How the Really Smart Money Invests

This week's investment video is dubbed "How the Really Smart Money Invests", and is brought to you by Royal American Financial Advisors, an investment advisory firm based here in Menifee.

Continue to learn, stay diversified according to your risk tolerance, stay disciplined, and rebalance. Education is your best defense against imprudent investing...

John Borger and Scott Buchanan of Royal American Financial Advisors understand the market and can help you with your investment goals, be it mutual funds, insurance, annuities, REITs, stocks, bonds, managed futures, private placement offerings and retirement plans.

Contact them at (951) 679-2065, or visit them online at:

Ethan’s Run is Coming to California!


Ethan'r Run, which occurs tomorrow at Heritage Lake, is still accepting entries! Take time to help others, as well as help yourself, by participating in this fun and healthy event for the whole family. Call Menifee Athletic Club for details!

Ethan Skidmore was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome at 19 weeks gestation. His parents were told he would be lucky if he was carried to term and would
face a series of open-heart surgeries and ultimately a heart transplant to survive. Ethan was carried to term and seemed to always beat the odds. Ethan’s congenital heart
defect proved to be far worse than anticipated and he suffered from before birth with complications in his lungs as well. Ethan and his family taught so many of us through
their experience how to face life’s trials with faith and endurance. Ethan’s tired little heart gave out on him at 6 months of age but he continues to touch the lives of so many
individuals and other heart families through Ethan’s Run (Arizona) and now in California!

With the help of Menifee Valley Athletic Club and Day Spa Ethan’s Run, California will take place on April 30, 2011 within the Community of Heritage Lake in Menifee.
Ethan’s run, California is a certified, chip timed 10K with a 1 mile family fun run (not timed). All proceeds will benefit Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.

In an effort to “Keeping Menifee Fit” there will also be a health expo from 8:00-12:00
with local health care providers, fitness professionals, healthy food sales as well as local businesses selling products.

We are so excited to reaching out to our community to spread awareness regarding
Congenital heart defects, helping heart families in our communities. We also hope to
educate our friends and neighbors regarding leading healthier lifestyles, promoting
health and preventing illness and disease. With the help and support of local businesses
and residents, we look forward to making Ethan’s Run, California yearly event.

Thank you to Menifee Valley Athletic Club and Day Spa for helping us bring Ethan’s Run
to California!

For more information contact Paul David at or call 951-246-3530.

Heritage HS Art Club - Semi-finalist in Vans Custom Culture Contest

Our Heritage High School Art Club is 1 of the 10 semi-finalists in the State of California vying to go to the Finals to try for the top prize of a $50,000 donation to the school's art program and a trip to New York.

Each school was to submit four pairs of shoes - one pair per theme. The themes were: art, music, action sports, and street culture/fashion.

As of today our kids are in 4th place. They need to be in 1st place to get to the finals. OUR online voting could get them there. But hurry, because the voting ends May 2nd.

Here are the current standings:

Da Vinci Schools (Hawthorne, CA) 20.57%(3,332 votes)
Total Votes: 16,197

To place YOUR vote for our Heritage HS Students, go here:

Firefighter Fundraiser - .31 cents a SCOOP at Baskin-Robbins tonight

The lines started getting longer around 6:30 pm tonight, as .31 cent scoops of ice cream are being offered at our local Menifee BASKIN-ROBBINS to honor America's Firefighters.

Tonight, between 5 and 10pm, you can buy up to 3 scoops (per person) for only .31 cents a scoop.

As part of the nationwide SCOOP NIGHT, Baskin-Robbins will be donating $100,000 to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

I knew I was in for a treat (2 scoops for me, thank you), but the REAL treat was to see these firefighters behind the ice cream counters (all cute and smiley) helping the customers. FIRE and ICE... what a great combination! They were working so hard (some better scoopers than others) so be sure to leave a TIP in the jar for their foundation.


(Oops... sorry ... I'm still an amateur at photo taking, but still wanted to post this cutie's picture)
Three scoops for under a buck - now THAT's what I'm talkin' about!

Waiting for their turn to scoop some ice cream.
Of course I HAD to try this new flavor tonight --- YUMMY!

