Cityhood Feasibility Study Released

Cityhood officially took a step forward yesterday. The feasibility study was made public, officially showing that a future city in the Menifee Valley is financially feasible.

The study discusses three different feasibility options, based on three different proposed borders.

You can see these three different proposed boundaries on the Menifee Valley Incorporation Committee website...

According to The Californian, the feasibility study shows that the third option (denoted on the above map as "Study Area 3") has best shot of providing a financially sound city.

Study Area 3 incorporates a chunk of land currently known as "Harvest Valley", which includes the new Heritage Lakes development, the new Heritage High School, and even the "Romola Farms" barn, train, and country store.

It looks like it also includes Richardson's RV along Encanto Drive (off the I-215), which would be a great boost for the new city.

Another reason why Study Area 3 is the best option is because it provides plenty of available land for commercial development. The Heritage Lakes development in this area may also provide plenty of votes in favor of cityhood.

Glad to hear your comments on the three proposed boundary options, particularly Study Area 3.

Injured Hawk Rescued in Menifee

Menifee resident, Whanda Madrid, sent us this news about an injured hawk she found on the street, and how she helped rescue it. This all happened yesterday...

8:am I found an injured Hawk in the middle of the road on Menifee Road and First Star diagonal to Wheatfield Park. I was on my way home from dropping my sons off at Callie Kirkpatrick. As I was waiting to turn on my street I noticed that no one was stopping. It was apparent that someone was going to hit the bird so I put my hazards lights on and walked over to bird and put it across the street in the bushes.

I went home, found a box and went back to retrieve the bird. When I did a coyote was running from Wheatfield park to where I was with the bird. I was standing their with two girls in my neighborhood who were getting reading to walk to Bell Mountain. The coyote ran up the small hill in the bushes behind one of my neighbors house.

So the Hawk is in my kitchen in a box. I called around looking for someone from the county to come pick it up and fix it's wing.

I called San Diego Zoo and Wildlife but they didn't want to take the Hawk. So the riverside county animal shelter came by at noon and picked up the bird.
Hawks are marvelous birds! They actually help keep the vermin population down.

Injured hawk at Whanda's house

Riverside County Animal Control with Hawk

Riverside County Is Richer and Poorer at the Same Time

A survey conducted by the US Census Bureau says that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, or at least something like that...

The typical Riverside County household earned $53,508 last year, a 3 percent increase over the inflation-adjusted $51,895 average recorded for 1999, according to the 2006 American Community Survey and 2000 Census.

At the same time -- even as unemployment remained low -- the poverty rate swelled from 8.9 percent in 1999 to 11.7 percent last year in San Diego County and from 10.7 percent to 12.2 percent in Riverside County.
Read the full article here...

The article goes on to say that the higher poverty rate was caused by illegal aliens pouring into our area.

The federal government's definition of "poverty", for the year 2006, is if they were in a family of four that earned about $20,600 or less.

It's difficult for me to classify them as "impoverished". If these people were to go back to Mexico, then they would be impoverished. But here in the USA, they're doing damn good. They've got free schools and free healthcare. Heck, even if they had to pay for these services, it'd still be 10-times better than what they'd have in Mexico.

These people are hardly suffering while they're here. We're simply evaluating them through our own standards of living.

Perhaps it would have been more accurate to evaluate only American citizens, and see if we truly are getting poorer.

Homeless Pet of the Week

We're starting something new here on Menifee 24/7 by running a "Homeless Pet of the Week" in conjunction with the Menifee Valley Humane Society.

If you have room in your home for a pet, please consider adopting a dog or cat from a shelter or rescue such as that from the Menifee Valley Humane Society.

Menifee Valley Humane Society - Buddy
UPDATE (November 28, 2007): This dog, Buddy, was adopted just a couple of weeks ago, and is no longer available.

