Temecula Music Fest - 2009

Bill Gould, who lives in Menifee, and is a trustee on the Romoland School District, is also the founder and director of Temecula Music Fest, a three-day concert featuring local bands.

This year's TMF takes place May 15, 16, 17, (Fri-Sun), at the Temecula Recreation Center, on 30875 Rancho Vista Road.

However, the deadline for bands to sign up is March 31.

Gould also runs Full Value Entertainment, a music booking service that gets local bands and DJs into venues. The Temecula Music Fest is what brings the talent in and allows him to see what kind of material is out there.

Anyways, Bill submits the following press release...
Temecula, California - The Temecula Music Fest has announced on its website www.TemeculaMusicFest.com that the submission process has begun for performers, bands, artists and vendors wishing to be a part of the 2009 festival.

In its 5th year, the Temecula Music Fest has brought amazing performances to the Temecula area every May since 2005. This year's festival will feature many different styles of music with each day having a certain theme.

On Friday May 15 the festival will focus on the regions many excellent young bands. This will provide the opportunity for many teenage bands to play one of the stages in a festival setting. This will be a great way for bands to get some experience playing a festival and some exposure to new fans.

Saturday May 16 will feature a more wide range of performers geared toward the 20-40 year old crowd. It will feature performances by touring bands from out of state, local favorites and some great up and coming bands signed to indie labels.

On Sunday May 17 the lineup will continue last year's "family day" theme, with performers that bring family friendly entertainment to the stage.

"We are happy to bring the Family Day back for this year's Sunday performances. We will have bands, like Guilty Conscience and solo acoustic artists like Mike Chartrand. They bring a good vibe and perform songs you know and love. Bring a blanket, relax on the grass, enjoy some food and have a fun day with the family." said Bill Gould the festival founder and director.

The submission process is the same this year, entertainers of all styles are encouraged to enter this year including dance, comedy, rock bands, hip hop, and acoustic musicians. Every person or band who submits a complete packet gets a three day pass for the festival. That means even if you don't get selected to play, you still get to come to the event and promote your band and see some great performances.

"We want to see what kind of talent we have in the area, and we want to provide an environment where bands, performers, dancers and industry people can meet and mingle while entertaining new fans" said Gould.

Art will also be a central theme in the festival this year, where art will be displayed in the vendor area inside. Artists are welcome to make art onsite or sell art previously made, as well if you're not interested in selling your art, you can just display your creations for people to admire.

"The whole festival experience would not be complete without the visual aspect, because art and music have blended and inspired each other for a long time" said Jeney Kingsbury, festival operations manager.

Volunteers are also needed for stage help, parking lot monitors, ticket takers and ushers.

"We definitely need ushers, parking lot monitors and volunteers to help get bands on and off stage" said festival production manager Captain Tuesday, "it is a great experience and you will get to work with a lot of fun bands."

The submission process has begun and bands, artists and vendors have until March 31 2009 to submit entries to the festival. For more info or to download the entry forms visit www.TemeculaMusicFest.com.

For more info on how to be a part of the festival as a vendor or volunteer call 951-491-9053, or email Bill Gould: info@temeculamusicfest.com.

Menifee School Budget Cuts

Jason Roth, a resident and parent living in Menifee is on the Budget Advisory Committee for the Menifee Union School District. The committee is made up of residents whose job is to figure out where the next line of budget cuts is going to be made.

Here's a statement from him...
Recently the Menifee Union School District (MUSD) assembled a Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) to assist with the daunting task of formulating a budget that will accommodate the dwindling funds provided by the State. The BAC is made up of members of the Community and the MUSD. To achieve a "balanced" budget for this year and the foreseeable future, a large number of cuts are going to need to be made to the existing budget.

I have volunteered and have been chosen as a parent representative on the BAC. As a parent representative I am asking for input from other parents in the MUSD on what you feel should or should not be taken out of the current budget. Keep in mind, a LARGE amount of the current budget is going to need to be removed in order to achieve a “balanced” budget.

The MUSD website has established a link that will allow you to send your suggestions to the BAC. I ask all parents, who have a practical suggestion, go to the website and submit it, or if available leave a comment on this blog and I will forward it to the BAC.

Thank you,
Jason Roth
You can submit your suggestions online through the school district website at this link...


Last year, the district cut busing, counseling, and shut down Menifee Elementary for a year. That saved them $2.4 million.

What do you think should NOT be cut? Teacher salaries? Music? Another school?

Visioning Session Cancelled

The City of Menifee announced moments ago the cancellation of the Special Visioning session set for Saturday, January 31st, due to an emergency in the Mayor's family.

City Manager George Wentz noted that "it is vital that each Councilmember be available for this important strategic planning session" and therefore it is in the best interest of all concerned in the City to reschedule the meeting.

The visioning session is supposed to determine what the city council members want for Menifee, in terms of development, infrastructure, recreation, and generally what direction the City Manager and his staff should be moving towards.

Breakfast Club of Menifee

From our "Ask and You Shall Receive" department, comes the following information about a frequently asked-about restaurant going into the new Countryside Marketplace.

Breakfast Club of Menifee is like what the name suggests, a place to have breakfast. But while the name also includes the word, "club", it's open to anyone who wants to come in and enjoy a really good breakfast.

After getting so many questions from people wanting to know more about this establishment, I did some poking around and finally got hold of the owners.

Breakfast Club of Menifee
Stu and Tracy are Menifee residents, having moved here in 2001 coming up from San Diego. Stu spent 40 years in the restaurant industry, mostly with large corporate players. "It's all about the bottom line in the corporate world", Stu says. "There's almost no room for creativity, and little time for good quality service".

From that spawned the idea to just focus on one restaurant, offer some creative new ideas, and provide the best service.

Stu left his corporate restaurant career to pursue this new venture, and this location in Menifee is all that there is. Some of you might have a done a Google search for "Breakfast Club", and saw many other establishments with the same name, but this one in Menifee is not associated with any other.

The concept is a full-service "sit down" style restaurant that serves all the familiar breakfast fixings, but with some twists. You'll get the omelettes, but you'll also see a ceviche omelette. They'll offer hot tea, but you'll get 16 different varieties. If you want fruit you won't be limited to just grapefruit, you'll get that plus mangoes, peaches, plums, grapes, and acai berries.

Sure they'll have pancakes galore, but they'll have "baked pancakes". It uses a special kind of batter that they put inside an oven and it rises high (Stu used his hands to suggest something like 6 inches high), it eventually cools and shrinks back down. But the baking allows the ingredients to mix its flavors into each other more completely. "Banana Foster" and "Cinnamon Apple" were a couple of varieties he threw at me.

If you just want a hearty steak and eggs, they'll be serving up steakhouse quality beef. He used the word "Outback Steakhouse" to describe the quality, but without the Outback Steakhouse prices.

He also mentioned Tracy's very own "Breakfast Club Potatoes".

They'll have fresh squeezed orange juice, and a variety of other juices each morning. They'll be making fresh salsa and guacamole every morning. And while you're waiting for your meal to come out, you'll get to enjoy freshly baked biscuits.

If you're one of those types who'd rather just sit up at the bar, they'll have one of those too, but it'll be a cappuccino bar. And all the tables will be covered in cloth.

And if the first meal of the day isn't all that's important, they'll have televisions running the morning news programs.

The "Club" in Breakfast Club is an optional membership, which for about $25.00 per year you'll get all the coffee you want at no additional cost. They'll give you a personalized mug with your name on it, and it'll hang in the dining room. When you walk in, just grab your mug, sit it on the table or bar, and get your fill. My wife wondered if hot tea was included, but I didn't ask.

The club membership also gets you on a mailing list for members-only specials and discounts.

If you don't have the time to dine in, all orders are available to go as well. And for those folks who need an omelette to go, they can put it in a wrapped form making it easier to eat.

It'll be open every morning starting at 5:30am and closes at 1:00pm. After hours the restaurant will be available to private parties, meetings, clubs, banquets, etc.

Both Stu and Tracy moved into Menifee to get away from the congestion of the big city, and fell in love with the small town feel. When they found out about Countryside Marketplace being built, they wanted to get in on it. If you recall when Donahue Schriber came to Sun City to speak about the new shopping center, they said they were looking for some kind of local business that offered something unique (see previous article). This is it. When Stu and Tracy presented their idea, Donahue Schriber jumped on it and have been helping the pair move as quickly as they can.

As it is now, Breakfast Club of Menifee will have Tracy doing the day to day management while their college sons, plus a littler one, will be helping out. Stu talked about future expansion plans possibly placing more locations throughout Southern California.

If all goes well inside City Hall, they're looking at this April to open their doors. And for their opening day, they're thinking of doing something similar to Red Robin, where they do an invitation only for a day or two to give their staffers some practice before the grand opening.

Note to City Hall: fast track this thing will ya?

Michelle Ross - In America

Michelle Ross In AmericaMichelle Ross, formally Michelle Crowley, is a country music singer and recording artist, born and raised here in Menifee. She has a new CD out called "In America", available from CDBaby...


It looks like the CD is sold out right now, but you can put in your e-mail address to be notified when they have more supplies.

You can also hear samples of all the songs.

Michelle has made it her mission to help firefighter causes, and is donating 30% of the proceeds of these CDs to the Woodland Firefighters Foundation. She's done some benefit concerts for fallen firefighters at the Wooden Nickel Ranch, and continues to live here today.

You can also track her from her MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/michellerossmusic

And visit her official website here: http://www.michellesongs.com

Were You Informed When You Voted on Measure G?

The Californian published an editorial in last Sunday's newspaper regarding city council districts in Menifee, taking the position that the council would do well listen to the will of the people...
Yet that is precisely what the 3-month-young council is doing in asserting that the same voters who gave the go-ahead to creating a city and chose the first council did not understand what they were doing when they decided they wanted future councils elected by districts.
Now that our mayor has asserted his opinion that he doesn't believe we cast an informed vote, and that he wants us to prove it a second time, I just want to go on record and tell our Mayor that "I voted for districts, and I knew what I was doing!"

If you had cast a ballot last June on Measure G, the districting measure, whether you supported districts, or supported at large, I want to know if...
  1. You made an informed choice when casting your vote, or

  2. You didn't know what you're doing, and just picked whatever sounded good.
Click on "Post a Comment" below, and let's see if our Mayor is correct in his assertion...

Mandatory Pet Microchipping

pet microchipThis issue doesn't necessarily affect Menifee; it only applies to the unincorporated areas of the County. But I can't help thinking that this law will be coming to Menifee down the road.

The County Board of Supervisors adopted a new ordinance that requires people to microchip their dogs and cats by March 1, or else face a fine of $100.00, possibly up to $500.00 for repeated violations.

Considering very few people microchip their animals, this sounds like a gold mine opportunity.

Microchips are these things they inject into a dog or cat's neck. It contains an ID number. That number is referenced in a computer database which brings up the name of the animal's owner. The idea is that if a dog or cat winds up in a shelter or rescue, they can scan the animal's neck and return it to the owner.

But as things are right now, the law already requires pet owners to license their pets. The law requires that the animal wear a licensing tag. In theory, there's no need to get a microchip. Your lost dog or cat will be returned back to you, provided you complied with the licensing requirement.

So why also add a microchipping law? Supposedly to address those owners who don't license their pets.

Which makes this an oxymoronic law. How do you expect people to comply with a microchipping law, if they were brazen enough to violate the licensing law?

Earning more money for the County seems to be the better explanation. It allows the County to tack on an extra fine, particularly at a time when the County is not earning new housing fees.

Since everyone is required to comply with this law, it's basically a way to raise taxes without calling it a tax.

There's also the problem of microchipping standards. It sounds like some veterinarians are using the AVID chip which transmits a signal at 125khz, while others are using the ISO chip which transmits at 134.2khz. Each chip needs a different chip scanner to work. Furthermore, there are several chip databases and they're not all consolidated into one access point. A shelter would need a scanner for every chip, and access to every chip database.

Second, people don't seem to update their chips. When they move to a new residence, they don't contact the chip database to update their records. The same is true for people who adopt animals that were microchipped by previous owners.

Microchips sound cool, but the devil is in the details. There's a good chance your pet will still end up dead even if it's microchipped.

I'm not against microchips, I'm just against making it law. Fining people who don't comply with this won't address the problem of overcrowding shelters.

Certainly shelters and rescues are overburdened with many homeless pets. But this microchipping law will only address those dogs and cats who escaped from home. It won't address the animals whose owners no longer want them, it won't address animals who were seized by the County, and it won't address the puppy mills.

I think the escaped pets are actually the minority of problems.

Since I don't work at a shelter or rescue, I don't know what the real-life situation is. But I'd love to hear some opinions.

MUSD Science Fair

I don't have any more information on this; perhaps someone with the school district can post something in the comments...

Menifee School District Science Fair

MUSD to address student transfer policy

Once upon a time, when schools were overwhelmed with student enrollment, it was not a big deal when some residents chose to transfer their kids to other districts. However, due to the sagging housing market and budget cuts, the situation has changed. This year, 250 students transferred out and only 166 transferred in. That equates to a big financial loss for the district, which receives about $7,000 per year in state money for each student.

The MUSD governing board will hold a study session at 3:30 p.m. Thursday to address the transfer policy of it's students. There will be time for public comment before the study session.
Trustee Rita Peters said the decisions shouldn't be based on dollars and cents. However, Board President Bob O'Donnell favors revisiting the policy and says that financial reasons cannot be ignored.

The board has asked that scenarios be brought to Thursday's meeting for their consideration. The meeting will start at 3:30 p.m. at the district office, 30205 Menifee Road.

Information adapted from:
MENIFEE: School board to address transfer policy
Trustees look at ways students are allowed to leave district
By CRAIG SHULTZ - Staff Writer Friday, January 16, 2009 5:09 PM PST

MUSD Spelling Bee Invitational

Menifee Union School District is inviting students in grades 4 through 8 to participate in a spelling bee.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
6:00 P.M.
Southshore Elementary School
30975 Southshore Drive, Menifee.
Multi-Purpose Room

Participants should arrive between 5:30pm to 5:45pm to check in at the front table.

The Spelling Bee will start promptly at 6:00 p.m. with introductions and the reading of the rules. Only students who are seated by that time will be eligible to participate.

For additional information, please call
Angela Adams, 672-6400

Despite budget woes: Health and Fitness in children still the goal of some local educators

Students at Good Shepherd Lutheran School have been bouncing off the walls this past week with excitement about participating in the school’s first annual President’s Challenge, according to first grade teacher Loralynn Mello. Grades 1st-6th competed in six areas including; push ups, pull ups, sit ups, a mile run, shuttle run, and the sit and reach flexibility test.

On hand for the running event was the managing partner of the Menifee Valley Athletic Club, Paul David, and certified personal trainer, Dustin Graham. Both were active in coaching the kids on running techniques and safety. In addition, the Californian contributing writer, Amy Bentley, was in attendance to cover the event for the paper’s School Times section. The school had 8 parent volunteers administering events and keeping records.

At a time when obesity is on the rise, physical education programs in schools are being cut back due to severe budget constraints. The specialized programs run by Physical Education teachers are being replaced by outdoor activities operated by classroom teachers, many not trained in sports theory or exercise science.

According to the Center for Disease Control; The prevalence of obesity among children aged 6 to 11 more than doubled in the past 20 years, going from 6.5% in 1980 to 17.0% in 2006. The rate among adolescents aged 12 to 19 more than tripled, increasing from 5% to 17.6%.1 An estimated 61% of obese young people have at least one additional risk factor for heart disease, such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure.3 In addition, children who are obese are at greater risk for bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, and social and psychological problems such as stigmatization and poor self-esteem.

The public schools in the district do not have a P.E. teacher on staff, but the classroom teachers will administer the President’s Challenge to the fifth grade class, according to Callie Kirkpatrick administration. Betti Cadmus of the MUSD says that district wide, their schools are looking at joining the Governor's Challenge soon. More information can be found at http://www.calgovcouncil.org/.

Congratulations to all the Presidential Challenge winners!

Menifee ASA Spring Signups

Menifee ASA is a girls softball league. Spring 2009 signups are now underway...

You can sign up in person at the following dates and places...

January 17th from 10am-2pm @ Albertsons
January 18th from 10am-2pm @ Ralphs
January 24th 10am-2pm @ Ralphs
January 25th 10am-2pm @ Albertsons
January 31st 10am-2pm @ Ralphs

January 21st from 5pm-8pm @ Gym (located at Bell Mountain Middle School)

(Time and location - to be announced)

They have divisions for 18 years and under, 16 under, 12 under, 10 under, 8 under, and T-ball.

If you have any questions, please send an email to secretary@menifeeasa.com, or call (951) 639-2155, or visit online: http://www.menifeeasa.com

Who Got a Free Burrito?

I was going to stake my claim at Chipotle Mexican Grill today, but the lines were massively long all day. So I never did. I'm curious to find out how many tortillas they went through.

Did anyone here get their free b'ito?

Was it any good?

I guess when BJ's Pizza finally opens up here, and gives out free pizzas, I'll have to wait in line.

Free Prom Dresses Needed

Brian Morris, Principal at Paloma Valley High School reminds us of their "Princess for an Evening" program which supplies free formal dresses to girls attending high school prom.

Right now they're collecting formal dresses from the public, and then handing them out later on this Spring.

Here's what he had to say...

"Last year, we collected formal dresses during the winter for students to choose from and wear to the prom in the spring. We gave the girls the dresses for free. This was a huge success and saved our girls a lot of money.

I'm running this program again, we call it "Princess for an Evening." I'd like to run something on Menifee 24/7 asking the community to donate any previously worn formal dresses. They can simply bring them to the front office and give them to Diane Pursley, my secretary or contact her and we will come pick them up.

Contact Diane Pursley at...
(951) 672-6030, ext 1001

5.0 Earthquake felt in Menifee

San Bernardino (epicenter) had a 5.0 earthquake which was felt here in Menifee. Hopefully no one had any damage to their homes. For up to date information on earthquakes, check out the US Geologic Service. It was felt at 7:49 PM and occurred at a depth of 9 miles.

Menifee Chipotle - Free Burrito Day

chipotle fajita burrito menifeeThe Chipotle Mexican Grill in the new Countryside Marketplace is throwing a "free burrito day" at its new Menifee location at Countryside Marketplace....

Thursday, January 15th – Free Burrito Day – 11 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

30024 Haun Rd
Menifee, CA 92584

Basically, anyone can walk in and get a free burrito of their choosing.

Then on the following day, January 16, the Menifee Chipotle will have it's first official opening.

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a like a "fresh-mex" style of fast-food, along the same lines as a Baja Fresh. Except they have this "Food With Integrity" manifesto, where they claim to use meat and cheeses from animals that were raised humanely, and not treated with anibiotics or growth hormones, and where they don't force animals to eat pelletized renderings of their own dead. If eating burritos could ever be construed as "healthy" then maybe Chipotle is it?

But to make things doubly better, Chipotle will be opening up a new location in Hemet, just a week later, and that one will also be giving away free burritos. That means you can get two free burritos in a span of one week...

Thursday, January 22nd – Free Burrito Day – 11 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

2465 West Florida Ave.
Hemet, CA 92545
Cross streets: Florida & Kirby

Panorama Photo of Quail Valley

Ashley Whittaker of Quail Valley took this panorama photo of Quail Valley, to share with readers here at Menifee 24/7.

Quail Valley, California

Click on the photo, to see a larger size.

Thanks Ashley!

Menifee City Council Meeting - Jan 6, 2009

The Menifee City Council met this evening, here's a recap of what went on...

The council met at 7:00pm for the open session. There was no prior study session.


Scott Mann asked to cancel the upcoming January 20th council meeting explaining that it will conflict with the "New Mayors" meeting in Sacramento, in which the entire council plans to attend. All councilmembers seemed to be in agreement.

City Manager George Wentz brought up the subject of having the "visioning session", this is where the city council gets together to create their vision for the city.

Public Comments

Paul Krueger, Pastor at New Hope Community Church in Canyon Lake, and founder of Hope Learning Academy, spoke about the academy helping "kids who have fallen through the cracks", and thanked councilman Mann for helping the academy establish its business plan.

Anne Pica, spoke about the issue with establishing council districts, and accused the council for having a closed door meeting. She mentioned she's consulting with the Secretary of State on the legality of such meeting, citing it as a violation of the Brown Act. The Mayor questioned her accusation, to which Anne described in the previous council meeting that the Mayor said a decision was made not to hire a consultant. The Mayor explained that there was a misstatement on this; he didn't mean that a decision was made not to hire a consultant, but simply that no decision had been made to hire or not hire. Anne seemingly retracted, and apologized, but maintained her position that the voters approved districts.

John Denver jumped in at this point to ask the Mayor that the subject of districts should be agendized for a later council meeting where they could discuss this greater lengths. The Mayor agreed. It sounds like the council meeting of February 3 is going to have a in-depth discussion on districts.

Katherine Flores, also spoke about districts, saying that she just now learned the city council members are not in support of districts, and is favoring a special election to reverse the previous one. She went on to say that council members should "get out" if they don't want districts.

Chuck Reutter, stepped up to say that he's getting ready to do a city council recall, and said that "three of you will be recalled".

Phoeba Irey, talked about a book she recently read entitled, "The SPEED of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything", by Stephen Covey. She related this book to the city council explaing that the council is lacking trust from the people, and that much of the adversity it faces stems from this. She went on to say that big decisions are about to be made, and made reference to some zoning issues where the council was approving subdivisions of rather small lot sizes, and that this is compromising the trust with the voters, perhaps eluding to campaign promises made by the council members.

Ryan Rubio, described himself as a 20 year resident, said that on January 2, he was visited by a code enforcement officer wanting to tow his car away. Apparently, it had been sitting in front of his house for quite some time, which he explained was due to a transmission problem. He had offered to push his car up into the driveway, but the officer refused, insisting that it HAD to be towed. Rubio argued to the council that the officer should have allowed him to push his car, and avoid fines. Instead, he had to pay $500.00 total to the DMV and impound lot. And to add insult to injury, he pointed out to the officer that there was another car across the street with expired tags, and that it too ought to be towed. However, the officer ignored it. He accused the officer of simply trying collect money for the city, for the fact that the officer wouldn't allow Rubio to avoid the fines. Rubio said that the code he was cited for violating, "22651 of the vehicle code" was wrongly applied. "I hope this isn't a sign of things to come" Rubio left saying.

Vince Valdez, Park Manager for Valley Wide Parks & Recreation, stepped up to offer his assistance to the city.

Louis Mazei, lent his support to the city council to address matters relating to council districts. He said that he actually voted for "at large", but noted that he lives very close to Sun City Core, and that if districts were created, his residence would very likely be included into the same district as Sun City Core. He felt that Sun City Core represents the most active voting block, and therefore his residence would receive a lot of city council attention, and would seemingly benefit because of it. I'm not exactly sure how he correlated his vote for "at large" with his assertion that districts will improve his quality of life. Nonetheless, he supports having a second election on this. Louis also said that he's now using "Menifee" as his mailing address.

Second Approvals

Much of the stuff on the agenda this evening dealt with adoptions and authorizations the council approved at the last meeting. Because the rules of the city council requires them to approve this stuff twice, it was on the agenda again this meeting. To save time, the council voted to adopt all these things in one fell swoop.

However, Twyman asked that he carve out one particular item, the Prima Facie Speed Limits, and the other council members approved.

Prima Facie Speed Limits

Twyman asked for some clarification from the City Manager, referencing a document that apparently lists what the "prima facie" speed limits will now be for each road in Menifee. He noted that the stretch of Scott Rd, between Antelope Rd and Menifee Rd was not mentioned. Twyman also said that he's not aware of any signs posted on this stretch that defines the speed limit.

The City Manager deferred to his city works guy (I don't have his name), and I couldn't really get the gist of what he said, it sounded like he was saying a lot of stuff without actually saying anything at all.

Twyman also noted other streets that seemingly have a rather high prima facie speed limit in areas where schools (and children) are nearby. He asked how they came up with these speed limits. The city works guy said that the County came up with all this stuff, they had people with radar guns measure the speeds that people actually travel, and then they figure out the 85th percentile, and that became the prima facie speed limit for that road.

Scott Mann chimed in responding to Twyman that he's going to be asking the City Manager to reassess the speed limit for McCall Rd, between Antelope and Menifee Rd, and will include the roads that Twyman was concerned about.

But in the end, the Prima Facie Speed Limit ordinance got its second vote of approval.

Interestingly at this point, John Denver chimed in to the Mayor asking if there could be some kind of pre-meeting, where city council members can ask such trivial questions such as those that Twyman asked, because they appear to be wasting the public's time. Denver noted that the council members have the right to ask these questions, but that it seemed like it wasn't a good use of public session time.

Twyman said that he actually knew the answers to the questions he asked, but that he thought the public would be very interested in hearing the answers, and that's why he asked them.

Council Member Comments

Scott Mann said that he had attended a meeting of Western Riverside Council of Governments, and in that meeting they noted one of the big problems with this bad economy and the high rate of foreclosures, is that the general public living in the Inland Empire doesn't understand the situation well enough. So, they came up "8 recommendations" for local governments to implement, and that this would help improve things. Mann mentioned that this would particularly help stimulate new home developments.

He asked for the city council and city manager to find some time on how to carry out these 8 recommendations for Menifee.

Darcy Kuenzi brought the focus back to council districts, and suggested the city establish a "blue ribbon panel", comprised of nine citizens, to determine the best government structure for Menifee. The panel would take a look at the different structures, what the cost factors are, what the benefits would be, and what the processes are. Kuenzi said that she "wants more information", noting that the subject of districts continues to be a hot topic. It sounds like this will also be put on the agenda for the next council meeting.

My opinion: A blue ribbon panel would create a solution for a problem that exists only in the minds of the council. Moreover, it puts the fate of the first election into the hands of nine council appointees. It was the city council who created this problem, not the people. There's no need for a blue ribbon panel if the city council accept the will of the people. There would not have been an Anne Pica, Chuck Reutter, and now a Katherine Flores, venting their anger in public session if the council had kept mum on this, and just moved forward with districts.

Instead, by going public with their displeasure over the outcome, the council is at risk of deepening the division between Sun City and Menifee, when cityhood was supposed to unite us. And for the council to suggest that the people were ill-informed when they voted for districts is an insult to the intelligence of voters. Based on the anger they have created with this debate, councilmembers should wonder if the people were ill-informed when they voted for them.
John Denver commented that he still hasn't received any information how much money it's going to cost the city to run a second election on districting, how much money it'll cost to hire a districting consultant, and how much it will cost to have separate district elections versus an at-large election. He wants a cost analysis first.

Fred Twyman said that he and Darcy Kuenzi met as part of the Committee Committee, which is the committee to determine what committees to create. They've apparently figured out what committees to create, and asked the City Manager to come up with a date when they can invite the public to apply for seats.

Closed Session

Around 8:00pm, the public session ended, and a private session began to address some lawsuit matters, including one involving Woodside Group, LLC.

But before they convened, Bill Zeidlik asked for some time to comment on the Woodside matter. I didn't quite catch everything he said, but that there had been other lawsuits, and even used the word "we" as if to suggest he had been in the middle of it. Despite saying a lot of things, and not really saying anything specific, he ended it by asking the council "to look at everything carefully".

And I'm sure the council would do so anyways.