Fore more information, and to DONATE ONLINE to this worthy cause, go to:

Rummage Sale Needs Your Donated Items

The Center for Spiritual Living Youth Group would like your used items to sell for their Rummage Sale on June 10th and 11th. They are selling these items as a fundraiser for their Youth Group. To make arrangements please email: or call and leave a message 951-679-6622 and someone will return your call. The Center for Spiritual Living, Menifee Valley, 26805 Murrieta Road, Menifee. All items donated are tax deductible. All items are requested to be donated by May 22, 2011.

The Shops at Scott Road - Phase 1 to be complete by August

Most of us have noticed the new building going on over on Scott & Zeiders.... waiting with baited breath to see what this new development will bring to our fair city.

Wellll................ you'll have to hold your breath in anticipating a little longer.

According to Brian Pyke, VP of Duhs Commercial, Inc. there are a number of potential tenants but there is nothing official yet.

I am thinking that businesses are waiting to see whether the Walmart will get approved before they commit. The approval of Walmart will make a big impact in the leasing of this development.

Here is a link with details about the development:

City Approves Plan for Dirt Road Paving

The City of Menifee approved a new plan to help property owners set up "local improvement districts" (LID) to get private roads paved.

A unanimous vote by the city council last week will allow property owners along a private dirt road to set up a tax assessment for the paving of their road. Owners would have to take a vote, and if approved, they could begin building funds to pay for road improvements.

Presently, the city cannot use general funds to improve private roads.

Once the improvements are completed, ownership of the road is then transferred to the City for on-going maintenance.

The costs for paving a dirt road is expected to be around $500,000.00 per mile, assuming the road would have to access utilities, channel drainage, and meet highway safety standards. The city expects a period of 10 years before an improved road will payback the tax assessments.

Property owners wishing to take advantage of this new plan can contact Menifee City Hall at 951) 672-6777.

Cal Fire Battalion 13 "FILL THE BOOT" fundraiser at intersection of Haun & Newport

Raising funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Cal Fire Battalion 13, along with other local volunteers are manning the corners with Boots in hand... running to honking cars wanting to give.
Shawn Rhoads works at Kohl's and takes part in the Community Volunteer Program "Kohl's Cares". "I missed the last FILL THE BOOT... but I wasn't going to miss this one." According to Jesse Crete, the fundraising coordinator the the MDA, 4 other Kohl's employees are out on the corners today as well.

James Fladebo (pictured here with Andrew Peterson) was telling me that yesterday one of the drivers didn't fully stop, so he had to jog along with the car until the "giver" on the passenger side could get their money into the boot. (These two guys are REAL Troopers!!)

Volunteer Andrew Peterson accepting donation from local resident.

Information received from Crete shows where your donations go:

- 76 percent of every dollar MDA spends goes directly to research, services and education.
- MDA spends $74 a minute in its worldwide Research program, supporting more than 330 projects.
-MDA spends $46 a minute in its Professional and Public Health Education program, including publications, web sites and research conferences.
- MDA maintains more than 200 hospital-affiliated clinics, including more than 35 MDA/ALS centers.
-MDA clinics are staffed by teams of top health professionals skilled int he diagnosis and medical managment of neuromuscular diseases. Services provided at MDA clinics may include occupational therapy, selected diagnostic tests, genetic counseling, respiratory therapy and more
- MDA annual sponsors some 80 week long summer camp sessions, serving more than 4,000 children (ages 6-17) across the country and in Puerto Rico. Over 5,200 volunteers give a week of their time to serve as MDA camp counselors.
- MDA's 'equipment loan program' provides help obtaining durable medical equipment of all types.

For more information, go to:

You want to feel good today? Then pull out those dollars, honk your horn, and FILL THOSE BOOTS!

No matter how small ... "giving" FEELS GOOD. And that, I think, is one of the things meant when St. Francis of Assisi said, For it is in giving that we receive.

MSJC Multicultural Festival 2011

The MSJC MULTICULTURAL FESTIVAL on April 16th at the Menifee Campus drew a little bigger of a crowd this year than last year, but was still not as big of turn-out as I had hoped.

Children performing Russian dances

Valley Church of Christ

A very friendly group of gentlemen at this booth.

The BEST ceviche taco I've ever had ... here at Zamora's EXCELLENT Home Made Food!

Rotary Club playing a good trick!

(That's a Hershey's Kiss Carol Sullivan is holding!)