Buddy is a 2 year old lab mix - one of the sweetest dogs you'll ever know! He is super friendly, social and active. He gets along great with other dogs and kids. He is very energetic and loves to run around at dog parks and go for long walks. His forever home would need to have a large, secure yard and an active family that would enjoy him being a part of their daily routines. He loves to be close to you and has even been known to curl up on laps! He is a very loving dog and needs a family that will show him lots of love and attention in return.

To adopt this animal, please call or email Pamala of the Menifee Valley Humane Society at (951) 246-7960 or

The Menifee Valley Humane Society is a "no kill" rescue staffed completely by volunteers. They rescue feral, stray, and abandoned animals as well as shelter animals awaiting euthanasia. Volunteers foster animals in their homes until they are adopted. You can see all of their adoptable animals online at their website...

Donations to help Menifee Valley Humane Society are needed! They welcome donations in any form; cash, gift cards for food and supplies, pet beds.....just contact them if you have something. Mail donations to:

P.O. Box 865
Sun City, CA 92586

Please tell MVHS you heard about them on Menifee 24/7!

Sheriff Doyle Resignation Not Final

There's a video on of an interview with Sheriff Bob Doyle explaining that he hasn't actually resigned yet. He does say that he's hoping to get a job on the State Parole Board, but that it hasn't come yet.

He also goes on to say that if he doesn't get the job, he's going to resign anyways.

See it here..

Callie Kirkpatrick kids making podcasts!

A recent article in the ValleyNews explains how 3rd graders at Callie Kirkpatrick Elementary, which is on the corner of Menifee and Newport, are getting experience making "the CallieCast", a Podcast for Callie kids!

Grade-schoolers make news
By Peter Surowski

All fell silent. Makayla Jones stood over the teleprompter holding her hand up, fingers outstretched. She counted, “In five, four, three, two…” She mouthed “one” and pointed to the two reporters facing her. They sat quietly at a desk with folded hands in front of a green screen. Their eyes darted around. Finally, Joshua Madrid, one of the reporters, turned to his teacher and asked, “Who goes first?”- Read more at or visit

Sheriff Bob Doyle Resigns

Sheriff Bob DoyleLate last night, Sheriff Bob Doyle resigned from his post, in order to accept a position on the State Parole Board, a position appointed by the Governor.

Red County Riverside has published pieces from all the local newspapers on this, and you can go through it there...

The articles in the paper go on to suggest that he resigned his post because he had been embattled with the District Attorney, the Board of Supervisors, and the deputies' union. I imagine a high profile person such as Sheriff would always be embattled with other persons, and I don't see how a position with the State Parole Board would be any more glamorous.

While Doyle easily won his second election to office, it came largely on voter disinterest with all the candidates, or lack of voter knowledge of the candidates. I had published an account of the Sheriff's debate that took place in Sun City.

Undersheriff Neil Lingle is expected to run the department in the interim, but the search for an official replacement has not started.

Menifee Lakes Master Association Recalled

Homeowners in the Menifee Lakes Homeowners Association succeeded in recalling its board members last night, according to an article published in the Press Enterprise...

I don't live in Menifee Lakes, so I don't know the details of this long standing dispute. I do know it has been an emotional issue.

There have been websites published just on this issue alone...

Even after reading the article in the Press Enterprise, I still feel as if I don't know the "real truth" on this matter. It doesn't explain why Don Harris was fired, and hence, I'm to assume that somewhere within the causes lies the true colors of both sides involved.

Media outlets rarely dig down deep into these matters because they take a long time to figure out, and require lots of supporting documentation to back up. And when you consider that these issues often center around power and position (and money), you're always putting yourself at risk when you try to publish the truth.

Anyone with an opinion on the recall and its history is welcome to Post a Comment on this page.

Menifee Valley Medical Center Goes to Voters

Last August 8, Valley Health System board of directors voted to approve the sale of its three hospitals to Select Healthcare Solutions of Del Mar, CA.

The sale cannot go through, however, pending the outcome of a popular vote from the people within the hospital district this November. If the voters approve the sale, the sale will go through.

