The Amboy Hoax

If you have never been through Amboy, then words will hardly describe the desolation of this long-forgotten town. To the best of my recollection, less than 50 people live there at any given time. They do, however, have a U.S. Post Office, a restaurant, and a Police Force. Therein lies the hoax.

Amboy is a town on the back way from Twentynine Palms to Laughlin, having the highway run right through the middle of their fair town. As you can well imagine, travelers are usually moving at a high rate of speed through the desert when they reach the little oasis, and speed through like bullets. To slow drivers down, the town has purchased and maintained a Police car that sits along the roadside at the end of town, just to trick the drivers into slowing down. It works! I have seen plenty of drivers tail lights blaze red upon viewing just the sight of the car from a distance. By the time they get up on the vehicle, and see that it is a vintage 1950's Andy-Griffith-Mobile, they have slowed down to a moderate pace. Mission accomplished.

Knowing that funds are scarce in a new city, I know adding to a police force at this stage would be cost prohibitive. But can the city afford a couple of old Crown Victorias, paint them like Menifee Police cars and "stage" them at different school zones throughout town? They could rotate them, and shock some drivers into slowing down.

Just my thought on this lovely Menifee afternoon. What do you think?

Lost Menifee Pets on Facebook

Menifee residents who have a Facebook account can now subscribe to a new page that features lost and found pets...

If you lose a pet, or if you find stray pet, you can post a photo here with information.

The page was created just last Sunday, and already there's 50 people subscribed as of this writing, and already a couple of chocolate labs were posted.

Blood Drive for Tristan

Tristen Crosuer is a 5 year old boy in Menifee diagnosed with leukemia. He and his family are hosting a blood drive this Sunday at Chester Morrison Elementary School...

Sunday Feb 14th at
Chester W Morrison Elementary School.
30250 Bradley Rd.
Menifee, 92584

The blood drive will be from 11:00am-4:00pm.

For more information or email his family at
or call 951-255-2005.

Visit Tristan's webpage at:

The Husband Project Comes to Menifee

the husband project
Kathi Lipp, a nationally acclaimed author and speaker, will be in Menifee next month to present "The Husband Project", live on Saturday, March 6th at 1:00pm at Revival Christian Fellowship in Menifee.

Here's the promotional text for this event...

Have you and your husband gone from over-the-top romantics to tolerant roommates? Do you dress up more to go out to dinner with your girlfriends than you do with your husband? Have you forgotten the fine art of flirting with your guy? Maybe it is time to put your husband on "Project Status"!

This is a "ladies-only", fun-filled event and tickets are just $10. There will be raffle baskets and silent auction items up for bid, as well as refreshments after the program.

All proceeds will benefit the Revival MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Outreach Ministry.

Tickets will go on sale beginning February 14th, and may be purchased online at Address: 29220 Scott Rd., Menifee. Information: 951-672-3157.

Westfield Soccer Club Golf Tournament

Westfield Soccer Club is a subsidiary of Menifee Youth Soccer League, Inc. and member of Cal South under US Youth Soccer for players under 19 years old. They're putting on a golf tournament to help raise funds for their program...

westfield soccer club golf tournament
Click on the flyer to see the full size.

I-215 Widening Won't Happen

According to a recent article in The Californian, that I-215 freeway widening will be done only up to Scott Road, with no plans to widen into Menifee...

But because of the sharp decline, that's as far as I-215 improvements will go. Roberts said there is no money on hand to continue widening the highway north of Scott.

Widening to six lanes will be done through Murrieta, but as soon as the 215 hits the Menifee city limits, it'll bottleneck back into four lanes. And it'll be 2013 by the time that gets done.

Originally the plans were to widen the 215 to six lanes all the way to Nuevo Road in Perris. But falling Measure A revenues have derailed that.

"So all we're going to do, by doing this expansion down here, is shift the stop-and-go traffic further north," Roberts said. "But I guess that's better than nothing."

Yeah, I guess so.

Scott Mann Named Councilman of the Year

Public CEO, a website focusing on California's municipal governments, named our very own Scott Mann, as it's City Councilman of the Year today.

Mann won the honor, which is their first ever such award, based on his "leadership and innovation", in devising a way to stimulate our city's local economy, namely the Homebuyer's Stimulus Program which was detailed on Menifee 24/7 last May (link).
Mann has spearheaded the city’s stimulus measures and built strong coalitions to ensure the success of the efforts. He has gone above and beyond to ensure that Menifee do all that it can to help the city’s residents.

Public CEO went on to say that Menifee has the second worst unemployment rate in the United States, second only Detroit, MI.

Wow, I didn't know we held such a distinction!

Read the full article at Public CEO...

Congrats to Scott Mann for the award.