MSJC Student Volunteers

Ms. Menifee Valley Chamber 2011
Tina Walker

Ms. Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce 2010
Margarita Castillo

Menifee / Sun City Health Expo Scheduled for May 18, 2011

The senior public is invited to a free Menifee/Sun City Health Expo 2011 on May 18, 2011 at the North Town Hall in the Sun City Civic Association complex located at 26850 Sun City Blvd. in the City of Menifee from 10 am to 2 pm.

The expo will present information about health care services available to all residents from many resources in the Sun City/Menifee and surrounding areas.

Health care providers will be on hand to offer services designed to help attendees lead a more independent life at no extra cost thanks to available grant money. There will be various testings available during the expo at no cost such as blood pressure, glucose testing, and others to be announced.

Among the providers are Community Access Center, Riverside County Office on Aging, Vitas Innovative Hospice Care, and others, 35 providers in all. Lunch will be available for purchase. Door prizes and give- aways will be included for Expo-goers.

Join in for a fun and informative event!

Celebrate Easter Brunch or Dinner at The Beer Hunter in Menifee

For more information, contact The Beer Hunter at 951.301.4700

Or visit online at:

Menifee Valley Athletic Club Launches Nutrition Classes Tonight

Today at 6:00pm, Menifee Valley Athletic Club will be launching a monthly nutrition and/or fitness presentation they have been offering to members and non-members alike for FREE.

It originated with the thought that more was needed to educate the community on nutrition and fitness. It’s becoming really popular and really great nutritional information is shared...

Visit Menifee Valley Athletic Club at 6:00pm tonight to listen in.

Contact Menifee Valley Athletic Club online at:

Addressing the City Council

“If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers, it shows he is a citizen of the world, and that his heart is no island cut off from other lands, but a continent that joins to them.” Sir Francis Bacon Sr.

Over recent months, I’ve attended every City of Menifee City Council Meeting held at City Hall. During my observance, I have been struck time and time again by the lack of decorum. Not of our City Council Members, all of who serve with dignity and tolerance, but of our citizens addressing the Council. While my shock does not apply to all who have taken the podium, I never cease to be amazed by the rudeness and hostility displayed by many of our Menifee residents. Left in a state of disgust and dismay, I find myself asking, “Why?”

Why would anyone address an elected official, often being half-informed, and hurl insults and innuendos? Why would anyone place themselves in a position of attention and express to everyone in the audience just how narrow-minded and malicious they are? Why would any citizen address any governing body with nothing more than a line from a newspaper article (mind you, not even with the entire context of the article having been read!) and cry foul over something that they don’t even understand?

I’m not speaking of expressing opinions. I realize the importance of such as I am doing just that here and now by writing this article. As a citizen of this great country, I am blessed to have the opportunity to stand on my soapbox and share my vast array of opinions with whoever stops to listen. But in doing so, I realize there is a delicate balance between spewing my opinions and sharing rational thoughts. Emotionally charged accusations may be the way to grandstand and grab attention, but are the audience members really listening? The words coming out of the mouth express one belief to the listeners, but the manner in which is it said expresses even more. My entire life has been spent trying to live by these words:

“Spread love everywhere you go: First of all in your own house... let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness.” Mother Teresa of Calcutta

That being said, I am still left to ponder as to why these opinionated citizens cannot find the ability within themselves to approach the City Council with dignity, honor, and respect. Lack of respect for others only exhibits a lack of respect for oneself.

Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.” Plato

As a long time Menifee resident, I find it highly disrespectful and vulgar to watch the parade of attention-seekers grab the microphone at the podium to spew hatred to my elected council, many simply for their own purposes. I do not believe for one moment that many of these individuals speak out on behalf of anyone but themselves, or a tiny, uninformed minority.

There should be room in everyone’s heart for grace and tolerance. Sharing informed, intelligent ideas and educated opinions are what made this country great from its inception. But it seems we must wade through the muck and mire of ignorance and hatred to chance upon a ray of hope. Where witlessness and rudeness abound, there opens the door for love and tolerance. It seems that I need to make room in my heart to suffer these individuals of which I speak, and understand their limitations.