However, the sale is not without its critics, namely, the VHS board of directors. Of primary concern, is that Dr. Kali Chaudhuri may one day gain control of the hospitals. Chaudhuri is a 50% owner, and chairman, of a company that VHS hired to manage the hospitals. The other 50% owner is VHS itself. The sale contract prevents Select Heathcare from selling the hospitals to Chaudhuri within the first five years. After that, anything goes.

The reason why the VHS board of directors are concerned about Chaudhuri coming back to own the hospitals is because they feel Chaudhuri's company was responsible for putting the three hospitals into the poor financial situation they are in.

I think VHS's concerns are good, but they're moot. The fact is that the quality of service at Menifee Valley Medical Center is already in the dumps. Why are we concerned about quality of service five years from now, when we don't even have decent quality of service right now?

The poor management of VHS' hospitals continued for years with VHS arguing that the only solution was to sell bonds (plus interest) at the burden of taxpayers. VHS didn't attempt to terminate Chaudhuri and the management company until as recently as last June, well after the problems had settled in, and well after the proposed sale was made. The way I see things, the only way to improve service is to separate Menifee Valley Medical Center from VHS and get entirely new management at the top.

Chaudhuri coming back to run our hospital may certainly be a possibility, but it doesn't make sense to warn us about going to Hell in a handbasket, when we're already in Hell.

Read more about this issue here...

Press Enterprise, August 1, 2007

Idyllwild Town Crier, August 16, 2007

Menifee Babysitter Search

Menifee babysittersNeed to find a babysitter in the Menifee area?

There's an online service called "sittercity" which provides a national directory of babysitters. You enter your zip code, and it shows you all the sitters in your area.

I ran a search for "92584" and it found 61 sitters, some of them in Menifee and Sun City, and others in Murrieta and Temecula.

Try it out here...

How good are the sitters listed on sittercity?

Sittercity doesn't screen the sitters, however, they provide some unique tools that help you decide on a sitter before contacting them...

  • Online Profile - there's a profile on each sitter, and the profiles are pretty extensive, showing you their location, education, religion, special skills, and so on

  • Photograph - you can see a photo of the sitter

  • Reviews - you can read reviews on each sitter, which are posted by parents who've hired them, though there are not many reviews

  • Super Sitter Ranking - sittercity identifies sitters in the Top 20% based on their activity

It's probably better than just hiring someone out of Craigslist or from a sign posted on a telephone pole, in that you have some means of evaluating them first.

Enrollment at MSJC is Soaring

The Californian reports today that enrollment at Mt. San Jacinto Community College is soaring, with an increase of about 15% above last year's enrollment...

The number of students at the Menifee campus has risen from 6,513 to 7,473 in the last year ---- an increase of almost 15 percent, college spokesman Bill Marchese said Friday.

But the newspaper goes on to report that enrollment at MSJC's Temecula campus have dropped also by about 15%.

MSJC rents out rooms at highschools in Temecula to offer classes to students in that area. So, is the increase of enrollments at the Menifee campus due to declining enrollments in Temecula?

Anne Motte, who sits on the MSJC Board, writes about this subject on her blog...

Menifee Firefighter Killed

CBS News reports today that California Department of Forestry firefighter was killed today, while riding his motorcycle along Hwy 76, in Pauma Valley...

Ricardo Villalobos Jr., 28, of Menifee, was riding his motorcycle on Pala Road, also called Highway 76, about 10 a.m. when he apparently crashed, according to a dispatcher with California Department of Forestry and the coroner's office.

Rest in Peace.

Menifee Political Blog

Whether we like it or not, what happens on a national level will ultimately affect the residents of Menifee. has created a Menifee Politics Blog where local residents, whether Democrat, Republican, Green or Independent can have civil discourse on political issues. In addition to national, state or county politics, discuss Menifee Cityhood! To get involved, visit the blog today.

Politics word Origin- [Middle English politik, from Old French politique, from Latin polīticus, political, from Greek polītikos, from polītēs, citizen, from polis, city; see pelə-3 in Indo-European roots.]

