Menifee Cityhood at the Ball Park

Part of the Menifee Cityhood Inauguration includes festivities at Wheatfield Park. And at Wheatfield Park is a good old fashioned youth baseball game.

It'll feature the Menifee Mustangs going up against the San Jacinto Explozion, starts at 6:30pm, October 1.

400 FREE In-n-Out Combo Meals will be provided on a first come, first serve basis starting at 6:30 p.m.

16 year old Hayley Stayner will sing the National Anthem.

Councilman Scott Mann will throw out the First Pitch.

They'll be raffling off a pair of Los Angeles Angels playoff tickets.

Lake Elsinore Storm Mascot, THUNDER will be at the ballpark from 7-8 p.m.

Bring your blankets and your appetite to Wheatfield Park, field #2.

Don Harris to Speak on Menifee Valley Talk Radio

Don Harris, a board of director on the Menifee Lakes Master Association will be a guest on this Sunday's edition of Menifee Valley Talk Radio.

According to Therese Daniels...
Mr. Harris will be speaking about some of the malevolent strategic tactics of the existing board to manipulate the election to its favor. Is this really representing the titleholders?

Whether voting in a major national election such as the Presidency of the United States or simply choosing the next terms board of directors in your local HOA it remains imperative to obtain as much information pro or con as possible. Knowledge is the best defense against unscrupulous power seekers.

I will be sending more on this before the end of the week. Since so many HOA's are near their election time, I am concentrating on this subject this Sunday.
You can hear the show live, this Sunday at 7:00pm, on the Internet at...

Considering the recent discussion on the MLMA, it's sure to be a well-listened show.

(Update: Oct 16, 2008, 10:52pm: from this point forward, commenting is turned off for this article)

First Tree of Menifee

Just wanted to make a clarification on the sapling to be presented to the City of Menifee by the Pechangas.

First, it's the "first tree of Menifee", not the "official tree of Menifee" as I had titled.

Second, it's the City of Menifee that extended it's invitation to the Pechangas to attend the event, and that the City requested a sapling to become the "first tree of Menifee". What I wrote earlier misconstrued it the other way around, with the Pechangas awarding us with a sapling.

Armand Blais Orchestra Comes To Menifee

Armand Blais is a big band leader, who recently moved to Menifee. He spent the last several decades in Orange County, where he and his band is still officially based. For years his band was a fixture at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, and currently they perform at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach doing their "Swing by the Sea" on Sundays.

He's known by many as "The Man with the Red Trombone", because his signature instrument is red. Blais says it's not painted red, but is actually the result of a special metallurgical process that makes it turn red.

Armand leads a traditional 18 piece swing orchestra, playing dance music, standards, swing, and jump & jive. They do weddings, private parties, corporate events, conventions, and club dates. Being that he now lives in Menifee, he's ready to serve the Menifee Valley, and places beyond.

Armand Blais Orchestra
It was congestive heart failure that eventually lead him to moving here. On February 28, 2005, he was resting on a boat docked in Huntington Beach, when a tremendous pain struck him in the chest. "It was like Mack Truck had parked on my chest" he mentions. He summoned up enough strength to pull himself over to a neighboring boat, and pounded on the door. A man came out, and called the paramedics.

Doctors performed a six-way heart bypass procedure, and gave him only a 10% chance at survival.

He needed to live in a place with drier climate, but still not too far away from his band mates. And so Menifee it was.

In honor of the doctors and medical staff who saved his life, he dedicated his recent album to them, "Bypass Shuffle - Pumping it Hard", a collection of big band tunes, some of them being original works, and others old standards. The title piece itself, "Bypass Shuffle" is based on his operation, and Blais says that if you listen hard enough, you can hear when doctors got his heart pumping again. There's also, "Without a Dream What the Point of Living", which was inspired by him recouperating in the hospital, realizing that if want something bad enough, you'll make it happen.

You can actually buy his CD online, and hear samples...

You can also watch a video of the band performing Glenn Miller's, "In the Mood" at Long Beach...