Legends FC Soccer Club Tryouts for Teen Girls

Legends FC is a non-profit club soccer league new to the Menifee/Inland Empire area...

legends fc soccer

Mayor Calls for Conflict of Interest Evaluation on All City Council Members

Last night, Menifee City Mayor Wallace Edgerton called for a conflict of interest evaluation on all city council members in light of recent complaints against city councilmember Darcy Kuenzi.

At the city council meeting yesterday, residents lined up to speak out against Kuenzi, some calling for her resignation, charging that her employment with 5th District Supervisor Marion Ashley creates a conflict of interest with her position as city councilmember.

Former city councilmember Scott Mann took the podium to describe what sounded like election fraud in Kuenzi's recent seating on the Southern California Association of Governments.

When all the public comments ceased, the Mayor offered to have the city's attorney conduct evaluations on all city councilmembers to determine if there were any conflicts of interest present.

Kuenzi responded by saying she had already been evaluated as such, and that it was determined her position with the County did not conflict with her duties on the Menifee City Council, and could produce a letter to prove it.

"Nothing has changed in the past three years", Kuenzi noted, going on to say that since her evaluation, she's still working for Ashley, still a city councilmember, still has the same campaign donors, and thus questioned the need to spend city funds to conduct another evaluation.

After conferring with the city's attorney, Fred Twyman offered a motion to put the evaluation on a future meeting agenda. The Mayor called for second, but no one else seconded, therefore the Mayor offered a second.

In the meantime, the city attorney will determine the costs and protocol in conducting an evaluation of all city councilmembers, and will present her findings at the next city council meeting, and there it'll likely be voted on.

Menifee’s Present, Past and Future

John Denver
Menifee’s future looks really positive. The worst of the housing crisis is past. We are recovering nicely. Our housing prices are bouncing along the bottom. The average price of a home in Menifee is about $175,000. This is half of prices at the peak. The reasons prices are not increasing is consumer confidence, jobs and federal policies.

We are a little bit cheaper than our friends to the south, Temecula and Murrieta. Their average sale prices are above $250,000 now. We are cheaper than Wildomar and Canyon Lake. Perris and the Hemet area have cheaper priced homes. Because of our prices, our properties have the best chance of increasing in value of most of the surrounding areas.

Bank owned properties are 27% of closed escrows, short sales are 46%, standard sales are 27%. Notices of defaults (foreclosure notices) are down nearly 40%. The numbers of distressed properties on the market are down over 65%. But standard sales are up and that is a good sign. More and more first time buyers are getting into the market. Investors are too.

The future of housing market prices in Menifee is good. They should be doubling in 5 years or so (my guess). More and more builders will build homes and a different type of home. The old 7,500 square foot lot is not in so much demand today. Young people and retirees want smaller, easier to care for properties. We will become a more upscale, suburban city. We will have a downtown with upscale restaurants and stores. We will have several areas with large lots with upscale homes. We will have some high-density areas too.

The city is having growing pains. We have a new city manager now and I believe you will see many improvements soon. I think, as does all the councilmembers, that we all need to work together so that the city develops correctly.

The general plan is being developed now so we have a map of where things should be placed. It is an exciting time! The future of Menifee is being placed on paper! We will have industrial and commercial areas. We need to understand what infrastructure we need and when we need it. The general plan helps with this.

Come to City Council meetings, Planning Commission meetings and see what is happening. Participate if you can.

John Stossel on the Stock Market - Royal American Financial Advisors

Based here in Menifee, Royal American Financial Advisors, is a California registered adviser firm that will be bringing series of videos to Menifee 24/7 every Monday to help you with your investments.

In 1992, John Stossel did a piece on 20/20 where he picked out investments by throwing darts, and beat the "experts"...

If you try and pick individual stocks, just like gambling, you may get lucky from time to time. However, just like in gambling, the more you pull the lever (the more you trade), the greater the likelihood you underperform the markets over time.

John Borger and Scott Buchanan of Royal American Financial Advisors understand the market and can help you with your investment goals, be it mutual funds, insurance, annuities, REITs, stocks, bonds, managed futures, private placement offerings and retirement plans.

Contact them at (951) 679-2065, or visit them online at:

Youth Race Car Drivers Give Back to the Menifee Valley Community Cupboard

Youth race car drivers join The Beer Hunter in the 1st Annual Charity Golf Classic, April 18, 2011 by giving back to the Menifee Valley Community Cupboard.

