Why Isn't There Money to Expand Hospitals?

The newspapers around here lately have reported on Temecula City Councilman, Mike Naggar, and his new hospital task force to assess the problem of inadequate hospital beds.

The Press Enterprise has a lengthy article that goes into details of the problem...

What this article and other articles I've read don't explain is why these hospitals don't have the money.

In other words, they describe a situation where the demand for hospital care is so high in this region, and the supply of available hospital care is so low, that the basic principles of Supply vs Demand is supposed to remedy this.

Look at it this way. If you ran an auto repair shop, and your shop was the only one of its kind serving 200,000 people, you'd have a ton of business. People would have to wait for months to get their cars serviced. That business would generate profits, and those profits will pay for expansion.

So, WHERE are the profits?

If Menifee Valley Medical Center is so busy handling patients, that new patients have to wait 8 hours to be seen, then it's obvious that business is doing extremely well for Valley Health System.

Granted, this area is frought with illegal aliens, seniors on fixed incomes, and low income wage earners, that's a real challenge for the hospital's accounts receivables. However, we do have Medicaid and Medicare to pay for these patients. California already provides a state-funded health insurance program for patients who "fall between the cracks" (my wife is on it), and States do provide indigent care funds that reimburse hospitals experiencing a disproportionate share of bad debt.

The money is there and the business is there.

I question if Valley Health System is not running a tight ship. My suspicion is that there is too much waste taking place. Wasted supplies, wasted time, staff working inefficiently. Have you ever laid in hospital bed wondering why it takes 5 hours to get discharged? I question if its billing & collections staff isn't working hard enough and creatively enough to reduce their accounts receivables.

I'd like to hear your comments.

Menifee Valley Senior Slow-Pitch Softball League

With Little League and Pony League in full swing at the parks in Menifee, one might forget that adults are playing baseball in Menifee also.

Or at least softball anyways.

The Valley News published an article last week about the Menifee Valley Senior Slow-Pitch Softball League...


The league has been around since 1987 and now comprises of 7 teams. They play year around in three seasons...
Finley, who is the league's most senior senior, will be 86 in June and has no intention of giving up the game he's been playing since 1937 when he played fast-pitch with his brothers in Akron, OH, and was a member of the 1946 state championship team. He didn't start playing slow-pitch, though, until he joined the Menifee league in 1987. But, from 1996 to 2003 as an infielder for the Silverhawks, a 75-and-over San Diego slow-pitch team, Finley won 13 World Championship rings.

Day Laborers on Newport Road

A anonymous writer submitted a comment to us asking us about the illegal aliens waiting for work along Newport Road and La Ladera Road...
Just wondering if anyone alse sees the problem with illegal immigrants lining up for work on Newport Road between Goetz road and La Ladera road?
Living off of La Ladera Road, I see them all the time.

Whether or not anyone else "sees the problem" with these illegal immigrants, as this commenter asks, is perhaps a very big question that citizens of our country have been arguing over for a very long time.

But I assume this person is asking if anyone is going to do something to get rid of them. To answer that, I don't know. I'm sure our county supervisor knows about them all too well, but enforcing illegal immigration laws is a federal matter, not a local one and not even a State one.

Call the border patrol in Temecula: (951) 676-2261.

They probably already know about them, but can't do anything about it because there are too many US citizens trying to protect "their rights".

Menifee Independence Day Parade Seeks Participants

Lake Menifee Women's ClubThe Lake Menifee Women's Club is calling on the public to participate in its annual Menifee Independence Day Parade.

This year's Parade will be held on Saturday, June 30, 2007. Parade begins at the Mt San Jacinto College-Menifee Campus at 5:00pm and travels east down La Piedra Road and ending at the Wheatfield Sports Park off Menifee Road.

Directly following the Parade the annual Indendence Day Celebration will follow at Wheatfield Park with food booths, vendor booths, games, entertainment, concluding with a fireworks display at 9:00pm.

The parade organizations are looking for all interested participants: School groups, Sports Groups, Dance Groups, Boy/Cub/Girl Scout Troops, Community Floats, Business Groups, Car Clubs, Equestrian Groups, Kids on bikes, scooters, strollers etc. Are all welcome.

There is no fee required, but participants will need to contact organizers to be placed in the parade line up.