Parking Overflow from Christensen Ranch

I received an e-mail a week ago from a local resident concerned about protenial parking overflow from the new Christensen Ranch townhomes currently under construction at the old Bogey's Bar & Grill site.

Specifically, there's belief that the townhome units at Christensen Ranch offer inadequate parking for residents and visitors, and that these people will park their cars at nearby homes...
I was talking to someone at my work and they said that they were looking to move to Menifee. One of the places they went to was Christensen Ranch. she said that after talking to the sales people and looking at the "future" pictures of the ranch, she noticed that there was a very limited amount of parking spots on their property.

There are 2 car garages and a driveway that you have to share with your neighbor but besides that, there was a very small amount of extra outdoor parking and almost no visitor parking. I was thinking you can do a story about how that will effect the local houses that are right next to the condos, that after people move in, how bad will overflow / street parking will be.

I live a few blocks away and I drive by that area about 6 days week. I am and I think the people next door to the ranch would like to know what the ranch has planned, if any, for traffic and parking issues in regards to the area around but off of their property.
So I contacted Brenson Communities, the builder of Christensen Ranch, and forwarded them a copy of the above. I received the following response from Justin Brennan, vice president of Brenson Communities...
I am surprised by that comment as it is far from accurate. Every home has a two car direct access garage. Many have an additional drive way. On top of the driveway, the county of Riverside has mandated that we fulfill a parking requirement along the streets in a parallel fashion. I am not clear as to the exact number of parking spaces, but it's sufficient to handle homeowner guests and overflow to the community. I appreciate your email and I will speak with sales staff.
It sounds to me that if there's any concern, it'll be cars parked parallel on the side of Antelope and Craig Rds.

Brenson Communities offers a map of the new Christensen Ranch, but it's hard to see the parking spaces...

I used to live in a condominium complex in Lake Forest, and every now and then, they'd repave the driveways within the complex. On those times, no one was allowed to park their cars within the complex, but usually only for about 12-24 hours. So, they had to park on the side of the street, and this created a long line of parked cars. However, they'd only repave a portion of the complex at a time, to minimize parking disasters.

So what do you all think? Is this a legitimate concern, or not? Anyone want to chime in, click on "Post a Comment" at the end of this article.

Ed Spilker

ed spilkerThis week, the world famous "Sturgis Motorcycle Rally" is taking place in Sturgis, South Dakota. It's probably the biggest motorcycle rally there is.

While many people know about Sturgis, not many have heard of Ed Spilker. He's one of the guys credited with having started the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. He's considered by many to be one of the living legends of motorcycling, and he lives in Sun City.

Though right now, he's in Sturgis.

Many people know him as "Indian Ed", because that's the bike he rode for many years. He bought it brand new in 1948, an Indian Chief. Spilker was one of the original members of the Jackpine Gypsies, which dates back to the 1930s. This is the club that started the Sturgis Motorcyle Rally. As I understand it right now, he's just one of the four last remaining members still alive.

Spilker attended every Sturgis Motorcycle Rally there was, except in 2005. That was when someone stole his beloved 1948 Indian. They stole right off of his property in Sun City. They haven't found it yet.

I actually met Ed Spilker at the Albertson's on Newport & Murrieta roads. This was in June 2006, I had just parked my truck in the parking lot, and saw him parking his Yamaha motorcycle up by the entrance. A while later, I walked to the check out line, and found him right in front of me. I didn't know who he was at the time.

I said to him, "Is that you're Road Star parked out front?" He said, "Yeah, that's mine", and he proceeded to tell me about his 1948 Indian and when it got stolen. That's when he told me about being in the Jackpine Gypsies and having been at every Sturgis Motorcycle Rally except for 2005.

He spoke loudly and strongly, his tone of voice was rather assertive. He seemed angry. Then it dawned on me that it was only a year ago that his 1948 Indian was stolen. The bike he had been riding ever since then, 57 years in fact, gone, vanished. You'd be angry too.

What made me think about this, was the fact that that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is taking place right now, and because I had happened to find a report of his stolen motorcycle online...

Michelle Crowley to Sing in Temecula

Menifee's very own Country music singer and recording artist will be performing at the Promenade Mall this Saturday, August 11, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

She's a great voice, and sings some pretty good songs, check them out here...

Michelle Crowley poster

Toll Roads Suggested for Riverside County

91 Toll roadLast Monday, the Western Riverside Council of Governments, a board consisting of our County Supervisors and the council members of local cities, all listened to a presentation from Brian Taylor, director of the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies.

Taylor basically said that any freeway expansion plans for Riverside County won't ease congestion, but actually invite more of it. He went on to say that toll roads are the best solution towards keeping traffic moving.

You can read about it in an article published by The Californian...

After the presentation, various members of the board offered their quotes to the reporter, which basically rejected the notion that toll roads were the best solution. 3rd District Supervisor Jeff Stone probably said it best...

And County Supervisor Jeff Stone said it is misleading to suggest that tolls solve the congestion problem, because those who can't afford the charge still wind up sitting in traffic.

"I think that causes a lot of rebellion for people who are stuck on a fixed income and are trying to get home," Stone said.
I used to commute from Menifee to the John Wayne Airport area to work each day, between 2001-2003, before finally quitting to do this website business of mine. Some days I'd take the 91 freeway, and other days I'd take Ortega Highway. Both seem to get me to work about the same time, except the Ortega Highway always kept moving at a faster pace, even though technically, it was a longer commute in miles.

But I also used to ride down the toll lanes of the 91 freeway. I had a transponder from the Toll Lanes operator. In those days, it cost me $5.00 to travel down the 91 toll lanes. I believe it costs even more today. Without it, you're simply stuck in traffic, and being stuck makes you angry. So essentially, the toll road is an anger management tool more than anything else.

My solution to the traffic congestion is to ride motorcycles or scooters. These days, scooters are as fast and powerful as many of the motorcycles out there. The smaller size of motorcycles and scooters means that they take up less room on the roadways and traffic moves faster. You can also expect to get between 40-50 MPG with most motorcycles, and 50-70 MPG on most scooters. You're saving a lot of money on gasoline, and you're producing fewer emissions.

But as for toll roads, I don't welcome them. Even though I used them in my commutes, I would have preferred to open up all lanes to everyone. Just because toll lanes move faster, doesn't mean the "free lanes" move faster, they seem to move slower and slower all the time. And like Stone said, people who cannot afford the tolls get more angry.

We need to widen lanes, and widen them big time. I'd like to see the I-215 widen to at least 4 lanes on each side, instead of the proposed three. I realize that will encourage more people to move here, but we already know more people are going to move here anyways.

Armed Robbery at Menifee Walgreens

The Riverside County Sheriff announced today that the Walgreens drug store on the corner of Murrieta Rd and Newport Rd was robbed yesterday.

Someone came in brandishing a "simulated pistol", and used it rob the store of cash and several bottles of Vicodin. Here's the announcement...

On Monday, August 6, 2007, at about 7:50 pm, deputies from the Perris Station were dispatched to a robbery at the Walgreens store at 30251 Murrieta Road in Menifee. Employees at the store reported a male subject displayed a simulated black pistol and robbed them of several large bottles of Vicodin and cash.

Sheriff's Deputies began arriving at the store about a minute later and were told the suspect, later identified as Gustavo Sarabia Vargas, 45 years, of Perris, had just left in a green Nissan SUV. Deputies located the car a short distance away and tried to stop it. After Vargas refused to stop, a vehicle pursuit was initiated. Vargas led deputies on a pursuit at speeds of 60 to 80 miles per hour. During this time, Vargas' car collided with several traffic signs and eventually became disabled near Amhurst Court and Camden Way in Sun City. Vargas fled the car and was captured a short distance away. The Vicodin, cash and the simulated pistol were found with Vargas.

Vargas was booked at the Robert Presley Detention Center for 211 PC Robbery. The investigation is continuing and detectives are actively pursuing additional leads in this case. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Investigator Blanck of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department Perris Station at 951-210-1000.

Manure Smell at Tierra Shores

A person by the name of "ceecee" posted a message on the Menifee Topix forum complaining about manure smell permeating into the Tierra Shores community. She wants to know what can be done about it.

Here's her message...

I am very concerned about the supposed "manure" smell that is permeating the air at Tierra Shores subdivision. I am beginnning to have respiratory problems, headaches and the smell, especially at night, is sickening. It has more of a chemical nature and doesn't really smell like manure. What can we as residents do? I have only lived in the subdivision 2 months and I am regretting it at this point because I am afraid of the effects this is having on my body and afraid that it will have a lasting effect on the children etc of this area. Shouldn't the "farm", if that is where it is truly coming from find another way to emit their chemicals into the air? If anyone else knows what to do please post here and let know.

I don't believe this is a code enforcement matter, but maybe a larger matter regarding the spreading of sludge. I've been out of the loop on sludge here in Menifee, so I don't know if sludge is still being spread around here.

But basically, sewage from Orange County would be trucked out to our valley, and spread along the wheat fields. This is all the stuff that gets flushed down the toilets in Orange County, and then evaporated into sludge. It's chemically treated, and supposedly safe. But, it's been a long-standing issue with residents claiming of illnesses, respiratory bleeding, etc., etc. When the winds blow around here, it goes everywhere.

Do a Google search on "menifee sludge", it's all there.

But hey! At least it's being used to grow food for livestock. Up in the north, sludge from San Francisco gets trucked out to the San Joaquin Valley and is used to grow vegetables for human consumption. Better make sure you wash that lettuce thoroughly!

But then again, might also be a sewage issue at Tierra Shores.

Contact Supervisor Jeff Stone's office in Menifee, and see what they can tell you...

Vandalism in Sun City

Cecile Garcia, a Sun City resident, who also publishes her own website, posted something about her first hand account of vandalism at Santana's Mexican Restaurant on Bradley Rd.

It happened last Wednesday, she saw in her words were "three skinny dumbass kids" using their bike pedals to chip away at the concrete on a planter. She called out to them to stop, and they laughed away in their skinny dumbass voices...

...I told them; "It's against the law to vandalize public property!" They laughed defiantly and looked at a middle aged man that seemed to be encouraging their behavior. He sure as hell wasn't stopping them. One of the kids asked the man, "Duh, what did she say?" Then the man (jackass) said: "I don't know." How could he not understand me. I speak English-- I was born and raised here! Their defiant, arrogant, 'no one can touch me' attitude, got on my nerves! The stupid man kept taking pictures of those kids destroying the planter with one of those fancy cell phones. I believe he was related in some way to them--perhaps.

You read her full account here, while she still has it online...

Cecile went on to say that she called the police, which I assume is the Sheriff's department, who apparently visited the scene, and saw the marks.

On a related note, the Sheriff's Office posted a notice today that they plan to hold a "National Night Out" event in Lake Elsinore at the Target Store, on Tuesday, August 7. National Night Out is a nationwide event that seeks to strengthen the bond between local law enforcement and citizens watch groups. The Lake Elsinore Police Department will display the Ticket 2 Ride Youth Safety Town and Fatal Vision Driving Course. They will also have DJ entertainment, and a Classic Car Show.

Is Home Depot, Circuit City, and Barnes & Noble Coming?

I was perusing the website of Brenson Communities to check out the latest media offerings on the townhomes they plan to build on Bogey's Bar & Grill Christensen Ranch.

They have a special page that provides background information on Menifee Valley, including a map of retail stores that are planning to come here. I was intrigued to see Home Depot, Circuit City, and Barnes & Noble, along Scott Road!

Here's what the page has to say about the planned retail...

Countryside Marketplace with a Super Target and Lowe's Home Improvement store. Home Depot, Super Wal-Mart, Costco, Albertson's Food Center and Ralph's Grocery Store are also planned.
You can see for yourself here...

I've been told that Home Depot actually owns a plot of land on the corner of Newport Rd and Murrieta Rd, on the same corner as Walgreens. But I don't know if they're going to build a store there. But if they do indeed own that land, then it's clear that they have their eyes on us.

Hey look! Costco is supposedly being planned too!

Home developers like Brenson and others own land all over Menifee Valley. In order to help sell homes, they partner with big-brand retail stores. That's what this map is all about, convincing people to come here. Whether or not these stores will actually build there is a different story. At least for the moment, it appears they're doing business with Brenson Communities, or another developer.

I haven't contacted Brenson Communities to get more information. I was hoping someone reading this might come forth with more info.

Thanks to Menifee 24/7 readers Aaron and Stacy for sending me the link.

New Local Website - Your Town Rocks

Full Value TVBill Gould, the media-mogul-extraordinaire of our fine valley, announced today the launch of his new website, "Your Town Rocks"...

It's basically a place holder for all the videos he's uploaded to YouTube. Some of the videos are focused on Menifee, while others on Murrieta and Temecula. For whatever reason, all the Menifee videos center around freaky weather phenomenon and the recent brushfire. What's up with that Bill?

One of the videos that actually does a semi-good job of capturing your attention, is about the Temecula Rock Quarry debate, where Gould and his friend Rothschild travel to Granite Construction Co. in Indio to figure out what all the controversy is about. Oddly, this video is stuck at the bottom of the list.

I'd like to see some video productions of Bill going out to the "Movies in the Park" to talk to the vendors and families. It might be interesting to have him visit several sign-twirlers standing on street corners, and find out who's getting paid the most and least. Or what about standing in front of Paloma Valley High, and asking seniors if they know the difference between a credit card and a debit card. Might be a fun way to see our schools are preparing them for the real world.

The name "Your Town Rocks" was actually named for a project that Gould and his buddies are working on, a music and travel documentary featuring musicians in their home towns. That's good, because as it is right now the first featured video is a 7-minute sleep-enducing "thank you speech" by Temecula Mayor Chuck Washington at the last Mayor's Ball. That definitely doesn't rock.

But we do look forward to Your Town Rocks once it gets its music and travel documentaries going.

When Will the Newport Road Realignment Open?

The word I'm getting is that the realigned Newport Road is still on schedule to open THIS month, but towards the end.

This is according to a friend of mine who's doing construction work at the site.

He also provided this photo for me...

Newport Road and Berea Road

This is looking down Newport Road towards the west (towards Canyon Lake), and taken from the intersection of Newport Road and Berea Road. I'm not sure if Berea Road will still be called that within Audie Murphy Ranch.

However, when the realigned Newport Road opens this month, it won't be 100% open. That is, only the southern half of the lanes will be open. The realigned Newport Road is supposed to have four lanes, two going west, and two going east. When it opens, only the eastbound lanes will be open. But that doesn't mean you can only drive east. They'll split it into westbound and eastbound, one lane each way. It'll take awhile longer until they open the full Newport Road.

The reason for only opening the eastbound half, is because crews still need to use the westbound half for heavy equipment, as they still have to create pads on that side of the road.

At the time this photograph was taken (August 1), crews were still laying gravel on the road. The gravel comes from the boulders they had to dig out of the fields. They have a rock crusher back in there.

Thank You Firefighters!

I just realized that I had not published a big thank you to the firefighters who put out the fire in Menifee, and kept it from becoming a lot worse.

Thank you firefighters!
Now's the time to direct your attention to Menifee's very own Country Music recording artist, Michelle Crowley, and her song "Heart of a Hero", dedicated to the firefighting men and women...

Watching Menifee Burn

I thought this was an interesting photograph...

Lookie loos in Menifee
Click on the photo to see a larger size.

It was sent into us from Eric Madrid, who writes stuff for us once in awhile, and who also publishes his own Menifee website:

Nothing like a fire to get people out to socialize.