Local youth drivers, Chancellor Tiscareno of Menifee, Tanner Cervantes of Hemet, Ian Wesolowski of Canyon Lake, and Troy Wesolowski of Lake Elsinore each donated a liberty classics die cast replica to the Annual Charity Golf Classic hosted by The Beer Hunter of Menifee. The drivers and their race cars will be on display as well as signing autographs and taking photos with their fans at the Menifee Lakes Country Club at tee time.

Driver, Chancellor Tiscareno 14 yrs old was quoted as saying, “I am proud to donate my time and help raise money for the local community cupboard”. Tanner Cervantes 10 yrs old said, “This is really cool to be able to help people”. Ian Wesolowski 11 yrs old, added, “Ya, I am glad I get to help people and be able to play golf too”, followed by brother Troy Wesolowski 10 yrs old, stating “It’s real neat that we can be here and be able to help other families too.”

In photo: Driver: Chancellor Tiscareno, General Manager of The Beer Hunter: Dan
Held, Driver: Ian Wesolowski, Manager of The Beer Hunter: Bill Gillette, Driver: Troy
Wesolowski, Executive Director of Menifee Valley Community Cupboard: Sandra Aldridge

The entry fee of $110.00 includes: breakfast from 9:30 am – 10:30 am; 12:00 pm, shotgun start, four-man scramble format and a portion of the proceeds go towards supporting Menifee Valley Community Cupboard’s whose mission of alleviating hunger and malnutrition in Menifee Valley by providing emergency food boxes at no cost to the homeless, seniors, families, and the working poor.

Immediately, after the Annual Charity Golf Classic event, The Beer Hunter in Menifee will be hosting a dinner, awards and raffle. Please join The Beer Hunter, Menifee Lakes Country Club, Menifee Valley Community Cupboard and local youth drivers in making this a successful event. General Manager of The Beer Hunter, Dan Held said, “We are very excited to host our 1st Annual Charity Golf Classic and believe it will be a huge success!”.

The Beer Hunter, Menifee’s own local eatery with locations in the Menifee Marketplace as well as La Quinta, CA. features daily specials from signature burgers, surf and turf to fried chicken and over 100 beers from around the world, 30+ TV’s including featured games on our large screens. The Beer Hunter “If it’s not on at The Beer Hunter, it’s not on!”

For more information, please call Dan Held at 951.301.4700 or visit

Race Ready Speed Shop is a stock car racing team from Menifee, CA, which includes #1 Legends driver, Chancellor Tiscareno, Bandolero drivers, #5 Tanner Cervantes, #14 Ian Wesolowski, and #84, Troy Wesolowski. For more information, please call Frank Tiscareno at 951.797.9124 / or visit Facebook fan page – Chancellor Tiscareno Racing.

Menifee Valley Community Cupboard’s mission is to provide food and affordable clothing to those in need. The Cupboard provides emergency food boxes at no cost to the homeless, seniors, families, and the working poor. For more information, please call Executive Director, Sandra Aldridge at 951.746.0295 / or visit

Sun City Library Launches Several New Adult Classes and Programs

sun city librarySun City Library is starting several new classes/programs for adults and seniors...

"Helping Hands" Service Club *
1st & 3rd Mondays each month at 11:30 am
A program where adult community members can come together to help others with small but meaningful projects.

Travel Tips & Tales (with guest speakers)
1st & 3rd Mondays each month at 3:30 pm
Guest speakers with expertise in different subjects relating to travel share their tips and stories.

Next meeting: Monday, April 18th - Guest Speaker Gary Brenner CN about "Nutrition Tips for Traveling"

Poetry Workshops *
1st & 3rd Tuesdays each month at 9:30 am
This program is designed to inspire word play with fun and interesting exercises that will lead to the discovery of your personal poetry. Bring pencils, pens, and lots of paper ready to create and inspire yourself and others.

Coffee Clutch (with guest musicians)
4th Wednesday each month at 4:30 pm
Each event will introduce a different musician or musical group to the audience enjoying their coffee and teas.

Next event: Wednesday, April 27th - Guest Performers Sylvia Griffith and Frank Varano on Cassical Flute and Guitar

Adult Art Studio *
1st & 3rd Thursdays each month at 9:30 am
Basic art skills will be shared each program in different art mediums with time for hands on practice and experimentation.