For Parade information please contact: Marcy Riehm (Parade Chairperson
2007) @ (951) 377-6089 or email: riehmteam@verizon.net

For Booth Rental contact : Julie Davis (951) 672-9763 or email: jdavis2013@aol.com

For more information about Lake Menifee Women's Club, visit their website...

Menifee Couple Jailed for Serial Robberies

The San Diego Union Tribune reports that a Menifee couple was arrested for a series of robberies they conducted in North San Diego County...


Kelvin P. Guerrero and his Julie Guerrero would use a gun to rob pedestrians of their belongings, and break into small grocery stores and loot their goods.

Roadside Vendors to be Banned in Menifee

The Californian posted an article today about Riverside County supervisors wanting to prohibit vendors from setting up shop along Newport Rd in Menifee...


The supervisors claim that these vendors present road hazards.

Road hazards?

I think teenagers twirling real estate signs on street corners are a bigger road hazard than these vendors.

The real issue here is that these vendors are unregulated, and therefore, escaping other kinds of taxes, license fees, and regulations. And government doesn't want to come out and say that they have a thing against freedom. So they raise the "public safety" card.

Look, if there's people wanting to sell stuff, and people wanting to buy stuff, let the two get together. Make commerce easier for everyone. If code enforcement is the issue, then let code enforcement come out and make sure these vendors are legit.

Don't call them "road hazards".

2nd Annual Menifee Relay For Life- June 9th-10th

Top 3 cancer killers in USA (Menifee?)

  • Men- Lung, Prostate and Colon,
  • Women- Lung, Breast and Colon!
  • Help the American Cancer Society spread the word and raise money to educate about screening and research!
  • Get involved today, the life you save may be your own!
  • Local Businesses can help sponsor the event or even set up a table! Contact Whanda at 951-795-6291 or email her at whanda@ehealthsupplies.com for more information

WANTED! We are looking for Menifee Residents to get involved in the 2007, RELAY FOR LIFE, sponsored by the American Cancer Society-- Teams now forming. Whether you are a cancer survivor or a family member of someone who had/has cancer, we need your help! Dates: Saturday June 9 to Sunday 10th at Mt. San Jacinto College, Menifee. Get Involved In Menifee Cancer Prevention- Contact Brandy at 951-300-1232 or email Eric dremadrid@yahoo.com and find out how you can help! All people welcomed!

Watch the Video about the Cancer Relay for Life!

Skateboard Park Wanted in Menifee

We received the following e-mail from someone wanted a skateboard park in Menifee...
We need a concrete skateboard park in Menifee soon!!!!! There is nowhere for all the kids I see skateboarding to ride legally... Perris fairgrounds and Murrieta skatepark are lame designs and to far for the kids to get there.
Maybe someone from Audie Murphy Ranch can put in over there. I understand there's supposed to be a regional park planned there.

Countryside Marketplace Delayed

The Californian reported last Friday that the Countryside Marketplace, planned for the corner of Newport Rd and Haun Rd, is delayed yet again by a lawsuit...
The three suits allege violations of the California Environmental Quality Act. In the latest, an entity called Menifee Citizens for Smart Growth alleges that county officials failed to give adequate notice of public hearings Dec. 19 and Jan. 23. The suit, filed Feb. 26, also alleges unspecified "findings not supported by substantial evidence."
Read the full article here...

The article goes on to provide evidence that this group called, "Menifee Citizens for Smart Growth" doesn't actually involve real Menifee residents.

Countryside Marketplace is supposed to include a new Super Target. The article goes on to show that the same attorney representing this group has filed lawsuits in other cities where Super Targets and Super Wal*Marts have been planned.

It sounds like this group has no interest in Menifee, and is only concerned about their own ideology. We who live in the Menifee Valley have our own issues with inadequate public services due to our community not being an incorporated city. We need this Countryside Marketplace to become reality so that we'll have the necessary tax base to provide services to ourselves.

Tierra Shores HOA Dues

Loretta Wildermuth submitted a comment about the HOA dues at Tierra Shores, and wants to know why they're higher than other communities in the area...
We are considering owning a home in Tierra Shores. I would like to know what the $150+ per month covers and why the fees are so much higher than other HOAs in the area that apparently have more to offer. I have read the other comments and like yards to look nice though trash cans don't wind me up so much. Your help would be appreciated.
Will anyone knowledgable on this subject please click on "Post a Comment" below and provide some insight?