This Sunday, October 5, his orchestra will be performing at Trevi Entertainment Center in Lake Elsinore, all afternoon long. Armand also has a group of swing dancers who he says will be there. If you like big band music, you'll want to check it out. (Armand tells me now that this event has been cancelled)

He'll also be perforing as a trio at the Cityhood Inauguration Party, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at Menifee Lakes Country Club, bringing his signature red trombone.

He has other dates lined up at other venues.

Seems like Armand's band ought to become a fixture at the Temecula Jazz Festival. (Maybe someone will make that happen)

If you'd like to hire his band, contact him through his website at...

Official Tree of Menifee

City Council Member Darci Kuenzi tells me that the Pechanga Indians will be there at the Cityhood Inauguration event this Wednesday to present the new city with a sapling from their "Great Oak Tree".

This sapling oak will be planted somewhere in Menifee (the location is not yet decided), and will be "born" along with the city.

The Pechangas actually own some land here in Menifee, mostly in the Audie Murphy Ranch tract. And considering how much money they have, and how much power they have over Sacramento, it's probably a good idea to become their new friends.

Besides, us Menifee residents have probably sunk millions of dollars of our hard earned pay into their slot machines; they wouldn't be what they are if not our money. I suppose getting one of their saplings, is like getting a return on our investment, except this one grows very slowly, and pays us in acorns.

How about we name the new sapling, "Jackpot Tree", in honor of the hopes and dreams that escaped us everytime we set foot into their establishment?

All kidding aside, the Pechangas still need us. That's really why they're here. With the new city sure to attract more retail centers, more entertainment centers, more restaurants, the casino will have to compete against all that. Seems like a free flowing I-215 freeway is what the Pechangas need to keep their $30,000 a month checks coming. Does anyone know if they're are doing anything to pay for the I-215 widening?

Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs

This week, I am going to get straight to the point. Everywhere around Menifee I see signs. I am not refering to the paid billboards I see on vacant properties. The signs to which I refer are the small, miscellaneous signs by individuals and small businesses. I am certain you have seen them; Mobile Detailing, Stop Foreclosure, Yard Sale, etc. And they drive me crazy!

When I see these signs, I look to see who is advertising. I love a yard sale as much as the next gal, but when I see Yard Sale signs 2, 3, even 4 weeks old, I start to get frustrated. The three problems with the signs are:
  1. They clutter the landscape, the view, the beautiful vistas, if you will.
  2. They are not maintained, so many are out of date and useless.
  3. They end up on the ground, and become litter.

If you are going to post a sign for an event, i.e., Bill's Birthday, Susan's Graduation Party, Yard Sale, etc., take your sign down after your event. I know many citizens do, but too many don't. If you are posting a sign for a lost pet, maintain your sign; and remove it when your pet comes home. Don't leave a weathered sign up for months that cannot be read.

If you are a business looking for cheap advertising, contact a local magazine, newspaper, or other publication. You may be shocked at how inexpensive they are. If you have zero money, try Craigslist. Many Yard Salers use Craigslist now with great results! I know for a fact that it works great, and, in case you don't know, it is free!

Let's all work together to keep Menifee a beautiful place!

(Update October 16, 2008, 10:55pm: from this point forward, commenting is turned off for this article)

Red Robin Opened Today

Red Robin MenifeeThe Red Robin restaurant in the Countryside Marketplace, opened for the first time today, as a soft-opening, serving only invited guests. The soft opening continues through Sunday, with the grand opening on Monday.

The company sent invitations out to various folks in Menifee. I'm not sure how they chose whom to send invitations to, but mine was addressed to my corporate name "Clear Digital Media".

The place was pretty packed in. Looking at the kitchen area, they must have had 15-20 people working back there. The restaurant has 60 servers hired, broken out into 14 teams, including a bevy of trainers.

As part of the soft opening, food was free. The purpose of the invitations was to give their staff five days of live training. In exchange, customers were advised that there could be delays while trainers gave out instructions, along with the expected mistakes and glitches. But I found that our service went along just fine. And the food was pretty much on par with what I've found at the Red Robin in Temecula. And you still get the bottomless-fries.

Here's some photos...

Red Robin MenifeeTwo girls under the umbrellas were checking for invitations

Red Robin Menifee
Looks pretty much like a standard Red Robin

Red Robin Menifee
Roger Boomer, the restaurant manager, commutes up from Coronado to work here

Red Robin Menifee
It's got a fully stocked bar too

Once you get a chance to try out the new Red Robin, post a comment on what you think.

High Tea and Fashion Show in Menifee

The Kay Ceniceros Center, tomorrow Saturday Sep 20, is hosting a "High Tea and Fashion Show" from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

Tickets at the door costs $25.00, and $10.00 for kids 12 and under.

All proceeds will benefit the Kay Ceniceros Center.

All fashions on display will be provided by Burke's Outlet in Sun City.

Used Bicycles Wanted for Christmas Gifts

The Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce would like to give your unwanted bicycles a new life and put a smile on a child's face. Working with the Chino Institute for Women, the Chamber is collecting gently-used bicycles to be refurbished and given to underprivileged children at Christmas. Santa's Workshop distributes these bicycles with the help of the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Menifee Community Cupboard, and Riverside County Fire Departments Spark of Love program.

Bicycles will be collected until September 30, 2008.

You may take your bike donations to the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce (27070 Sun City Boulevard, Sun City), the Quail Valley Fire Station (28971 Goetz Road, Quail Valley), or call 951-541-8042 for pick-up or information.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things. . .

My 10 favorite things about Menifee:

10. The color of the autumn leaves, especially along Menifee Road near Wheatfield Park.
9. The natural rock cluster behind Walgreens, near the corner of Murrieta Road and Newport Road.
8. The gathering of Senior Citizens at Jackie's Doughnuts and McDonalds most mornings. I love to see them greet each other, smile together and share stories.
7. The small town feel I get when I greet a neighbor in Target, or see one of my friends at a soccer game or at the park.
6. The green of the surrounding hills in the springtime. I especially am fond of the cross at the top of the hill on the north side.
5. The circle in Belcanto, in Menifee Lakes, on Christmas Eve. If you haven't been, you are truly missing out on an event.
4. The value of my home. We get a great deal of home for the money, in comparison to the rest of California.
3. The proximity to larger cities, without the same problems. I like being close to larger shopping, the arts, restaurants, etc., without the same problems. And now, Menifee Countryside Marketplace will bring many of the benefits even closer!
2. I met my husband here, and we came home here after our wedding, and built a life together.
1. This is my children's hometown. This is where they grew into the people they are today, went to school, met their friends, and will remember forever.

Menifee is our home, and it is your home too. Howdy, Neighbor!

Victor Giardinelli, MUSD Candidate Statement

The following is a statement from Victor Giardinelli, candidate for Menifee School Board...

Menifee Union School District has a long history of success, built on a legacy of strong leadership, vision and integrity. As a member of the Governing Board for the past twenty-one years, I have been committed to continuing that success for our students, staff and community. During my tenure, The Board has collaboratively initiated and implemented many beneficial programs. Some programs that I have been fortunate to personally and successfully introduce include:

  1. A more complete music program including band offerings at all schools

  2. Improved health services and education so that at all schools we now have health aides or nurses

  3. Instead of only library books we have now established multi-media centers with technology plus books.

  4. We now have a liaison community aide to network with our multi ethnic society.

  5. Let the efforts to hire a public relations person to communicate with our public

  6. "Wellness Program" to fight against obesity in children – over hauled our food program

  7. Major supporter for preschool programs and individual campus

  8. Introduced the concept of interest based bargaining which resulted in increased harmonious labor relations
My background includes a tour of duty with the United Stated Navy, serving aboard a P.T. boat. Educationally, I have a Bachelor of Science degree from the State University of New York and an Master of Science degree from the University of Southern California. With a strong understanding of science, often my decisions are data based driven. I have also earned the master Boardsmanship and The Advanced Masters in Governance. Also I have thirty-four years in public education, both as a teacher (10 years) and an administrator for twenty-four years.

I am married to a very understanding and wonderful wife, have two fantastic and remarkable daughters and four extraordinary college educated and future thinking grandchildren. Yes, I am proud! Also, proud of the work we have done and appreciative of my other board members and the many parents, community volunteers, faculty and district administrators who have collaboratively made our successes possible.

Future concerns and projects include:

  1. Reduce class size in grades 4, 5, and 6 and then progress to grades 7 and 8 when possible

  2. Explore same gender classes in some middle school classes

  3. Seek ways to better engage the community in the educational enterprise

  4. Maintain and up-date present schools and plan for future facilities

  5. Modify curriculum as future concerns are identified

  6. As a follow up our unification efforts, contact our legislators in Sacramento

  7. Immediately implement the new California State Physical Education framework

  8. Study the new unfunded mandate 8th grade algebra standards

  9. Identify children with food allergies and how to respond to thier needs

  10. Increase student awareness regarding environmental issues: water and energy conservation, recycle, THINK GREEN etc.

  11. Recruit, hire and retain highly qualified personnel and offer a competitive salary
I ask for your vote on November 4th. In return, I commit to ensuring that our greatest treasure - our children - are provided with world-class educational opportunities designed to further enhance their exceptional achievements.

Everybody is a Somebody!

Victory Giardinelli

Menifee City Council Meeting - Sep 17, 2008

The Menifee City Council Meets tomorrow night, Wednesday, Sept 17.

The public portion starts at 7:00pm. There is no study session this time.

They'll be going over the proposed budget, discussing the contract with PARSAC for liability insurance, talking about the process of creating a city seal, discussing their RFP for a bank, and talking about dates for municipal elections.

Unfortunately, I won't be there to cover it. I already have plans made for that night. If anyone's willing to write up a report, please post it as a comment here.

Here's the agenda...

Heritage Lake Community Garage Sale

Heritage Lake is having a "community garage sale" on Saturday, October 4, from 7:00am to 12:00pm. It's the 1st annual of such sale.

Get there early for all the best stuff.

Pet of the Month - Kittens

The Menifee Valley Humane Society has this litter of 5-month old kittens that need homes. There are 3 girls and 1 boy. Beautifully marked and as sweet as can be, they're both young and playful will bond well with a new family.

kitten adoption in menifeeAll kittens have been fixed and are ready for adoption.

Please email or call (951) 246-7960.

Heritage High Hosts First Ever Varsity Football Game

Justin Marquis, assistant football coach at Heritage High School submits the following announcement concerning the first ever varsity football game hosted at the school...
We'd like the people of Menifee to know that Heritage High School will be hosting their-first ever varsity football game this Friday, September 19th at 7 p.m. against Lakeside. The game will be the first official varsity event in our brand new 4k seat stadium, named for Marion Ashley. There will be a parade of flags presented by the American Legion at halftime as well as a performance by our Might Patriot Regiment Marching Band - and we hope a pretty good football game to boot. Heritage is located on the corner of Hwy 74 and Briggs Rd.

Our stadium dedication will take place on Friday, October 3rd at 7 p.m. when we play host to the Beaumont Cougars. Mr. Ashley will be on hand as the stadium officially takes on his name. From more info about Heritage Football and to see our complete season schedule, go to


Justin Marquis
Heritage High School
English Teacher
Asst. Football Coach

Where Are The Children?

I already miss those sweet sounds of summer. . . not summer of 2008, but the summers of many years ago. What is different? The sound of children playing outside.

Christmas morning of 2005, my husband and I, long time residents and parents of Menifee, decided to go for a walk at 10:00 am on Christmas morning to see all of the children out with their new toys. We expected to see kids on bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc., but after walking nearly an 1 1/2 hours, we didn't see one child. We figured out that the children were all inside, playing with their new video games, computers, texting on their new phones, watching their new DVDs, etc. Saddened, we returned to our home to find our older teens doing just that.

Now our kids are on their own, and we miss the sounds of children riding bikes, playing kickball in the street and doing tricks on their skateboards. Not just our kids, but the neighborhood kids. We live in a community in Menifee that has many young children, but we rarely see them outside. We see them going to and from school, dragging those huge backpacks that seem larger than they, up to the bus stop. Sometimes I stop at the corner in amazement, shocked to see just how many kids live around us! Shocked because our neighborhood is as quiet as a Senior Community. Not that quiet is a bad thing, but as a parent, we miss the sounds of happy children.

I see the kids at the park, playing organized sports, or attending festivals, but rarely do I just see kids play. Before their whole childhood is gone, on a Saturday morning, kick those kids out, show them where the hose is from which to drink, and tell them not to come home until lunchtime! They may sit in your front yard, puzzled, texting their friends, thinking, "Mom has gone crazy. . ." but hey, a little sunshine couldn't hurt, could it?

Menifee City Council Meeting - Sep 10, 2008

This evening's city council meeting was a long one. A lot of Power Point presentations being made. Here's my report...


The Public Agency Risk Sharing Authority of California (PARSAC) gave a presentation on its services. They're a "Joint Powers Authority", which is a fancy way of saying "Insurance Company". Though, technically they are not a company, and they are not for-profit. But they provide liability coverage. So, if you want to sue the city for twisting your ankle on a curb, PARSAC pays the money.

All of PARSAC's "members" are other cities. They went on to say that when a city joins PARSAC, it's becomes a long term "partner". That's another way of saying that PARSAC wants to tell a city what it should do and shouldn't do so as to limit the number of claims.

And because joining PARSAC is a long term committment, it ties up a lot of the city's money into PARSAC. Hence, city council members discussed other options of obtaining liability coverage, including the State Fund, other JPAs, and even establishing a self-funded system. No decision has been made yet.

Riverside County Sheriff's Presentation

Commander Jim Mcilvane of the Perris Substation gave a presentation of their proposed service to Menifee. It was a long presentation, so to make a long story short, here's the big stuff...

  • Total cost $7,267,714 for 2008-2009. However, he's suggesting a higher price of $7,464,415 which includes a couple of "Community Service Officers". These CSOs are sworn officers that handle all the petty stuff so that armed deputies can spend more time doing the big stuff.

  • Suggesting 29 sworn deputies to patrol all of Menifee, as well as 4 investigators, and 2 "CSA Deputies", which will be dedicated to Quail Valley. There's also about another 11 support staff and commanders.

  • 31 patrol cars, and 4 unmarked cars
He went on to talk about what the Sheriff has done already for Menifee Valley. Apparently, crime in Menifee Valley is down about 27% since the beginning of this year, and that's based on their new "zone policing" system. This has the valley divided up into four zones, and each zone is further broken down into "beats". Each beat is staffed by an officer dedicated to that beat, so that he/she knows the people in that area, and thereby knows that area pretty intimately.

He also stated the Department's average response time to calls. Stage 1 calls (which are life threatening calls), have an average response time of 7.7 minutes. Stage 2 (emergency calls but not life threatening), 11.5 minutes. Stage 3 calls ( non-emergency calls), 15.7 minutes. He said that strictly within Menifee Valley, the Stage 1 and Stage 2 calls had slightly faster response times. However, the Stage 3 calls were 32 minutes. He didn't say what constitutes a "response". But I sense that for Stage 3, it includes someone returning your call to take down the particulars, considering it's not an emergency.

Councilman John Denver specifically asked Mcilvane if this proposed service would now have deputies writing traffic tickets in Sun City. He explained that it's been "common knowledge" that deputies right now never write traffic tickets in Sun City. Mcilvane said that they would indeed write traffic tickets in Sun City. He went on to explain that under the current service, the Sheriff defers all traffic patrols to the CHP. But now that we're a city, the CHP would largely restrict their patrols to the I-215. Councilman Twyman asked Mcilvane if us incorporating as a city is actually going to save the CHP some money. Mcilvane was rather perplexed by the question. I think it was meant as humor, but it seemed to go over like a lead balloon, or Mcilvane is just too intense of a guy.

Nothing was said about the MSJC Police. I suspect they'll still continue their patrols all over the Menifee Valley, instead of sticking to the campus.

Inauguration Ceremony

City Council reiterated inauguration ceremonies, which consists of the formal ceremony taking place at Bell Mountain Middle School, starting at 5:30pm. And then at 7:00pm, the scene shifts to a party at Menifee Lakes Country Club.

Council member Kuenzi explained that while many people were denied their RSVP requests for the party, all that has been fixed. You can now RSVP. However, you better do it REALLY quick. She said the capacity at the Country Club cannot hold more than a couple hundred people. Get all the RSVP details here.

Note: the formal ceremony at Bell Mountain Middle School does not require an RSVP.

Mieke Tankink posted an article on Menifee Live asking why such a small venue was chosen for such a historic event. I can't argue with her on that one. Though, sacrifices would had to have been made to reduce the expenses. While much of the stuff is being donated, not everything is being donated for the event. Perhaps council members can comment on why a venue like La Ladera Park, which is used for the Movies in the Park, was not chosen instead.

Kuenzi also mentioned the first annual Mayor's Ball to be held at Wheatfield Park on October 4. I know that invitations went out, but I don't know how many were sent, or to whom. It's a black tie affair. But I imagine it's the same deal, where the facility can only handle so many people. But in this case, the Ball is organized by the Rotary Club, and is not an official city event.

Public Comments

Bill Zeidlik - Complained about a couple of radio towers proposed to be built in Menifee Valley, including one not too far from where he lives. I actually wrote about this last June (click here). These are to provide better communication lines for emergency services, like the Sheriff, and Fire, and ambulance. They're not cell-phone towers as was talked about in the meeting. The towers slated for Menifee are not that tall either. Zeidlik's complaint largely centered on the lack of environmental studies, and the rather short public comment period. But if you click the link above, you'll find plenty of environmental studies that I linked to, and note that public commenting started last June.

Robert Shorb - complained about the posted speed limits in Sun City, particularly around Valley Blvd and Cherry Hills Blvd. Sounds like the backyard of his property sits on Valley Blvd. He invited council members to have breakfast with him in his backyard patio just to hear the roar of vehicles. I think the speed limit there is fine, it's just not being enforced.

Purchase of Supplies

City Manager George Wentz asked the council to consider formal spending policies on buying office supplies. Right now, there are no policies. He's suggesting that for items costing up to $2,500 the department managers have free reign to make all the purchases they want. Items from $2,500 to $10,000 needs to be signed off by him. And then from $10,000 to $50,000 he wants to put out public bids. Councilman Mann cited State regulation, or law, that the upper limit on supply spending protocols is $72,400, and asked Wentz why he decided to stop at $50,000. Wentz said that he didn't think we'd ever need to spend more than $50,000 on any single office supply.

Investment Policies

The council opened up discussion on establising a policy on how to invest all the money our city is going to have. George Wentz said that it would be prudent for the city to have a strategy in place on what funds to invest in, how much to invest, and how much to diversify its portfolio. Maybe I just don't understand all this correctly, but it sounds like the city plans to have a lot of surplus money laying around, and rather than return it to the taxpayers, or use it to make road improvements, it's going to earn interest off of it instead.

But councilman Mann expressed concern that however we plan to invest our money that it be made easily liquid in case we really need it for something important. Mayor Edgerton chimed in and talked about his former employer, Merril Lynch, and how they bankrupted the County of Orange by having too much money locked up.

Councilwoman Kuenzi made a motion to create an ad hoc investment committee. Edgerton seconded. Kuenzi went on to name Mann as a member of that committee. Edgerton, citing his background as a financial planner, named himself as another member.

Budgeting Process

Gary Thompson, who's working for our City Manager as a financial consultant, gave a presentation on the city's new budget. He only talked about the structure of the budget, and didn't give out any numbers. The proposed budget will be unveiled to the public on September 17. It'll cover a 9 month period running from October 1 to June 30. The full year budget will then adopted beginning July 1.

He said that we won't really know what our sales tax receipts will be January 2009, mostly because it takes a long time for the State to transfer sales tax money to localities. Interestingly, he said that while the Kay Ceniceros Center will remain County property, the City of Menifee will have to pay for the employees who work in there.

City Planning

Civic Solutions, a city planning firm in San Juan Capistrano, was here to give a presentation on city planning. They had three guys talking about everything you ever wanted to know about city planning but had no interest in asking. It wasn't a presentation on their services, but more like college course compressed into 30 minutes. It was pretty boring stuff, but it sounds like those guys make a pretty good living from it. I got the sense that they were really here to earn potential business.

In fact, councilwoman Kuenzi instructed the City Manager to send out an RFP to hire a city planner. The City Manager replied back that terms of cityhood incorporation requires Menifee to adopt the plan the County had created for our community. Once it is adopted, we can change it however we'd like.

Councilman Twyman commented to the City Manager that he needs someone from the County sit down with the council and explain in detail the plan they had created for Menifee. He noted at the County Transition Meeting that Supervisor Stone said they would be providing this explanation to us. Kuenzi responded to Twyman that the existing plan is already on the County's website. However, Edgerton replied to Kuenzi that while the plan might be on the Internet, he's sure that much of the details are not. Tywman went on to say that he can't vote to adopt the County's plan until he understands what it is. But I don't think he has a choice. We're required to adopt it as it exists, whether we understand it or not. But I agree with Twyman and Edgerton that the Devil is in the details, and you can't get that without having the County explain it to us.

While adopting the County plan may sound like a simple formality, consider that a lot of planning has taken place with developers, and that the Board of Supervisors have made a practice of changing local zoning to satisfy their requests. Blindly adopting the county plan could be like Sleeping Beauty taking a bite from a seemingly innocent apple. Either way, we're still required to adopt the County plan.

Next Meeting

Even though the city council talked about doing these meetings every other week, it sounds like the next meeting is next Wednesday, Sept 17, at the same location, same time.

They'll be going over the budget, the proposed Sheriff's contract, and talking about steps to adopting the official city seal.

Menifee City Council Meeting - Sep 10, 2008

Just a reminder, the next city council meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday September 10, at Mt San Jacinto College, Learning Resource Center Building, Room #105.

5:00pm - Study Session, open to the public - workers' compensation, liability, and a presentation of the proposed contract of police services by the Riverside County Sheriff.

6:30pm - Closed session

7:00pm - Regular meeting - open to the public.

Click the link below for the full agenda...


2008 Menifee JAAF Wilcats
Congratulations to the MICRO, JR PEE WEE WHITE and MAROON and PEE WEE divisions for winning their first games of the season on Saturday.

Jr. Micro played a great game and lost 6-0.

Sept. 20th, Oct. 4th, Oct. 18th and Nov. 1st are home games played at Paloma HS. Games start at 11am and go until 9pm. Come out and support a great youth football league.

Stop Means Stop

On my travels in and around Menifee, I pass through the intersection at Menifee Road and Holland Road quite often. As a strange phenomenon, I have noticed that many motorists seem to be unaware that this is a 4-way stop, even though it is clearly marked. What I mean is, that many, many of them just glide on through without stopping.
I have been at this intersection at all different times of day to witness this. But to be certain that it wasn’t just something I see, I talked with some of the sign twirlers who work on this corner. They have conveyed to me that 1 out of every 5 cars stop, at best. And most of those “stops” are the infamous “California Rolling Stop”.
This intersection is right in between 2 elementary schools and one middle school. I see children here quite often. How is it that these motorists can be in such a hurry, and be so careless?
The day that frustrated me most was the day that I saw a school bus stopped not far from the corner, with it’s stop sign blinking and red lights flashing. I watched car after car breeze through the intersection, and then continue on to pass the school bus! The stop sign that extends out from the side of the bus was flashing, and yet one motorist after another ignored this, and went right on by.
C’mon folks. Where are you going that you cannot stop at a 4-way stop? Or better yet, for a school bus with children disembarking? There must be other intersections in Menifee where this is happening, I am certain. Now, I know you, the reader, would never do this, so please, to your neighbor, pass it on. . . STOP MEANS STOP!