Mystery Book Club *
3rd Thursday each month at 2:00 pm
Anything can happen on a train, plane, or ship... everyone knows traveling can be murder! This book club will read and discuss a new travel mystery each month.

"My Story" Art Journaling *
2nd & 4th Friday each month at 1:30 pm
Mix and match art work with words to build a record of your daily living. It's fun and easy to use stamp art, collage, stickers, doodles, quotes, song lyrics, poems, etc. to decorate a page for your journal.

Sun City Library Artist Showcase
4th Sunday each month at 12:00 noon - 3:00 pm
Every month the library will showcase a different artist and their work often with on site demonstrations.

Starting Sunday, May 29th - Guest Artist Jim Robertson a Watercolorist presenting his series of Menifee Rocks

* Pre-registration is required. Please sign up at the library's information desk or call us at (951) 679-3534

The Sun City Library is located at 26982 Cherry Hills Blvd.

Menifee AYSO Fall Registration Starts Tomorrow

Menifee AYSO is a non-profit soccer organization with an all volunteer staff of trained individuals investing in local youth.

Sign-ups for the Fall 2011 soccer season are now underway!

New or returning players can pre-register online at

Bring your pre-registration form(s), player(s) and applicable fee(s) and finalize registration on one of these dates:

  • Saturday, April 16th - 8am - 3pm - $85 player fee

  • Saturday, May 7th - 8am - 3pm - $95 player fee

  • Saturday, May 21st - 8am - 3pm - $95 player fee

  • Sunday, May 22nd - per player fee increases to $105 for 1st, 2nd & 3rd siblings; 4th, 5th & 6th siblings in same household are $20 each.

VIP player fee is $40.

Financial assistance available.

Meet at Bell Mountain Middle School
29047 La Piedra Road, Menifee
(east of Menifee's MSJC campus, on the middle school grass fields)

Evaluations of each player are required. At any ONE of the Saturdays above, bring your player in shorts, sport shoes (or cleats), and shinguards with water and sunscreen. REGISTRATION is NOT COMPLETE until EVALUATION is COMPLETE. Players not evaluated by 3pm May 21st must be placed on a waiting list.

Volunteers get free training and support for a variety of positions, days and nights during the week and on Saturdays, once a Month, with kids, with paper, with tools... Be sure to check out the Volunteer Table and glance at a few resources.

If you have any questions, please visit Menifee AYSO website at: for additional contact information, or call 951.674.2941

Why... Hellooooooo Dolly!!!! Paloma students put on great show!

Today, Saturday, April 16th, is the last chance you will get to see Paloma Valley students shine in "HELLO DOLLY!", directed by Stephanie Fomby.

Tickets are $10 at the PVHS Box Office ($8 if you are a student)

Show starts at 7 pm


Daniel Torres
(Cornelius Hack)

Andrew Braham
(Horace Vandergelder)

Lauren Real y Vasquez
(Dolly Levi)

Moriah Brown
(Minnie Fay)

Ashley Warner
(Ermengarde Vandergelder)

Jessica Givson
(Ernestinea Money)

Fallon Twyman Schuman
(Irene Malloy)

Blake Ulrich
(Baneby Tucker)

Hunter Fallon

Darius Hughes
(Ambrose Kemper)

Cody Tolle

Jamillah Jones
(Mrs. Rose)

Kamryn Garant
(Head Policeman)

Shane Columbo
(Rudolph Reisenweber)

Isaiah Abella
Cody Tolle
Danielle Pham
Tia Halverson
Kate Cadwell
Ariana Ramirez
Travis Miller
Sarah West
Justin Williams
Melanie Queponds
Michaela Watts
Alex Loupe
Ellis Veder

PVHS Band Played LIVE

Band director
Mr. Arnold
(a VERY charismatic chap!)

Theater Goers
Millie Cabrera & Shawn McIntyre
came to see friend Sara West perform

This group of 11 Lovely Ladies from the SUN CITY BUTTERFLIES came to watch the play, and are avid supporters of community events:

Patty Wilson
Joy Peak
Virginia Martin
Betty Van Alyne
Joanne Brooks
Cal Crump
Jeanette Brinks
Virginia Barker
Pat Goldman
Jane Clark
Nadine Cullen

For more pictures go to this link: