratulate the women who will serve the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce for 2012. Crowns and sashes were presented to Darci Castillejos, Ms. Menifee Valley Chamber Sonja Prince, Mrs. Menifee Valley Chamber; and Tamaro Ralston, Senior Mrs. Menifee Valley Chamber. These women are all current members of the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce. “The women selected to represent the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce are all active in their community and in the Chamber,” said Bowman. “They are outstanding representatives of the business women and community leaders who are engaged and involved in the Menifee and Sun City community.”

Mother and daughter will serve together this year - (Camille & Sonja) 
The Chamber Royalty will be called upon to represent the Chamber at mixers, business functions, charity fund-raising events and ribbon cuttings.

Juding the event were Chance Edmondson of Edmondson Construction, Lake Elsinore, Brian Walker of Farmers Insurance, Menifee, Melissa Hebron of Classy Casino Events, Wildomar, and Valerie Sund, Elsinore High School.

Southwest Pageants runs the City Pageant every April. They also do a Miss Inland California pageant every September, and a Miss Southwest County pageant every February.

For information regarding this or upcoming pageants, or to schedule an appearance by Miss City of Menifee Court and Chamber of Commerce Royalty, contact Anne Bowman at 951-541-9163 or visit

Pet Calendar Contest To Benefit Animal Friends of the Valleys

Pet owners can agree on one thing, their pet is the very cutest. Without taking sides, Animal Friends of the Valleys is giving proud pet parents the chance the show off their furry friends in the 2013 Calendar Contest.

Picture entries are being accepted through July 31, 2012. Each submission requires a $10 donation, which of course, benefits the homeless animals at AFV.

Sponsorships in the form of business card size ads are also available. And each calendar page is looking for a premium placement page sponsor.

pet calendar contest

Print your registration form, here.

Animal Friends of the Valleys
33751 Mission Trail
Wildomar, CA
(951) 674-0618

Monday- Saturday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Wednesdays, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Website: Animal Friends of the Valleys

Menifee Relay for Life: 24 Hours of Fun Fundraising

Relay for lifeRelay for Life is a nationally recognized venture to end cancer. After months of preparation, fundraising, and planning, Menifee’s Relay for Life will culminate in a 24-hour event starting at 9:00 AM on Saturday, May 19, 2012 and ending the next day.

In this overnight relay-style event, teams of dedicated people camp out around Paloma Valley High School's track and members take turns walking the track for the duration of the event.

The main idea behind Relay for Life is to raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society to continue the fight for a cure, to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

Cities all over the country have started their own chapters to participate in the Relay mission. Menifee Relay for Life began in 2006 with just three teams, and in seven years time has grown to over 30 teams raising upwards of $70,000 for the cause.

The Banking on a Cure team, sponsored by U.S. Bank of Menifee, explains their own mission saying, “Saving lives from cancer starts one team, one participant, and one dollar at a time. Our team is doing our part to make sure that cancer never steals another year of anyone’s life.”

Each team has a monetary goal, the Banking on a Cure team currently has seventeen members who individually and collectively fundraise throughout the year.

Really for life
Their team will be hosting a fundraising comedy night at the new Ace’s Comedy Club. Half of the proceeds of each ticket sale they bring in will go toward their fundraising efforts.

Team and committee representative Mike Castillejos says, “Our primary goal is to raise awareness for this great community event, and to get people excited about the cause.”

This year’s exciting event will feature food, games, activities, and entertainment through out the day and night. Demonstrations from karate studios, performances by local bands, and other acts will take place each hour on the stage and surrounding field.

Relay for life
Another key component that gets teams increasingly involved is the award system of spirit points. In order to keep people entertained for the 24 hours, each hour during the event will carry with it a different theme; those walking the particular lap can earn spirit bucks by participating.

Some of the fun themes include a glow lap at 10 PM, a lime green lap for lymphoma at 11 PM, pajama hour at 12 AM, and crazy hair in the morning hours.

Survivor Lap, 9:30 AM Saturday, May 19, 2012: The first lap around the track is the survivor lap. Those who have fought and survived cancer are encouraged to come out wearing purple and kick off this awesome event by celebrating success.

Remembrance, 9:00 PM Saturday, May 20, 2012: The evening will be about remembrance. As the sun sets, luminaries will be lit surrounding the track, each one representing a loved one who lost their battle with cancer.

Click to donate a luminaria.

Really for life
Everyone who participates in Relay for Life, in one-way or another has been affected by cancer. Some have lost parents, children, friends, or colleagues and many have been through it themselves.

Fight Back, 8:30 AM Sunday, May 20, 2012: No matter the reason, the final lap of Relay For Life represents the fight. The courage and strength to fight back against cancer by donating to the American Cancer Society, that is what these 24 hours are all about.

Relay for life
Join Banking on a Cure as they fundraise their way to Menifee’s Relay for Life. For more information, ways to donate and participate, dates and times of fundraisers and events, please visit the very informative website.

Menifee Relay for Life
Saturday, May 19, 2012- Sunday, May 20, 2012
9:00 AM – 9:00 AM
@ Paloma Valley High School

Website: Menifee Relay for Life
Images via